Standing on the shores

Of the beloved ocean

Feeling the cool breeze

Dance in my hair

The drizzling rain

Showers upon my face

The clouds gather round me

In a the colorful mixture

Of the sun's glorious rays

And the purple-blue skies

Of the start of a storm

Breathing in that moist air

Watching the powerful waves

This is where I always want to be

Stuck in this scene of beauty

But then the wind get stronger

And rain comes down harder

The angry clouds swallow

Those wondrous rays of the sun

The sky along with the ocean

Turns ominous and black

My scene of beauty is now gone

For the blackness of the storm

Has taken over and turned it dark

But I will wait till it gives

Back my scene of beauty

For I know it is waiting

For me at the end

Of summer's first storm