There's no real reason why I feel like this

It's just fear?


The inability to let go?

You're alluring yet distorted!

Pulling me into your black hole, forever in the dark.


Am I just a puppet?

Like a dog, trained to your command.

Do I really have a choice?

I hate this!

Everything's so opposite, like you.

I feel like I'm on a leash!

With a matching collar.

Must I give in to this?

Must you give in to this?

You're so fragile,

I'm scared I will break you!

But fear isn't everything

You have no control

I have my own mind

I can't let you go.

Surely nothing can stop me now?

Revenge isn't right; it's not human… is it?

I'll let you go, for I am not a hunter.

You're a lucky little faun.

You got away. But I didn't.

I can never get away.