You see me across the street,
In the cold winter frost,
And you walk away,
Because you know,
I'm like the icicle,
Dangling from your door,
I'm so crooked,
But you're so straight for me.

You see me sweating,
In the unbearable summer heat,
And you turn away,
So I won't see you lick your lips,
She's what you'd like, to be better,
But I'm your own brand of heroin,
You want me, you need me,
Even when you try to ignore the cravings.

You get into my car in New York,
When I'm stopped at a red light,
It's nearly midnight,
The cameras have gone home,
And all you know is me,
My body against yours,
My lips giving you,
So much more than those three little words.

You get broken in California,
When she leaves you for your brother,
You don't care about the flash lights,
But just come find me in the club,
My ass pressed against you,
Dancing so close,
Yet so far away,
And I know you aren't thinking of me for once.

You leave me in Aspen one afternoon,
Where I throw all your stupid tight jeans out the window,
And then I leave it open to the freezing air,
I'm the icicle that's melting,
I'm the drug habit you've kicked,
I'm the lusted that never turned to loved,
I'm the fit turning to flab,
And you never really see me for it.