Sometimes the past creeps up on you,
Right now it's shaping my thoughts about the future,
I want to make the right decisions for us,
Even if that doesn't exist anymore.
I remember those sun-kissed days,
I savored the angst-ridden nights,
And now I'd give anything for another flirt-fight.

One day I came and you left,
So I walked to our pond,
And I cried, letting the cold water bruise my warm skin,
It all seemed right back then,
Being so strong even in my weakness,
But now I hold back everything,
Even in myself,
The only exception is you.

I never let myself love you,
Not in the traditional marry-me way,
I think I was supposed to have that,
If only that once,
Do you miss it too?

So now I wash my brown hair in the summer heat,
And remember your old remarks,
The cold water hitting my skin becomes unbearably hot,
So finally I realize nothing else will ever be enough,
I'll move along still,
But I'll never get released from this tension.