This story is a joint story between me and Magic-queen13, it is between two different POV's.

I sighed as I walked down the corridor, a new school year. The first day of school was always the most wait...second thought...that was math class. I just kept walking, annoyed with the never ending walk towards my classroom.

This year I'm a sophomore, a grade 10 student. 'Wonderful' I thought sarcastically. Ever since I was younger, I hated being in the bigger classes, feared crowds and was always challenged every year with keeping my grades up. Just great! All of my hateful moments in school mixed together for the next three years. I sighed a second time, at least there's one good thing about school. The library.

I loved books, every time I finish one book, I move on to another. My favorite was fantasy! screw it! I loved them all!

I slowly sat down in my new desk, shyly bringing out one of my favorites. The Da Vinci Code. Slowly I began reading a passage as we waited for the teacher to come.

I had heard there was a new student in school. A exchange student from America. A freshman. The whole school was talking about him, our first student from the states. The most students we normally got here were from overseas. Lets face it, a small school, in a small community didn't get much action.

"Cassidy Davis" I heard my name being called and answered right before I felt something hit my head. I turned, everyone acted so innocently around the freak. Like they never did anything wrong. Slowly I reached up and felt something slimy and wet in my hair. Ew gross!! ABC gum.

I slowly raised my hand to tell the teacher, and he excused me, allowing me to skip the first period to slowly make my way towards the bathroom.

I went in. The pink walls almost blinding me. I hated the color pink sooo badly, but it was the color they had chosen so I had to deal. I went and looked in the mirror. Dark green eyes stared back at me, and so did the bags underneath them. I had to stop staying up so late.

Then I saw it, a bluish wad of bubblegum, stuck in my long wild brown hair. I sighed and attempted to work it out. Curse the stickiness. I worked on it for at least 30 minutes and all I did was make it worse.

I sighed and began to walk out. Heading towards the general office. I wanted to call home to get this thing cut out. Surely I can be excused. Here I was, deep in thought, not noticing where I was going. Suddenly I felt myself walk into someone and was knocked to the ground.

"Owie!" I seethed lightly, my wrist throbbing. I looked up with a scowl on the face, ready to ask for an apology from the person when my eyes widened.

There, standing in front of me. Was him. The new exchange student. Suddenly I felt embarrassed. I looked at him. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Not bad looking for an American. I realized I was gaping and blushed. He probably wanted an explanation, I was the one in the wrong after all. But why did he have to be so cute!

I went red faced, here I was still on the floor, gum in my hair, and the oddest expression on my face. He probably thought I was a freak. Almost everyone did. I went to say 'sorry'. But the words wouldn't come. I blushed harder.

My life just got more complicated. Ahhhh crap!


I sighed, here I was in this house, in this foreign country, alone. My mom had said this would be good for me, brazen my horizons. All I know is that I was put on a plane, sent here, and am now living by myself in a large house.

"This is just great" I mumbled to myself as I pack my bag for school "'Try new things' she tells me" I ran the conversation through my head again.

"Chris, you need to try new things, this will be good for you" my mom said as we drove to the airport.

"Yeah right, you just want to get rid of me so you can spend more time with that boyfriend of yours" I mumbled to low for her to hear.

"Besides" she said "You may meet a cute girl there"

I made a sound close to a huff "Most girls these days wear way to much make-up trying to make themselves pretty for guys who just want to get them into the bed" I said "If girls want a guy they should use their natural good looks, most of the girls there have already heard about me and have started slapping make-up on, I am not interested"

My mom sighed "You'll just have to deal with it won't you". It wasn't a question, it was a command.

I sighed "Fine"

Really, and she thought I was going to live with a family here. No, I got here to find a note on the door with a key stuck to it.

The family I was supposed to stay with had went on a vacation and left the house to a kid they barely new. An exchange student from America. I am so glad I can cook.

I walk outside and look at the school. It is about two miles away so that is good "Might as well get this over with" I said as I lock the door and begin to walk toward the school.

I walk into the school and notice no one in the hallways.

I sighed and looked at my schedule. It looked like I had mostly ninth grade classes. Only one was different, I had a sophomore class!

I shook my head, only I would get an advanced class. People always tell me I am smart, I know this, I know I am very smart, but I hate that people always do something like this.

I should have paid attention to where I was walking, because next thing I know I am running into a girl. I notice three things about her when I first look at her

1. She had gum in her hair. (Probably from some idiot)

2. She wasn't wearing make-up. (At least from what I could see not a whole bunch) and...

3. She was really really really pretty.

I realized I was staring at her and offered my hand to help her up "Sorry" I said, I say that a lot, sometimes when something isn't even my fault, "I should have watched where I was going" I smiled "My name is Chris French"

The girl nodded, feeling her heart pounding in her chest. "I...I'm Cassidy Davis" she said putting on a nervous smile.

I smiled "It is nice to meet you" I said "Um do you need help with your hair?" I asked.

Cassidy blushed harder and slowly said "uh...I can just go home and get help with it there....i..i'm fine" she said "nice meeting you" and she began to walk away.

"Well be sure to use hot water" I said "Oh" I walked after her "Do you know where this class is?" I pointed to the sophomore class on my schedule.

Cassidy looked at it and nodded "yeah its my homeroom. I'm supposed to have that class next too....but I'm kinda busy now". She looked back "right there" she pointed to a door "room 107" and she walked out of sight.

She was gone before I could say thanks. I sighed and knocked on the teacher introduced me and told me to sit next to the seat that belonged to Cassidy.

I nodded and sat down in my seat. I sighed and leaned back to listen to the teacher, I hoped I would get to see Cassidy again.