Dear Just You,

Well… first of all, this might be the best thing that's happened to me in a really long time. I can't even describe how it feels. You make me feel so pretty, all the time, and it's like an instant mood boost to be around you. I've been keeping a little list in the back of my mind about the things that I appreciate about you as a person, not just what I like about the relationship, so this is a good opportunity to write it down.

My first, and probably favorite, is that you can make small talk, which is REALLY important to me because I really kinda suck at small talk. I mean, it's nice to be able to sit there and not need to talk, because nothing needs to be said, but those times when we can't be super-couple-y, like if it's in school or via text or whatever, you can do small talk beautifully.

Another thing I really like is that I can talk to you about pretty much anything. Religion, politics, anything. Deep stuff as well as small talk. It's really, really nice, especially talking about religion, because my religious views are a little different than most people, and you listen, which is awesome. I can also listen to you and your opinions, and it's also awesome.

The third thing I like is that you makes me feel really pretty, which I've already said, but it's important. It's like, I could wake up and look like total crap and come to school and be crowned beauty queen. Shallow, maybe, but I love it. And you don't even have to try, just being with you makes me feel amazing and everything.

The fourth is that you can pick me up, which is both cute and it makes me feel really skinny, but it's moreso the first. It's like, I've wanted a guy to pick me up ever since I saw this adorable couple in the streets, and he was giving her a piggyback ride, and it was really cute. And you did today, which was really adorable, and made me feel super lucky to have you, and be with you.

And the fifth… is kind of awkward, and a little unconventional, but here goes. you remind me so much of my dad. You're my dad's height, you can get away with cracking bad jokes because it's cute, you even use some of the same expressions subconsciously. It's strange, but I feel comforted by it.

As for the relationship itself, I'm fairly comfortable with the way it's progressing. You're starting to realize where you can and can't go with me, and it's nice that you're figuring out those natural boundaries. I can tell you're not 100% comfortable around me, like you're nervous about doing something wrong, which I really like, because I know you cares about my boundaries. No, we haven't kissed yet, and honestly… I'm okay with that. In truth, you could get away with a lot of stuff with me, physical-PDA-wise, but I know you wouldn't be comfortable with that, so I don't push it. I'm kinda letting you take the lead here, which is a small sacrifice when I know that it means everything you do, you do because you want to, not because you want to make me happy. The going is slow, but it'll be worth it, I know it.

You just make me so happy.

With love,
Just Me.