Stephen woke up with slender arms wrapped around him. A pale face, topped with long brown hair rested on his arm. He tightened his free arm around her small naked waist. His little angel murmured in her sleep, softly, breathing out cool breath onto his hot skin. His soft smile froze on his face when he heard a loud banging on the wood door. Stephen slipped out of bed and through on his boxers and pants.

He whipped the door open, letting freezing air penetrate the warm room. Jenny moaned, still sleeping, rolled over, covering herself. Delvin stood their with red cheeks and a pained face.

"It is eight fucking O'clock sir, and it is fucking negative ten degrees, so if you would please let me in." He said and pushed himself back in.

"I should fire you, the way you speak to me." Stephen said, but wasn't the least bit upset.

"It is nine thirty. You missed two meetings, and half of your third. I have been trying to calm Ferguson down for the past hour. He's furious."

"Turn your back." Stephen ordered and Devlin did. "Wake up." He said loudly and through Jenny's clothes on top of her. She sat up, pulling the blanket to cover her chest and looked around with tired eyes.

"Where.." She started but was cut off.

"You fell asleep. Get dressed." She nodded and quickly set off to task at his brisk tone. He was already in his shirt and tie.

"What time is it Sir?"

"Nine thirty,"

"What!" She gasped and horror fell over her face. "Oh no! Oh no! No! No! No!" She yelled and violently flung her shirt over her head. She slipped her jeans over her hips and looked around. "I am so dead! My mom will kill me. I missed my first class. I had a test! Oh no. I am in so much trouble." She scrambled around the room looking for her socks, flipping over blankets and pillows. Her hands were shaking but she stopped when a warm hand steadied her and drew her attention.

In Stephen's free hand were clean white socks.

"Oh thank you!" She said and swiped the socks from his hands. She struggled to balance when putting on the socks. She patted her front then back pockets and then frowned. Running over to her sweatshirt she pushed her hands into the deep but empty pockets. She turned around slowly, and felt slightly shamed to have to ask him for more help.

"Stephen?" She asked, the moment she looked at him her shoulders sagged and she looked to her feet.

"Yes Jenny?" He asked warmly and placed his strong hands on her shoulders.

"I-I know you already paid me, but could you maybe, I mean if you wanted to, maybe, possibly give me money for a cab?" She said softly. "I don't know where we are…or how to get him."

"Devlin will bring you." He said and Devlin nodded at her.

"I switched the car Sir," He said and Stephen put on his coat. The two men exited the room and Jenny followed closely behind Stephen. They went to an expensive silver BMW and Jenny slid in after Stephen.

"My office first Devlin, I need a change of clothes. Then you will bring my girl home before coming back to bring me to Ferguson's." He said and placed a hand possessively on the back of Jenny's neck.

"Can he bring me to school? I don't want to see my mom yet." Jenny said softly and held onto Stephen's shirt sleeves.

"She will be angry then?" He asked and squeezed her neck gently.

"Yes sir. She will take the vacuum rod to me again. She doesn't like if I stay out to late or don't come home. It's not that she cares, she just needs the excuse." She whispered sadly.

"She hits you?" Stephen asked, anger rising.

"All the time…when she's not passed out."

"Well, I wont have that." He said. "You tell her that your client will be very upset if there is any mark on your little body. No one can touch that body." He said and Jenny looked into the dark glint in his eye, unable to look away.

"Except for you." She said and quickly blushed afterward.

"That's right. Now, I don't want to see a single mark on you. Make sure to tell her, I wont pay if you are damaged." Jenny felt like she may vomit at that statement.

"But-but then she'll put me on the street again!-"

"Shh, My darling. A crack addict will not risk the chance of losing a set paycheck. I wont let you go, nor will I let my property be damaged. And you are my property…" He gently trailed a finger across her chin. "Aren't you?"

"Yes." She whispered will a shy smile.

"And I protect what's mine."

"And I'm yours." She said hopefully.

"Oh yes. All mine. And you are a good little girl." He said and watched her smile widen. He knew how to mold this one. She wanted protection, love and approval. He'd give her that, all he wanted was absolute submission, obedience and devotion.

"Thank you sir." She said and looked up at him.

"You want to make me happy don't you?" He said and placed a hand on her hip the other in her hair.

"Yes Sir." She said nodded quickly.

"You know what would make me happy?" He asked and she stared at him waiting for an answer. He patted his lips with a finger and she immediately placed her soft pink lips to his in a tight close mouthed kiss. "Now, that's not a kiss." He said and pulled her close, forcing his tongue in her mouth. She moaned into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his back, relishing in his powerful warmth.

"Here Sir." Devlin's voice cut through the warm bliss that consumed Jenny and she pulled away.

"Thank you Devlin. Bring her wherever she wishes to go." He got out of the car and almost shut the door, but stopped having one last thought. "I want you again tomorrow night." He said and smiled at her. "Ok?"

"Yes Sir." She said and smiled when he reached out and patted her cheek softly.

He shut the door and she watched him enter the building, even as the car began to pull away. He looked so sure of himself and confident, Jenny wished she could be with him all the time. She knew that would never happen. He was handsome, rich, sweet, kind, confident, and she was a poor, druggy's daughter…whore. She knew tonight she would be itching for him. She'd miss his hands trailing over her skin and his strong body working it's way over her.

She would do anything for him. The way he made her feel was nothing she'd ever felt. She felt safe, and even cared for. Even if he only wanted her body.

And when he spoke of her as his property her stomach lit on fire. That way she meant something to him. She was significant in some way to this wonderful man, and she'd make sure she didn't let him down.

Devlin broke her thoughts. "Hill Broke High School?" He asked.

"Yes." Jenny told him and tried to tie her torn laces.

"Why do you wear those clothes, when Mr. Miller pays you so well?"

"I have to catch up on my bills. And a lot of it goes to my mom. Plus I have food to buy."

"I see. So this is a nice little arrangement for you hmm?"

"Yes, Stephen is very nice, I am very lucky." She said and missed to strange look she received from Devlin from the rear view.

"Here you are." He said and pulled up in front of the school.

"Thank you." She said and stepped out of the car.

Stephen had major damage control to do when he got to work. He was sitting in the back seat of his bmw in a new crisp black suit. His small smile never left his face however and he thought about what his Jenny was doing at that moment.

"I do hope she isn't hurt by her mother." He said and Devlin nodded.

"She seems to be warming up to you."

"She was thrilled when I referred to her as my property. Did you see it? She is exactly what I have been looking for."

"She thinks she is lucky. Probably doesn't know she is going to kidnapped and enslaved."

"She will not be enslaved Devlin I don't know why you choose to call it that. She will simply be my companion…who heeds to my every beck and call." He said a smirk blending into his happy smile.

"I don't think she will be to upset to go actually." he said and Stephen looked up.

"What makes you say that."

"She is thrilled with the smallest of praise, look where she comes from. I think she will enjoy her new life, probably more than her life now."

"Well, let's up so my friend."

"Well why the hell weren't you here when I woke up!" Her mother screeched.

"I told you I was with a client." She said from her spot in the corner. She was trying to finish her homework, and the extra credit her first period teacher gave her but her mother wouldn't leave her alone.

"Well where's the fucking money!"

"I told you." She cried desperately. "He pays me once a week!"

"I dot understand why someone would pay so much for an ugly girl like you. Filthy fucking slut. Do you get on your knees and suck his cock. I bet you do. Whore." Her mother spat and went to the fridge for another wine bottle.

"You're the one making me do it mom." She said softly.

"What! Are you blaming me!" She yelled and started stalking towards her.

"No mom! I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Really I'm sorry." She said and her mother went back to the couch.

She thought of Stephen and wished she could go to him tonight. He was so strong, she had nothing to worry about with him there. When she did what her mother said she got things thrown at her and insults flung at her. But with Stephen he smiled, and gave her warm touches and praise.

"Go down to the market. Get me some smokes." Her mothers scratchy voice broke through her day dreaming.

"I can't buy cigarettes mom." She said.

"Too fucking bad. Go!" She yelled and Jenny stood and grabbed some money she hid under her mattress.

"I'll be right back."

"Like I care." She said and Jenny walked out of the door. She hopped down the stairs and shouldered past the outside door. She held her coat close to her and made her way down the street. She quickly stepped into the store, happy to be off the cold and dangerous streets.

"Pack of Camels." She said and pulled out the money.

"Ten fifty." the man said, and he seemed incredibly zoned out.

"Here." She said handing over the change. She left the store and quickly made her way home.

"What do you mean she was out on the streets!" Stephen yelled into his phone.

"She just left the store. Look's like she's got a pack of ciggies." Woodrow said into the phone. "If you don't believe me I will show you the pictures tomorrow."

"Must be for her mother." He said ignoring his latter statement. "My little Jenny doesn't smoke. Where is she going now."

"Looks like she is heading back to the apartment." Woodrow sipped his coffee and watched her from his car.

"Keep an eye on her." He said and mumbled to himself. "She shouldn't be out so late."

"I will drop buy and give Devlin the new pictures." Woodrow said and tossed the empty cup on the floor.

"Alright. Goodnight." Stephen said and put his phone down. He sat in his study, at his desk drumming his nails on the wooden desk. Woodrow called him every few hours to let him know where his girl was. He slapped his desk and stood up. He went into his bedroom and pulled off his coat and tie. He slipped into his sweatpants and a baggy white shirt and then grabbed a folder on the table. He made his way down the hallway and stepped into a small room.

Before he had held Jenny in his arms earlier that morning he had planned for this to be her room, but now she was going to stay in his room, in his bed, with him now. Instead he now used to the room for a different reason. When he entered the room he opened the folder and pulled out his photographs. He pulled one out. The one of her waiting for the bus was his new favorite, and so he placed that one up next to her school picture. Next came the one of her reading outside at school.

He posted up all the pictures and lay down on the bed he had for Jenny. She wouldn't spend one single night in here. Well, maybe when he had to punish her somehow. He leaned back and looked at his growing collection of pictures he had.

"Oh Jenny." He whispered and reached between his legs. "My sweet, sweet little Jenny." He glanced over the pictures and thought of her on her back, or on her knees. He finally saw her crawling towards him and climaxed all over his hand. He cleaned himself, and placed himself back in his pants before standing. He placed a hand on one of her pictures and smile.

"I'll bring you home soon my love. Just wait a little longer." He said, and shut off the light, before leaving the room.

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