I don't know,
It's amazing how people can turn,
The three little words thing so upside down,
And I'd like to cry about it,
But then he'd know something was wrong.
And he's far too sweet to ever want to hurt you,
Or ever be allowed to.

But it happens anyways,
And everything always does,
He doesn't stop smiling that shy little grin,
Too innocent to know what you think it means,
Your stomach bottoms out,
And you almost spill the tears,
But you have to let him believe that it's alright,
Everything's alright.

Blondie's a different breed entirely,
Feeding off his play with your emotions,
He smirks to let you know he's well aware of your mounting desires,
He wants you to think he knows you,
So he can trick you with his physics,
And he's so good at it you're tempted to let him.

He doesn't get it like he wants so he feasts off your rage instead,
He likes a little challenge now and then,
And your love/hate games only help to create the sexual tension he wants,
He might even be mildly disappointed when he figures out his plans won't work out,
So you let him believe it's loath because it's too hard to admit you feel,
You glare like it's alright,
Everything's alright.

Blondie leaves again right before Christmas,
And four months later innocent is still batting those baby blues,
You laugh it off and find your way home,
To the dark corner of your balcony in the moonlight,
You let yourself cry,
Because now it's alright that nothing's fine,
Everything's alright.