Dreamland In Your Eyes

The smell of coffee on your lips
I wonder how long you've been
Watching me
As I

Wander dreamland in your eyes
Meander through the rose bed
Of your smile
And we

Fly away
Through the clouds of spun gold
Tripping through the pearls and sand in
Fairy land
Swimming in the sunrise
Red sky billows down the wall and

All the while I hold your hand
Fingers laced through mine as
The willow tree

A warning sigh of last regrets
A tale of untold sorrow
You and me
But we

Fly away
Into teeming darkness
Running through the stars of shattered
Fairy tales
Cupid's ribbons tattered
Arrow broken, bow destroyed, and

I wake up to see your eyes
Storm of grey and blue orbs
Watching me
And I

Reach to grasp your weary hand
But with your smile you turn and
You say

This is a Song, by the way.