Warning: It's about to get some drama up in here. So as you read please enjoy and try to remember that it is a story, and as such, is fictional; and though you may not agree to the events and how they unfold, it's not up to you to decide. Okay? Loveyoubye.

In that moment, the instinct to fight was the only thing that came over me. I didn't have time to question why Nick had shown up on my doorstep (although I had a pretty good guess) because I hurtled myself forwards, tackling him to the ground. With a thundering crash, we fell to onto the lawn and rolled, grunting as we tried to overpower one another.

It only took a few seconds to pin Nick, but once I did I grabbed his collar, brought his face up nice and high, and punched it. Not going to lie, it felt pretty good. I had wanted to punch Nick's lights out many times, and for some reason I had always refrained, but I was quickly regretting not doing this sooner. It felt so fucking good that I brought his face up again and my fist collided with it once more.

And again. Shit. I could feel myself spinning out of control. My vision was as red as the blood pouring from Nick's nose, and my heart was beating in that way I'd grown accustomed to – that I'd lived too long without since moving from San Diego.

I brought his face up once more, shaking him so that he wouldn't fucking pass out on me, but he went limp and it took several long moments of hard breathing to let him go. And relax. I remained on top of him, cooling myself down.

That's when he started to laugh.

It was a short, choked laugh that was over as quickly as it started. He spit blood out of his mouth into the grass beside him and then turned to smile at me. "Fucking Douchewaters."

Looking at him; hearing him. It felt like I hadn't done enough because I still felt out of control. I still itched to punch him again and again until he just disappeared from my fucking life. Nick lifted his hand to his face to wipe the blood gushing from his nose and I smacked it away. He would look this way until I said so.

"What the fuck did you think would happen, Nick? Why did you come here?"

He smiled again, showing a row of bloody teeth as he struggled to breathe properly. It really took away my previously acquired satisfaction. How could I be satisfied I did my job right when he was still smiling and laughing at me?

"You took him away," he wheezed.

"Gavin?" I asked, although I knew perfectly well that was who Nick was referring. "I didn't take him. He chose me."

"Because you love him." Sarcasm.


Another choked laugh, but this time so brief it just sounded like air escaping from him. "Fuck you. You don't know anything about him!"

These words made my heart thump – interrupting the calming rhythm I had since acquired as the adrenaline left me. Kept saying I didn't know anything about Gavin, but who else knew him like I did? My eyes narrowed and I brought Nick's face up once more. This time, I let my fist hover above him and leaned in as close as I could to get the threatening message across. "Tell me everything. What the fuck are you to him?"

Although he refused to answer me, I could at least relish in the fact that he had the fucking fear of God in his eyes at the way my fist was positioned over his face.

I shook his head, watching it flop helplessly from side to side. "Tell me!"

"I'm his friend," Nick replied, lips finally moving to my will.

"You're lying," I growled, fist rising higher.

"I'm not!" he hissed, panicked.

"Then why the fuck don't I believe you?"

There was a short silence. "Brecken, trust me," he breathed. "It's not like that."

This was pissing me off. I was getting nowhere fast with Nick and I could feel the crazy pouring over me. It dampened my hair, ran down along my back and pooled at my knees as I punched Nick again. This time he screamed out in agony before I silenced him. I squished my hand against his mouth, blotting out his distressed cries. After a moment, the muffled whines stopped.

"I'm going to move my hand and when I do you're going to tell me the fucking truth."

His dark eyes were wide and scared and the right had a large bruise already forming around it. He nodded his head and I removed my hand.

"You've got to believe me," he pleaded, and I couldn't believe he was still trying to pull this shit. "I don't think of Gavin that way. I've never thought of Gavin that way. I'm the only person around that hasn't touched him!"

I had been about to tell him to cut the bullshit but then he ended with that zinger. As the words left his mouth, the buzzing in my ears began. This time, it had nothing to do with the fact that Nick had decked me in the face and it had all to do with the fact that Nick seemed to imply that Gavin had slept around. My fingers uncurled from Nick's collar and he had no strength to keep his head up – it flopped weakly to the ground and he tried to curl away from me but I held him in place.

"What do you mean?"

"See? You don't know anything about him," Nick said, full of spite and talking shit again now that I'd let him go. "You fucking idiot. Why don't you go ask Collin what the hell I mean?"

"Collin?" The buzzing grew louder, louder and louder until finally it was like a fucking siren was going off.

"Yea Collin James right?" Fuck. "They were a thing, weren't they?" Just what the fuck. "Or wait, maybe I have that wrong. Maybe Gavin just used him." FUCK. "Because that's what Gavin does. He fucks and forgets."

I stood up, unfathomably angry and shaking. I was absolutely, irrevocably out of control of myself. It was like my foot hammering into Nick's side was working all on its own. Kicking again and again, right in the gut like it was his entire fucking fault. Like all this happened because he fucking spoke it. He was lying. Had to be fucking lying still...



I turned, mid-kick, and stared right into the green eyes that were absolutely horrified. Yea, he looked terrified, petrified, everything-ified because I felt like fucking murdering him too. I took a step forwards.

"Get out of here, Gavin!" Nick choked.

That was all it took. In a split second, Gavin turned on his heel and fucking sprinted in the other direction away from me. The instinct to chase came over, and next thing I knew I was hunting my boyfriend down in the middle of the night through the streets of our small town.

"Calm down!" he shrieked behind him, noticing I was gaining. He turned down an alleyway as I caught up, and before I could gain any more control of myself I had slammed him into a wall. I was breathing out of control, grabbing his shoulders and shaking him - forcing him to look me in the damn eye.

"Nick told me an interesting story," I seethed.

Gavin struggled, both hands trying to pry my fingers off of his shoulders and he whimpered as I dug in harder before throwing him onto the ground as easily as a sack of potatoes.


My head swirled and I pulled at my hair angrily. It hurt. A fucking lot. Not the hair, the betrayal. I screamed through my teeth in frustration. That fucking gnawing, irritating ache. "Is it true?" Gavin remained frozen on the ground, probably too scared to say anything. "IS IT FUCKING TRUE GAVIN?"

"Is what true?" he shouted, climbing back to his feet, slowly and completely unsure of himself. That fucking mask.

"You? And Collin? And what I am supposed to take as all the other guys in the fucking school? IS IT TRUE?"

Gavin shook his head. "No. No it's not like that. Collin's the one that wanted us together!"

I didn't understand. Nor could I even try. "What the hell is that supposed to mean? Did you do it with him?"

"No," Gavin squeaked, eyes darting away from mine. "No," he said again, this time a little firmer.

Hands shaking, feeling way too hot. "Then why does Nick think that, huh? He's your best friend isn't he? Pretty good chums right? So what's it like Gavin, if you weren't fucking Collin?"

There was a pause. Gavin bit his lip and in one blink I had his jaw squeezed in my hand ready to pop it open to help force the words out. "Nn – ow! Brecken – "

"Explain!" I demanded. "No more lip biting. No more trying to hide behind that fucking dull mask." I tightened my grip, fingers pressing right into the bone.

His green eyes teared up, and I didn't have any sympathy in me at all to spare. In fact, I kind of liked seeing him in this sort of anguish. At least he would feel a fucking ounce of what I was feeling at that moment. His hands raked at my arm – scratched it to shit in his need to release his mouth and when I finally did loosen my grip he rubbed it dramatically.

"Listen. After I confessed, Collin said he could help me. He told me– he told me I needed to get some experience..."

That didn't make sense. That wasn't Collin. That wasn't the way he acted.

"I – I took his advice. I made friends, and had a life and lived it while you completely ignored my existence. Is that so wrong?"

"Wrong?" I repeated dangerously. "Yea it's pretty fucking wrong! What the hell is the matter with you? Thinking I would like you more if you were loose?"

Gavin's eyes hardened. "I never slept with those guys."

And that was it. That was what did me in. Denying it even until that exact moment, even when I knew he wasn't a virgin; that I knew he had been getting it on with these guys. My fist flew at Gavin without a second fucking thought because he deserved it after that.

Ouch. Fuck. My knuckles actually ached as they crunched against a face for the final time that night. I had to hiss against the way the rounded bone stung as Gavin was stricken to the ground.

Suddenly I wasn't able to breathe. The panic overcoming me was unnatural and strong. Staring at Gavin's bloody face – it made me want to hurl. I couldn't stare at it anymore. I could not bear being in his presence any longer. "You know what? I'm done. This is over."

I turned sharply. Getoutgetoutgetout. I heard him mumble something behind me as I reached the corner, but it was indistinguishable over the echoing of each step that I took. Don' 't. I had made it to the end of the block before I looked over my shoulder.

If I squinted really hard, I could make out something. A figure on its knees, head bowed. Gavin.

It would be a little more than a year before I'd see him again.

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