Never Will Be

Once upon a really distant time
There was a future that existed...
But it was before this mind of mine
Became so sick and twisted.

There's always something in the way;
There's never an end to our sorrow.
Isn't it wrong when every single day
We're praying for a better tomorrow?

Is it that we're both just pretending
Playing this game for the chance to win
A prize that has got us both spending
All our time wondering exactly when

The dream in our mind becomes reality;
The day that all the dreams come true...
But now the dream tortures relentlessly
And has turned us both to blue.

Perhaps we're holding on too tight
I guess we've both gotten so blind
That we think all these nasty fights
Keep us from leaving the other behind.

All of these wars have left me battered
My desire to believe is about to run out.
I feel as if our morale has been shattered—
Will we make it? I admit I have my doubts.

The depth of our feuding has begun to show
And perhaps it's time I finally set you free.
All of our sparring has ultimately let me know
That what almost was... never will be.