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Warnings: M/M, dubious consent, BDSM, Maledom

Chapter one: The Big House

Fear gripped the boy as he walked into the long hall. His arms shook uncontrollably in front of him and he tried to block out the sound of the jeering men in the halls. The guards grabbed onto his arms and shoved him into his new home. The cold concrete 9 by 12 room was anything but inviting. The heavy door was slammed behind him. Aidan took a step into the room looking for a place to put his small box of valuables. He stopped when he saw the bunk beds. A man was lounging on the bed reading a book. He did not yet seem aware of his new cell mate.

Aidan stood in the center of the room, a small desk was to his right, across from the bed. Aidan, unsure of what to do, cleared his throat weekly. The stranger looked up from his book and over to Aidan.

"H-Hi." Aidan said meekly but then stood embarrassed when the man said nothing. He was muscular, with a crew cut and Aidan thought he had a rather Mediterranean look about him. "I'm Aidan." He said and waited for a reply.

"Travis," He said, his voice deep. He looked over Aidan and frowned. "You can't be an age over nineteen." He said and Aidan thought he was generous with his estimation.

"Seventeen." Aidan said still standing in the room. Travis sat up, hard muscle showing through his white wife beater.

"Your just a baby." He said reaching to a small table and grabbing a cigarette. He lit it and Aidan frowned. Were they allowed to have lighters?

"I guess." Aidan said. "How old are you." Travis took a deep drag and then looked at him.

"Sit down." He said motioning to the bed, and Aidan sat next to him. "Smoke?" He asked and Aidan shook his head, and rested his brown box on his lap. "I'm twenty nine." He said. Aidan said nothing, looking around the small room.

"What are you in for?" Aidan asked but immediately felt as if he shouldn't. His hands shook and he was about to apologize when Travis spoke.

"Look kid, you gotta learn not to act like such a pussy. You're gonna get yourself ripped to shreds in here. Pretty little thing like you wont last long, trust me." Travis said.

"I know, I know," Aidan said nervously. "I just don't belong here, I didn't do anything wrong."

"Sure" Travis barked out a laugh. "Neither did anyone else in here."

"No, really." he said putting his box on the bed and turning towards Travis. "I didn't do it."

"What they get you for?"

"They said I murdered my girlfriend." Aidan said fidgeting with his hands. "But I didn't, I wasn't even in the state when they said I killed her. I had no money, and couldn't get a good lawyer."

"Well, it musta been one brutal murder, to send you here as an adult at seventeen."

"It wasn't good." Aidan said.

"I killed a guy in a bar fight. Got so wasted, I don't remember none of it. All I know is one minute I was talking to this dude, next second, I wake up in the hospital, handcuffed to my bed, with five blue boys standin' in the room, got fifteen years." He said with a laugh. Aidan felt like crying. He was sitting next to a murderer, who felt no remorse. Sure he was drunk, but shouldn't he feel bad? "Woah, kid, don't let them see you cry understand." he said and stood up. He pick up a blue shirt from a chair and put it on, without buttoning it up.

"I know." He said wiping his tears away angrily. "I'm scared." Travis looked at the boy crying on his bed and put out his cigarette. This boy wouldn't make it through the week at this rate. Aidan looked up at Travis with puffy eyes. "Will you protect me?" Travis starred at him a moment before speaking.

"I don't do anything for free." He said and waited for the boy to understand.

"I don't have any money," the boy said. "I could give you part of my lunch, or, something like that?" Travis let an amused smiled spread across his face and he looked at Aidan with slight pity.

"You don't really understand how things work around here do you?" Travis asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Please, I'll do anything, just protect me from those…those animals. God only knows what they will do to me." Aidan begged.

"You'll do anything?" Travis asked, surprised things would be easier than he thought they'd be. Most put up quite a fight.

"Yes." Travis reached for his belt and unbuckled his pants. Aidan's eyes widened and Travis stepped toward the bed.

"Get on your knees boy." He said and lowered his pants of his knees, boxers still hung loosely in his hips. Aidan's lips trembled and he moved to the floor in front of Travis.

"I'm not gay." Aidan said, hoping Travis would change his mind.

"You think I care?" Travis asked. "It's me, or everyone out there who wants you, its your choice." Travis said and waited.

"This is the only way you'll protect me?" Aidan asked and was answered when Travis pulled down his shorts. His large erection fell towards Aidan and he starred at it in disgust. This was just to he wouldn't be raped and killed by all those other men. That's all. He was not gay.

"Put it in your mouth Aidan." Travis said and grabbed the back of his head. "Not here a day and you're already someone's bitch." Travis laughed and forced his cock into Aidan's mouth. "How do I taste?" He asked and Aidan gagged when he pushed deep into his throat. "Watch your teeth kid." He said and slapped the side of Aidan's face in warning. "Trust me boy, this is better than the gang rape you'd endure without me," He said thrusting his hot length into his mouth. "I think's its safe to say your quite lucky."

Aidan was disgusted as the hard penis slid in and out of his mouth. Travis began to breath heavy and was thrusting hard his mouth. He finally came down his throat and told him to swallow.

"That your first time giving head?" Travis asked when he began fixing his pants. Aidan sat up and nodded.

"You'll protect me now right?" Aidan asked, afraid he'd go back on their unspoken deal.

"Sure, you keep that up." Aidan nodded and continued to keep his head down.

"You like the bottom?" Aidan asked and Travis smirked at him. He leaned towards him and roughly grabbed his chin.

"You're the bitch remember." He said and Aidan blushed.

"I mean the bunks."

"Yea, I sleep on the bottom." He said. "Grubs in a bit. You ready to face it." Travis asked but got to answer from Aidan. "Look kid. You gotta tough it up or not even my protection will save you got it." Travis sat down next to the boy on his bed. "The only thing that'll keep them away is that they know I'm fucking you. It's a honor thing you know. And I can probably fuck some of the smaller guys up, but you are to perfect for them not to come after you."

"What do I do though?" Aidan asked, tears forcing there way through his eyes, much to his humiliation.

"Just, put on an indifferent face. Don't shake or cry, keep your head down, and do what I say." Travis looked at the small body next to him and felt himself harden. What a perfect cell mate. No more lonely nights now.

He felt for the boy, he was only twenty three himself when he got here. And although it was certainly traumatic being used the way he was, being gay did make it easier on him. Reaching over he gripped the youths groin and watched him squirm. "You'll like it." He whispered huskily in his ear. "You'll beg for it." He bit his neck and rolled his eyes in ecstasy when he heard the boy moan in protest. "When I fuck you tonight, just think about what it will be like out on the yard tomorrow without me. All the others grabbing that sweet little ass of yours, with no one to stop them. All of them raping your virgin ass hole again and again and a-"

"Stop, I'll do what you say just don't let them hurt me." Travis was about to speak when the door open and a guard walked in.

"Lunch." He barked and Travis stood.

"Walk behind me. Anything starts I'll end it. You got it?" He asked his dark eyes twinkling. Aidan nodded and stood, realizing for the first time how big is protector was. He wasn't overly muscular, but he had to be about six foot four. His arms rippled with tight ropes of muscle and Aidan felt an odd sense of security wash over him. "Be a good bitch and your time in prison wont be so bad." Travis turned and walked out and Aidan followed him.

"Yo Travis!" A large black man called and Aidan hid behind Travis's back.

"What's up Sheldon." Travis asked greeting him. To Aidan they seemed to be friends.

"me and the others are gonna take out the Chester. You in?" Aidan frowned.

"Naw man. I get in anymore shit I can kiss my parole good bye." Travis said and Sheldon nodded.

"I got you man," He said and then spotted Aidan. "Hot little piece of ass you got there Travis."

"He is isn't he. Just got in not twenty minutes ago." Travis said and then laughed crudely. "Got a good mouth on him."

"Nice, you willin' to share?" He and Aidan felt his stomach drop.

"Sorry Sheldon, I'll buy you a bitch if you want, I got a few cartons of cigarettes left. This one is mine though." Sheldon nodded and looked annoyed for a minute but then it dropped. Aidan followed them in line getting lunch, and tried his best to ignore the leers and cat calls he got. He kept his head down, and at more than one occasion he felt a hand reach for his crotch but Travis let out some fowl language and shoved them back.

At the table Travis was quiet. He chose an empty table, Sheldon was sitting with some other black inmates. "You're friends with Sheldon?" Aidan asked and Travis grunted and reached over and took Aidan's cookie. "What's a Chester?"

"Child molester." Travis said biting into his sandwich. "Sheldon and his friends are pretty good at taking care of that scum." Travis said. "Eat. Lunch is the best meal." He said and Aidan frowned at his food. "You get used to it." Travis laughed.

"I don't think so."

"So how long you in for?" Travis asked gulping down his milk.


"Hurry up boy. We only get fifteen minutes for lunch." He said and Aidan picked up his sandwich out of reflex.

"Fifteen years and I can get Parole. Maybe less if I'm good." Travis grunted and looked around. One of the inmates was making some trouble and the guards were preoccupied. Travis slipped in a plastic knife into his shirt and winked at Aidan.

"Let's go." He said and Aidan stood. "We are goin back to the cell. I don't wanna show you off to my friends yet. Not till I got you broken in." he said and painfully squeezed Aidan's balls. Aidan clenched his teeth together in anger but said nothing. They got into the cell but the door wasn't closed.

"Why don't they shut the door?" Aidan asked.

"It's lock up. We can move around freely." He said and Aidan just said 'oh'.

"Where should I put my stuff?" The boy asked and Travis lounged down on his bed.

"I don't give a shit. Over there somewhere." He said and picked up his book.

"What are you reading?" Aidan asked and placed his small tin box of pictures in the corner of the desk. Travis glanced at him from over his book before looking back to the page.

"The Winter of Our Discontent." He said.

"I read that in school." Aidan said taking out his books. "I have of mice and Men, by the same guy you know."

"I know." Travis said, annoyance clear in his voice. His tone of voice seemed loss on Aidan.

"I didn't like them the first time I read them, but they grew on me." He thought back to his life before getting messed up in the law and felt momentarily happy. "I was majoring in American Lit. you know, well that and history, I was accepted to seven different schools. Offered full rides too-"

"If you don't shut up I have half a mind to shove my cock down your throat to shut you the fuck up." Travis bit out and Aidan turned to look at him.

"Oh, right…I'm sorry. My friends always said I talked way to much, I just cant help it…" Travis gave him a stern look and Aidan shut his mouth. "Sorry, I'll shut up." Aidan forced the tears away from his eyes and took out his cross and rosary. He placed them on top of his bible and turned back to the bunks. He was about to crawl up top when he saw Travis staring at him and Aidan tried to keep his eyes away from the large bulge in his pants.

"Take off your shirt." He said and Aidan looked at the open door, then back to Travis.


"I wanna see the goods." He said. Aidan took of his outer blue shirt, before removing his white t-shirt. His thin arms hung by his sides and he glanced at the door nervously, praying no inmates would walk by. "Don't worry, they wont touch." He said and sat up. "Come here." He said and Aidan sat next to him. Travis placed a hot hand on his chest and Aidan bit his tongue. "You're a tiny thing aren't you." He said and grabbed the boys hand and moved it towards his bulging erection. "You're gonna be such a great fuck."

Aidan's breathing got heavy when Travis licked his neck, all the way up to his cheek. "Just a few more hours," Travis whispered. "I don't like crowds, so once the lights go off…" He trailed off and ran his teeth down the side of Aidan's neck. Aidan screwed his eyes shut, trying, and failing, to pretend it wasn't a stong hard man doing this to him. It was going to be a long night.