Title: California

Chapter: One of however many it takes. I just started writing and it won't stop is like a fountain of chocolate you want it all but you start to get sick of it. Well it would be like that if I even liked chocolate.

Summary: When I say 'screw you' guys say 'maybe later,' I usually hold them to that offer. Yes, some might call me a slut, or a bitch. I'm not going to deny it. If they don't like it tough nuts to them. I'm Alli Emerson-Waite. Sit on that and rotate.

Rating: Not pure enough for PG-13 I'll just say it's T and pray it doesn't get taken down.

Author's Notes: This is a little different from my usual style only because Alli is a very unique character with a strong personality. I know nothing about the American schooling system, or American in general. So if I do something wrong I'm sorry but this is fiction. Also there won't be an intro at every chapter authors notes will be at the bottom if there're any. Every song I have on top I have on my mp3 player. It's where I got my inspiration. A shout out goes to anyone who guess the song title and artist.

I'm going to California
I'm gonna make it right!
Sipping on tequila night after night!!!

{"Fuck you." I growled as my sleep was disturb by someone moving my hair from my face.

"Been there done that, had a blast. But sadly work awaits." I groaned and smacked the guy with my pillow.

"Just make sure I get these back." I tossed him my keys to lock the door without looking from under the covers and was pleased to never hear them hit the floor.

"No problem." He pulled down the covers and kissed me and I kissed him back in earnest. Before it could progress father he pulled back, I like to think reluctantly. "Blah, go brush love."

"Fuck you-" I growled, but paused I knew what was coming next. "Been there, trust me I know. Bye Olli." There was a silent moment.

"I will see you later Alli. I will." I mumbled something incoherent and waved him from my bedroom.}

"OH SHIT!" I screamed as I remembered the conversation I had yesterday morning.

"What?!" I stayed frozen as my mom steadied the car. "Christ Al I almost had a heart attack."

"You don't believe in Christ." I mumbled pretty much over my moment.

"Exactly then it's not blasphemy, what ever it's the same shit. So what's up?"

"I didn't tell Oliver." I groaned. Oliver was my best guy friend, and I admit betimes lover. He was literally going to kill me. And he had my favourite key chain.

"Olli knew Al, I told him last week." I looked at my mother then shook my head.

"That little heathen!" I hissed through my clenched teeth. There was no way I would feel sorry about not telling him. Not when he knew. I glared straight at the road ahead. I felt my mother shift. She must think I'm angry at her. And really I'm not, not at all for even a moment. But mad at Olli? Hell-fucking yea.

"Look, I just didn't want him hating me for taking you away." I looked at my far too young mom; she avoided looking at me and kept fast to the highway.

"Mom, I'm not mad at you. Let me lay it down for you. We're going to mother fucking California! To live! Do you know how stoked I am? Seriously it's awesome. So what I'll miss Robyn, I miss her anyways because she shipped herself off to boarding school. Lord knows Darien and I fight like cats and dogs. And Oliver, well right now I'm severely pissed at Oliver so he can go fuck himself." I huffed and then shifted through my purse looking for my iPod. "Mom I want you to be happy, you deserve this. You're only thirty and you're still smoking hot and you're bloody well getting married in two weeks. Besides, will I really miss rainy ass Abbotsford that much?" I shot her a look which she returned. "Not at all. Rich is a great guy, I haven't spent any long amount of time with him but you're glowing. I'd give up anything for you. You're my best friend along with my mother. Now I'm going to play this song on repeat at full blast and we're going to sing it until our throats bleed or we get there. Which ever one comes first."

"On a lonely day, I look out on the freeway. I can, fantasize 'bout the car I drive. Don't leave the light on. I can find my way, it's been so long now I have to say..." I smiled brightly as my mom started to sing along. I looked up into the bright blue sky and laughed out. The cherry red convertible zoomed down the high way.

"I'm going to California I'm gonna make it right! Sipping on tequila night after night!!!"

When we arrived in California I didn't catch it at first, besides the welcome sign it just felt like the past eight hours of highway from the pit stop we took in Olympia to see Robyn. The sunny weather however was fresh and new. I knew I would have far too much fun in this beautiful state. We didn't drive that far from the boarder an hour or so before we made our way to a gated community. I blinked, seriously this was where I was going to live? I don't know if I was happy or upset that we drove past the little niche. I decided happy, my friendships were far to free flowing for the whole step ford wives thing. With my luck and track record I'd get mom and I kicked out before I even got to class.

Instead we road a little past there to the outskirts of San Francisco. The houses were large the streets were clean and I could hear the dogs barking. Good, I loved animals, well most of them. We pulled into a house, it would have to have at least seven bedrooms I blinked at the size of the front yard. My whole English class could fit there. And that my friend was no small feet. Mom put up the hood to the convertible and I just sat in the car. Was I actually ready for a whole new life with a brand new family I have never met? Oh yea.

I could tell mom had been there before simply because of her familiarity with everything. I stepped out of the car, the sun hit my tanned face and I smiled.

The front door opened up to greet us to the sight of a man just into his forties. Now do not get me wrong at all. Richard –Rich- Waite was a very good looking man. He his hair was a dark black then even Darien didn't have, and Darien was half Japanese. His blue eyes popped out from a lightly tanned face and his Johnny Depp goti was totally working for him. True story, my mom was engaged to a middle aged heart throb.

They had greeted with a hug and a small kiss and I walked up to my soon to be step dad. We had met before two years ago. In fact, back in Canada, and more between last year and now. He had two kids from his previous marriage a little girl who was twelve and a son my age. I have never been introduced to either. Nor have I seen pictures.

"Al-!" The man corrected himself from speaking my full name and I smiled. "Welcome to your new house. I don't expect you to fit in. I don't expect you to call me dad, or whatever. I just hope you'll like it here and see yourself as family." Did I mention I love Richard? Honest to goodness he's the best thing that ever happened to my mom, that's why I had no problems leaving butt fuck nowhere British Columbia and the rest of my life behind. I smiled and went to shake the hand he held up. What the hell, instead I pulled him into hug.

"Thanks pops." I then let him go and made my way inside the house, which by the way was fucking gorgeous. I stared mystified, at the sheer size of it.

"Do you like it?"

"Fu-" I stopped myself. "Oh yea! It's awesome." Mom came up beside me and put an arm around my waist.

"Thanks Al. You just made Rich's life when you hugged him. What did you say?" I shrugged, it was nothing.

"I said 'thanks pops.'" She gave me a hug.

"Seriously you're such a good daughter." I laughed her off and turned to Rich who was looking at us with an apprehensive look.

"So, forgive me for sounding like a complete bitch when I say this but. Where in this beautiful huge house is my bedroom?" I let my tongue slip again and I looked sheepishly. When Rich didn't flinch I sighed, I forgot he was engaged to my mother. Her mouth believe or not, was worst than mine.

"Sure this way!" He led us up the freaking winding staircase. IT WINDED. I know. So once we reached the second floor. We made an instant right in the three way split hallway. There were three rooms in total this way I found the one at the end of the hall way was mine. When the door opened I was speechless. For one there was a lock to my room, bonus. Two my room was a large 'L' shaped room with a connecting bathroom. Three, There was even a balcony that overlooked the backyard. The walls were a pale grey and my bed was a rich red. All of my suitcases had already been brought in. Including my red graffiti covered dresser that I would die without. I stopped visually molesting my room and turned my gaze to Rich and my mom.

"Wow. Just freaking wow." I sighed out and the two of them laughed.

"You want to come pick up your new little sister?" I nodded my consent. Even though I had just sat in a car for the last nine or so hours, I didn't feel like being confined to a house just yet. Besides I wanted to meet the people I'd be calling family as soon as possible.

"Lead the way." I said and they did. The way to the large as hell garage. Inside there were three cars, one was a lovely black jeep wrangler. Did I mention I had a really sweet spot for Jeeps? Both Darien and Oliver had jeeps. Jeeps were my equivalent to a Porsche or Lamborghini they were just plain hot. Not that it took a way the beauty from the navy blue escalade I was being led to. I'm in car heaven. The last car I couldn't see because it was draped by one of those heavy blue tarps. Waiting for any indication of where we were going. It took only a ten minute drive to get to a more urban part of the city. We stopped at a dance studio and I smiled. So my new sibling danced. That was awesome.

"Which one is she?" I asked as we stood whispering at the doorway.

"Sophia is the one without a costume and a blue streak in her hair." I found her easily amongst the young girls. She was absolutely cute.

"So that's Soph," I watched as the young dancers practiced their routine. My mom and Rich snuck off to the car. The teacher called for a five minute water break before going over the routine one more time. I made my way over to my new little sister being the creep that I am.

"You know that last jump she makes you guys do? If you do step, pile, jump it will work better than step, step jump." I said absently. The girl looked at me and I smiled indicating she should try it. Closing the lid to her water bottle she stood and tried the last jump once more. Taking my advice she improved a lot. I smiled at her as the teacher called them back. After one more run through the class was done and I stood.

"Hello, may I ask who you are?"

"I'm Alli; I'm here to pick up Sophia." The women nodded and then walked away. Biiiiiitch.

"So you're her." I looked down at Sophia and raised my eyebrow. "My new step sister, you know, I want to hate you? But I can't, you know what you're talking about when it comes to dance. Unlike my brother. So I decided I will like you and since I'm sure you and my brother will be at odds I will take your side. Just never call me Sophia again." I nodded and led the way to the car. Yep I liked the little brat. Mini me. The escalade was parked right outside the studio and Soph and I climbed in the back seat.

"Hey Sophie," My mom greeted the girl as we settled in.

"Hi S-mom," I couldn't resist the snort that I let out at Soph's nickname for my mom, "Hey dad."

"Hi Sophie." Her dad replied, the car ride was filled with excited chatter about Sophia's upcoming dance recital. We arrived home, Heh that's funny, my home is the huge house at the end of Liverly Teerace. We drove into the super massive garage. Rich parked the car and we all continued our chat into the house.

"Did you have the grand tour yet?" Sophia asked me and I shook my head. Come to mention it, no I haven't. "Come on then, we'll start from the bottom and work our way up."

I followed her into the basement. It was just a big empty room with a wooden floor, soundproof walls, a fridge and a large stereo.

"This is the party room. Dad had it put in for Blake's fifteenth birthday. It comes complete with a bathroom under the stairs and built-in air-conditioning." I nodded, seems like me and this Blake guy might get a long quite well. "Okay first floor." This was the main floor that led outside. She showed me the living room which actually felt lived in. Then the kitchen with an island in the centre of the stainless steel dream. She explained that further back in the house there was the guest room, her room, and the main bedroom which I found my mom and Rich in. I gave them a wave and we continued up the stairs. We went straight this time as the three forked hallway went. "There's the attic." She pointed to the left door. "The music room." It was the one on the right. "And this one is the plant room. My dad has a weird affection for his plants. He's crazy but most dads are." I laughed at this. "K, and the last two halls there is a guest bedroom, your bathroom and your bed room. And that way there is another guest bedroom, a bathroom and Blake's room. There! That's the whole tour!"

"Thanks Soph."

"Don't mention it. I already told you I decided not to hate you. I had other plans if you turned out to suck! Bye!" The girl ran down the spiral stairs and I just laughed. This was turning out to be fun.

I turned down the hall to go towards my bedroom when I caught movement to my right. Coming out of his room tall dark and handsome. Holy shit. Breathe Alli breathe. So what if your past came to haunt you. Flings are supposed to stay on vacation. God don't do it Alli stop walking, don't. Why did you kiss him?

I was really aware that he was kissing back and leading me into the bathroom. Let me clear things up. I have history with this guy. Serious history. I used to call him the guy I screwed on vacation. It was like dating but only for a few days of the year. The worst was last year when mom and I went on a trip to Los Angeles over winter break. Well lets just say some stuff happened I got drunk and was my usual slutty self and had a one week stand with a really, really hot all American boy named Blake Waite. So after a steamy make out session I stepped back; against my better judgment mind you.

"I'm Alli." I said out of breath.

"I'm Blake." We just stared at each other for a while. You all catch that I just made out with my soon to be step-brother right? Well catch the worse part of it. I've done a lot worse with him. Many, many times.