I opened my eyes, because I felt so tired my vision was blurry slightly.

I looked over to see someone lying beside me. "AH!" I said rolling off the bed onto the ground. "Owie" I whispered. I looked up to see it was Chris laying there sleeping, I covered my mouth. 'Dammit! I hope I didn't wake him' I thought.

Before noticing something, I looked closer and sighed happily. 'Man he's cute' I thought, totally forgetting what had happened days ago.

Chris opened his eyes and looked at me "Hey" he said smiling.

I couldn't help but blush, why did he have to look so perfect.

"H-hi" I said, beginning to stand up to crawl in on the bed beside him, but I winced. I looked down at my sleeve of my shirt. I pulled it up to my elbow, the bandages I had put on it had already been soaked through full of blood. "Damn" I sighed, it stung a lot.

"Crap" Chris said and took my hand; leading me into the bathroom off to the side of his room "Sit on the toilet" he instructed "and let me rebandage that arm"

I sighed and did what he said. Beginning to unwrap the old bandages, "It's only a few scratches" I said reasonably. Through in my mind I kept swearing. It hurt.

When was the last time I had the bandages changed anyways? Tuesday? Wednesday? I couldn't remember, I hope it wasn't infected.

He pulled something from the cabinet and begun to clean the cuts "This might sting a little" he said as he wiped with the alcohol.

I winced as the alcohol hit the cuts, biting my lip. This! Was one of the reasons why I hated alcohol, in any form.

"Sorry" he said quietly as he cleaned the cuts.

"It's not your fault" I said "I was reckless and I fell" not explaining the details that, people were actually chasing me at the time.

He shook his head as he cleaned "Well then I will have to make sure you don't fall again" he sighed as he finished cleaning and began to bandage my arm.

I laughed "and how will you manage that?" I asked "I'm quite the klutz"

He smiled as he finished "I can do it" he moved up and pressed his lips to mine.

I felt my heart jump in my chest, I kissed Chris back for a few seconds before, in mid kiss, pulling away "I can't" I said "not after what you did" I looked away.

"Oh right" he said "Actually, she forcefully kissed me when I turned her down"

"How....can I be so sure your telling the truth?" I asked "how can I be so sure your not just playing me?" I looked up at him with sad eyes.

His eyes turned sad "We are best friends, I would never lie to you" he took my hands "I mean it, she kissed me forcefully, she asked me if I would date her, I said no I have a wonderful girlfriend, I think she got mad and kissed me"

I looked up into his eyes, I was starting to believe him "Why do you keep saying we're best friends?" I asked "We were only ever boyfriend and girlfriend...I only met you a week ago"

"Actually, you met me over three years ago" he said.

I instantly froze "you're....Seraph Darkfire?"

"Yes I am" he said "It is nice to meet you Magic-Queen13"

I felt my chest tighten "impossible!" I said shaking my head "you can't be him! You just...can't!" and I went to run out of the room.

"But I am" he said following me.

I sat on the bed shaking "why didn't you tell me when you first found out who I was then, huh? Huh?" I asked, I saw him move his mouth but no words come out. "What? Did you bite your tongue off? Speak!"

I felt myself get all jittery.

"I was going to tell you" he said "But...well...that was the same day you broke up with me"

I took a deep breath. 'Exhale' I told myself in my mind and did. Why did I just freak out over that?

Was it because, I had liked Seraph like a brother and Chris like a boyfriend, and now that I know there one person, I felt all mixed up.

Before I knew what was going on I felt my body subconsciously moving till I felt his lips on mine.

I had kissed him again, a small tear fell down my face because the fact was I loved him, and I wanted to be with him forever.


I was surprised she had kissed me, but I quickly returned it. I loved the feel of her lips on mine.

Cassidy put her arms up, wrapping them around my neck loosely as we kissed.

I responded by wrapping my arms around her waist and holding her close, my lips moving in perfect sync with hers.

Cassidy's tongue touched my lips again, but this time, she seemed to do it on purpose.

I smiled slightly and let my tongue touch hers.

Cassidy giggled and broke the kiss just when I was having fun, "that's all you get for now" She said with one of her bright smiles, obviously teasing me.

"Aww" I said grinning "Fine"

She laughed and sat on the bed, just looking up at me; it was like her mood had brightened a lot.

I sat next to her "Still surprised?" I asked.

"About what?" she asked laying her head on my shoulder, like she had already forgotten.

"About me being Seraph?" I asked.

"I guess...I can think of it as a bonus" She said "for having one of the best boyfriends in the world" and she leaned up and kissed my cheek sweetly.

I smiled softly "I guess you could" I gave her a small hug.

Cassidy grinned "does this mean I have to actually kick my own ass for what I did" I remembered what she typed in this morning.

I laughed "I told you that you couldn't kick your own ass"

"I dunno" She said so cutely "I mean my legs pretty long"

"I won't let you" I said smiling at her cuteness.

"Awwww" She said pouting playfully "That sucks, I wanted to see if I could" I smiled and pushed her onto the bed and began to tickle her.

Cassidy laughed loudly, trying to squirm out of my arms.

I tickled her sides so that I could keep her under me.

She kept laughing "why a-are you...tickling me?" she asked through the laughter

"Because you are so cute" I said as I tickled her.

"And what w-would happen if I say I'm not that cute?" She asked trying to stop herself from laughing.

I grinned and began to tickle harder "I will tickle you harder"

Cassidy looked up at me "how do I s-stop the tickling?" she asked flirting.

"Maybe a little kiss?" I asked, flirting back.

Cassidy laughed "oh, now you're asking for something I'm not sure you can get" she said smirking.

"Why?" I asked as I eased up on my tickling to let her talk.

"Because, I have to kiss you in a special way....and you won't agree to it" she said grinning.

"Depends on what it is" I said, now I was confused.

"Close your eyes" She said in a slightly seductive voice.

I sighed and closed my eyes; I hoped that this wasn't a trick.

Unfortunately, it was. She slipped out of my arms quickly enough and giggled as she now stood by the bathroom door. "Can I use your shower, lover-boy?" she asked me before I could even open my eyes.

I sighed and lay on the bed thinking of a way to get her back "Depends" I said grinning "Can I use it with you?"

Cassidy couldn't help but laugh, "No" she said.

"I'll go make us something to eat then" I said

"Good idea" she said going into the bathroom.

I went downstairs to make us some pork chops and Mac 'n' cheese.

A few minutes later I could hear the water running. For some reason, there was also another sound coming from the bathroom. Cassidy was singing in the shower.

I leaned my head slightly toward the direction of the shower as I cooked.


After about 10 minutes I came down the stairs, my hair was wet but it was straight and darker than my regular brown. It was dripping down onto my shirt even as I dried it. "I didn't think pork chops and Mac 'n' cheese went together"

Chris smiled "They do actually" he said setting the table.

"Oh" I said laughing "you Americans are weird, I never had the two together before" I sat on the counter top looking at him as he set the table with a small cute smile.

He looked at me as he made two plates and set them on the table "You might like it"

I laughed "Maybe" I said walking up behind Chris and wrapping my arms around him in a hug "I love you" she said "and I don't ever want to chance losing you again" I felt sad as I said that, sad because I was scared...scared I might lose him again.

He stopped and turned so that he was facing me "I...I love you too" he said "And you won't lose me, just next time let me explain myself" he smiled and lightly kissed me.

I smiled and kissed back softly.

"It doesn't...look too bad" I said commenting on the food with a giggle, this was going to be the best day.

He smiled "Sit down and eat" he sat down "I am an excellent cook"


And so, after a storm, there is sunshine. All is well for the two of them, for now.