I'm barely awake and he's tangled into me,
His blue eyes shine,
His pale skin glows in a summer morning sweat,
His long, angled extremities bind against me and take my breath away,
If only it wasn't all in my head.

I walk along my sacred places,
Letting my bare feet pad the hot cement,
I feel my heart fill heavily,
And let myself cry,
If only on the inside,
I miss him,
And it's so hard for me.

Beautiful dreamer,
Why did you leave?
I wanted to love you,
Not these tears that I heave.

Once someone told me the sky was the limit,
And ever since I've always wanted what I can't have,
I wanted to have sex on the beach and feel no pain or sorrow or joy,
Now I just want more time.

Just guide me slowly,
Through this hot summer air,
Let your mind tell me where to meet you,
You won't even be there.

Beautiful dreamer,
Why did you run?
Wasn't I clear,
That we weren't done?

You opened the gates,
And turned on the lights,
Before slamming the cell door,
And screaming goodnight.

"Maybe there's more truth in how you feel than it what actually happens."
-Carmen Lowell