Finding me, losing you.

Beneath the light, the happiness,
A cold, grim, darkness grows.

Behind the joy and laughter,
Is a place nobody goes.

I'm trying to deny it,
And yet, I know it's true,

What caused the growing darkness,
Was the thought of losing you.

Because one night, when the moon was hidden,
And clouds obscured the stars,
I saw your face in growing mist,
I heard your quiet laugh,
Don't tell me I was dreaming,
Don't treat me like a fool,
Just kiss me now, for one last time,
Dive into love's black pool,

And know,

That this darkness, is nothing, like you think, or wish it could be,
This darkness is not caused by pain, it's only caused by me,
And I keep moving on, but it follows me, it's true,
'Cause I know that in finding me, I'm only losing you.

You tell me that I've changed,
I tell you that's not true.

You tell me that I'm not the same,
I say it's only you.

You tell me that I'm lying,
The only thing to do,

Is explain the growing darkness,
And why you never knew.

That one night, I was searching,
For an answer for my heart,
But when I found that answer,
It tore my soul apart.
It told me I was foolish,
It told me I was mad,
It told me I was heartless,
I know that I'm just sad,


You'll never know how much you've changed, my soul, my heart, my life.
My only wish, it used to be, that I could be your wife.
But now I've gotta tell you, the sad and lonely truth,
The fact that when I found myself, what I lost was you.