Made: Friday, June 5, 2009

Time: Unknown


Eyes open,

Light comes in.

Stumbling up and out

As the voices shout.

The memories return;

All you can do is burn

By the light outside,

But you're inside.

Huddled close,

You take the most

Of the pills

But they spill

And now the glass is empty.

So you scream.

Then you drown

As the blood spirals down

With the tears you shed

While wishing you were dead.

Still nothing works.

This life has no quirks.

You heal yourself—

Might as well.

You're too weak to let go—

Too show the world you know

Just how empty it can be,

But, still, they will not see.

The day continues

As nothing new.

Only anger grows

Throughout your show.

So you run,

Picking up the gun.

No noise is heard…

Until you curse—

These bullets are nameless,

Always shameless.

You scream again—

Scream at all of them.

Why did they leave?

Why won't they grieve?

What's wrong with you?

You didn't get to choose

How you are

Or just how far

The ones you know

Will go

To care for you

And keep loving you.

The glass

Will never last.

The pills

Will never kill.

The gun

Won't let the bullets come…

Until now.

The sun goes down.

No more lights,

No more sight.

Your choices laid out.

There's no more time to shout.

The slices make you weak,

The pills make you freak,

Then the gun—

And it's done.

No more light;

Not even night,

Just darkness

With no forgiveness.

You will wake never,

For death is forever.