I'm Here

I'm here.
Don't worry.
Don't back down.
Don't back away.
Don't – hold back.

I'm here.
You're not alone.
Don't be ashamed
of the tears I wipe away –
they'll stop coming with time.

I'm here.
Lean on my shoulder.
The tears on the inside,
that eyes never cry,
hurt the same – or worse.

I'm here.
But I don't have to know.
I won't pour salt
on an open wound.
I've an ear and a shoulder.
(Make use of what you will.)

When you fear to be alone with Silence,
(the Silence of the mind blank of Thought)
courtesy of Memory and Despair,
remember – I've an ear and a shoulder.
(actually, two of each)
You're welcome to use either.
(or both.)