A/N: If you haven't read, or started reading, Gavin's Story then you're missing out on juicy details. LOL. Not that a lot of you really care in the end, but just wanted to warn you. ;)

We talked the whole night and didn't sleep, as I learned so many things about Gavin and his past I couldn't possibly repeat them.

The best part was just holding Gavin against me and laughing our asses off about how fucked up we both were.

But our honeymoon had to come to an end eventually.

Cole texted around five in the morning, stringing together incoherent, confused sentences regarding Gavin's sudden break up. He told us to meet him for breakfast back in San Diego as soon as possible. "It's the least we owe him," Gavin explained when I voiced how little I wanted to go.

As he stood up to shower, I pulled him back down into my lap, pressing my nose against the nape of his neck and kissing the beautiful, pale, unmarked spots still left on him. The all-consuming desire to get him hot for me all the time was not yet manageable. Gavin struggled uselessly as I held him against me with a strong hand across his bare stomach; my other gripping his thigh – stroking the smooth flesh with the tips of my fingers.

"Brecken–" It was a hot whine. I knew he must have been sore and exhausted, but I couldn't help it. I wanted him so much that I worried it might never be enough.

Gavin twisted and locked those fucking pretty green eyes with me—so I kissed him hard before letting him go.

It wasn't easy.

Something as simple as removing my hands, after going so long without touching him, felt like torture. The defeated look in Gavin's eyes didn't make things any easier, and as I helped him to stand, he wobbled precariously.

Weak in the knees and sore like I expected.

Because of me.

Because I fucked him hard after he went a year without any kind of dick in his ass. This fact brought vivid images—and another sudden sweep of desire. I tried controlling it – tried not to let it feed the beast inside of me…

"You want to shower with me?" Gavin asked, pulling at my wrist.

Intrusive thoughts of a wet, naked Gavin on display to touch made the struggle to maintain my mental health that much more difficult. But I agreed anyway.

Once in, I made sure to steady him by the elbow. I lathered up a loofah and scrubbed it gently over his bruises. We'd stayed awake the whole night and yet sleep was still the last thing on my mind. I never wanted to close my eyes again; never wanted to take them off Gavin.

He let me flip him up against the tiled wall and dig a finger in his ass to get out all the cum I left, and it was very—very hard not to let the heat take over.

With wet black hair sticking to his face, Gavin turned and held open his hand so I could squirt some shampoo in it.

"Oh yeah—have you talked to Collin lately?" he asked, rubbing the product onto the top of his head.

"No, why the hell would I?"

The whole subject of Collin was still a very bitter one for me. The last I'd seen of that blonde-haired devil was shortly after the destruction of Nick New, when I'd nearly beaten him to death for supposedly laying hands on Gavin. At the time, Collin resolutely refused to admit he'd ever slept with him, but… how was I supposed to believe that when it made the most sense?

"See… I feel bad about it," Gavin admitted, biting teeth into his bottom lip so hard it turned white before a startling ruby red. "It's not exactly—I mean… Collin and I never slept together…"

I fought against the dull pounding developing in my head. Bringing up Collin's face in my mind—the devious smirk always plastered on it—triggered this beast inside of me…

Noticing my reaction, Gavin laughed and ran a wet palm down my cheek. "You're not over it, are you? Look—back… back when I first confessed to you… I ran into Collin. He wanted to get the story about how I felt about you…"

"And?" I sighed. "Let me guess, you grew to trust him and then he manipulated you into doing something to his benefit?"

Gavin smiled—a beautiful, serene kind of smile that made me reach out and kiss it.

"Okay… so you know that part…"

"For real, what happened?"

"Well, first, I never trusted Collin. The guy screams danger… but at the time… I think that's what I was looking for?" he explained, like it was all just a guess to him. Then he leaned back under the running water and started to rinse off the shampoo. "I was looking for something completely stupid and risky… and you know, he broke it down for me; the kind of girls you liked… and what I'd have to get good at if I wanted a chance with you…"

Classic Collin.

This was all sounding so familiar. I'd seen that snake lie his way into a pair of panties countless times.

"Collin promised he'd help me get you," Gavin revealed with a smile. A perfectly preserved image of Collin appeared behind eyes—stuffing his face with my French fries as he told me exactly what to do. "He said that we'd actually be good together. Imagine that?" Gavin paused, looking thoughtful. "I guess he also forced me to suck his dick like, the very next day but – it was all very good training…"

"Ugh," I groaned, hating the mental images appearing. It made me so sick to think of Gavin between my best friend's legs…

"But that's as far as it went!" Gavin continued, holding his soapy hands up in defense. "That's it. We never even kissed. I—I wanted to keep that for you. It was so stupid but, Brecken, at the time… it was all I had left."

He looked worried… anxious. It would be a lie to say that that kind of expression didn't suit Gavin.

I decided to take charge of the prickling anger running through me and direct it out of my body. My therapists taught me many ways to deal with these overwhelming feelings—and this one was the craziest. You literally have to imagine the rage as an infection—a poison—and mentally force it out of you limb by limb.

And it worked. A moment later, I felt better, and I kissed Gavin's wet head over and over. "It's okay," I allowed. Couldn't change things that already happened.

"Anyway… my point is… you should contact him."

I found myself laughing—not because what Gavin said was funny, but because it was outrageous. "Not happening."

"Brecken… he's your best friend—"

"—not anymore—"

"—it's already been a year! I never wanted you two to stop talking because of me…"

I snapped—letting the real issue take a hold of me so suddenly that my voice made Gavin flinch. "How the fuck can I even look at him knowing you were sucking him off behind my back!?" It's uncalled for, and I know it. Gavin's face falling—because of me—was too awful to witness; and worse, I hated knowing I'd hurt him again. "I mean—it's just hard for me to understand," I continued, trying to take deep breaths. "I'm not mad about it… I just—have to work through it first. Then… then maybe I'll send him a message… when I'm ready."

The offer worked better than I thought it would. Gavin hugged me around the middle and sighed into my chest. "You're amazing, Brecken," he said quietly. "I can see how much you're trying. I love you so much."

And just like that, Collin became a non-issue.

After showering, I let Gavin borrow one of my t-shirts. It looked absurdly perfect despite how baggy it was on him; in combination with his tight ass skinny jeans and the effect of the black hair… it was all very, very hot.

He texted Cole furiously as we made our way upstairs, and then Grace's crying and Auden's stomping caught my attention.

"Brecken!" my sister screamed. "Brecken you're up? I need help—I need you to change Grace's di—"'

Auden stopped dead in her tracks when she rounded the corner to meet me at the top of the stairs. She stared up at Gavin, and then narrowed her eyes murderously at me.

"What's this? I told you to stay away from him, Brecken!" she shrieked immediately.

I reached for my niece hanging off Auden's hip and held her to me, pushing Gavin forward with my free hand. "Everything's alright," I assured her in a mock-sweet tone so as to soothe Grace too. My niece was a serious baby—the kind that didn't smile unless it was deserved, and who also couldn't calm down once she got going.

Gavin, however, assumed his usual dead-faced look and stared at Auden like a psychopath. "He kidnapped me last night."

Auden's look of horror said everything; she believed it.

"He's joking," I informed, smiling and trying to get Grace to stop fussing. "Sort of."

"Help me. He said I couldn't see my family ever again," Gavin continued stoically—taking it far enough that it required a hip bump from me.

"Stop. She'll actually think I'm holding you against your will or something…"

Auden's eyes shone brightly; for a second, I thought she'd start crying. Instead she just stared between us—stupefied. "You…" she started, poking Gavin in the middle of his chest. "What are you thinking? After everything Brecken did? Don't you value yourself enough to move on from—"

"Fuck you, Auden," I growled, setting Grace off in my arms. At seven months old, she wasn't exactly a helpless infant; she wiggled and fussed, staring up at a face that was probably too intimidating for her to handle. I bounced her gently and the movement surprised her enough to quiet her a little bit.

Gavin—still as expressionless as ever—attempted to clear it up.

"I mean… he's not that perfect," he started, shooting green eyes at me and running them up and down my body. "But neither am I…"

Auden wasn't impressed. She pinched the bridge of her nose and took a moment to digest everything. Then she glared at me. "Don't fuck it up this time," she warned. Turning back to Gavin, she employed a sweeter tone. "Let's catch up… come here, I'll make breakfast."

"Can't Auden," I answered, moving Grace to the living room where the baby bag was. It was quicker than going all the way upstairs to the nursery to change her. "We're going to the city."

"San Diego? Why?"

Poop. It's awful. And baby poop? That stuff is from nightmares. Yet it took less than ten changes before I was completely desensitized to the entire process. I worked quickly and efficiently as Grace stared up at Gavin. "There's someone we have to meet for breakfast."

"Then? You're coming back?"

While I fastened the new diaper, Gavin cut in. "Yeah… I'll have to drop in to see my parents at some point too… tell them I'm moving back..."

"Moving back with me," I muttered, re-buttoning Grace's onesie.

A silence fell, and after I handed my niece back to Auden, Gavin's stunned expression caught my attention. "With you?" he asked, sounding kind of nervous.

"You'll live with Cole, but not me?" That sentence alone irritated me. God, it was pathetic; jealous about something that Gavin had already explained...

"Well—I mean… of course I want to," he corrected himself. "But… where?"

"Here." I gestured around Auden's house, knowing it would be okay with her before allowing any chance for her to object. "Until I get my own place." The money I inherited from Mom and Dad would be given to me once I turned twenty-one – as part of legal process. It was the same money that allowed Auden to buy her house to begin with.

"That's—okay?" Gavin asked, looking to Auden for permission.

"Huh? Yeah, whatever. I don't care. That just means another babysitter!" Auden lifted Grace in the air and cooed at her. "Right Gracey? Uncle Brecky's got a booooyfriend!"

Gavin's eyes sparkled. I knew what the look he gave me was asking, even if it came across listless to anyone else. I pulled him in to a tight embrace, lowering my mouth to the shell of his ear. "Of course I'm serious," I murmured.

"Ew!" Auden interrupted. "Okay, but, rule number one? Keep it in the bedroom!"

We made it to the city by nine o'clock.

I pulled up to the Denny's we were supposed to meet at, parked, and then turned to Gavin who seemed paler than normal. His head was bent slightly, and he stared at the hands he had clasped tightly over his lap. Black hair fell in his face, hiding what I guessed were troubled green eyes.

"Gavin," I prompted, reaching out to place my hand on top of his. "It's alright. Nothing's going to happen."

"You don't know Cole like I do," he started, ripping at his lip. "He may look cute but—"

I had to laugh. It burst out of me before I could stop it. "But what? You think he's going to hurt me or something? Get real."

"No— just… he'll be upset—and difficult…"

The Cole that I'd gotten to know was certainly a bossy firecracker – but he also seemed to be the kind of guy to jizz all over himself if someone got a little rough with him.

"Let's just take it one step at a time," I suggested, pulling from the advice my therapists drilled into me day after fucking day. "If he starts going off, we'll leave."

"Good, because he knows how to hit buttons," Gavin warned. "No matter what he says… just try not to hurt him."

"What do you think I've been doing all this anger management for?"

We exited my car and made our way into the restaurant. Staring around, it was hard not to notice the light-haired boy furiously waving us down from a booth in the corner.

Cole looked awful.

As we approached the spot opposite him, I noticed he wasn't as bright-eyed as he usually was. Whether it was the hangover – or the breakup – something was affecting him.

Once seated, I placed my arm around Gavin in a more than obvious display of possession. Cole's unimpressed eyes, complete with bags underneath, snapped to the hand on Gavin's shoulder and then met mine.

"You've got to be joking."


"When did this start?" Cole asked, ignoring the terrible grin I shot him and turning to Gavin.

"Well – it's…" Struggling to go into much detail, Gavin's green eyes met with mine and he gave me a very obvious look to start explaining myself.

"We broke up a year ago – dude, I already told you all about it at the bar; I said I was going to get him back–"

"No. You didn't," Cole seethed. His baby blues narrowed dangerously as he pointed an accusing and dramatic finger at me. "You said you were getting your ex-girlfriend back. Nothing about a guy – nothing about Gavin!"

He had me there, but I simply offered a shrug. "Same thing."

Cole looked absolutely terrifying. If I didn't see it for myself, I would have never believed it possible that such a small, effeminate guy could look so capable of committing murder.

"Gavin, what are you doing?" he asked, speaking like I wasn't there anymore. "Brecken's clearly still closeted… and now I'm supposed to – to believe this…? If you wanted to break up with me you could have just said it to begin with."

"I'm not closeted," I objected at the same time Gavin tried talking reasonably.

"Cole, come on…" he began in a soft monotone. "You know it wasn't exactly perfect with us. Besides, weren't you hitting on Brecken non-stop?"

Not the type of person to keep his mouth shut, Cole launched into a rant. "I wasn't actually going to do anything with him! He's hot, but stupid… and violent… and you can do better!"

"The fuck, Cole?" I snapped, feeling dangerously irritated—buttons successfully pressed… exactly what Gavin warned me about. "You've been dumped. Get over it. End of story."


Gavin wasn't happy with my outburst, but it only served to piss me off even more. Cole's stupid tantrum was pushing me out of all of my safe zones. Trash talking me like that…


"What?" I snapped, noticing too late that my hands were shaking. Gavin's sharp look made me ease up a little. It wasn't worth making him angry at me – not after everything. However, this only added to a growing list of things I had to blame Cole for.

"Cole… Brecken doesn't really have a lot of… empathy," he said, choosing the word cautiously. "But I love him, okay?" I could hear those words over and over and it still wouldn't be enough. "I'm serious. And I'm sorry about how it went down with us. I didn't – didn't really expect anything like this so…"

A small, insufferable silence passed before…

"Prove it," the hot-headed bartender demanded.

"What?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Prove that you're really so out of the closet in 'love' or whatever."

I didn't appreciate his attitude.

There was no need to say the word love so bitterly, or to basically accuse Gavin and I of lying about it. If I wasn't so hell-bent on completely possessing Gavin – leaving absolutely no doubt about our relationship – I would have made a bigger stink about the request. Instead, I pulled Gavin in by his black hair and slammed his mouth into mine, right in the middle of the crowded restaurant.

I put all my effort into the hard kiss; I dipped my tongue into Gavin's mouth, pulled him close, and forced him to bend against the cushioned bench until it was all he could do to open his drooling mouth all the way and let out a moan.

When I broke off, it was because the waitress had just arrived. She quietly asked us what we wanted to drink.

"Coffees, please… three of them." Cole's face was red—patches of crimson lit his cheeks and when the waitress left he glanced around the area. "That's not faaaair," he whined finally. "I want a hot boyfriend who'll do that to me, too."

Gavin let out a sigh of relief beside me, and I couldn't understand why, but it must have had something to do with understanding Cole was going to accept everything.

"You'll find someone," Gavin comforted.

"Like who?!" Cole burst out hysterically. He gestured the restaurant. "Not a lot of hot gay guys left in San Diego, Gav! Trust me, I know them all and they're taken!"

Far from looking concerned, Gavin looked amused. I could only do my best to feed off his reactions. He knew Cole much better than I did.

"Ugh…" Cole complained, shifting in his seat. "And I'm sooo hard… fuck… I really…" Blue eyes sharpened at us. "Kiss again. I'll jerk off under the table."

I really underestimated the boy in front of me. And despite that he was barely five feet tall, he was older than me, and I needed to stop calling him a boy.

"You'll get us kicked out," I growled. "Wait until you get home you fucking perv."

"Ohyeah… I love that tone Brecken…"

I stopped short of kicking him because I didn't want Gavin to get mad, but when Cole gave me a really good 'O' face across the table, I got chills. "The fuck's the matter with you?"

"Mmm… I've got issues?" he guessed—tone too playful for me to determine if he was serious at all. I gave Gavin an incredulous look but all he did was shrug in an 'I-told-you-so' way. "Hey—let me see more," Cole suggested, leaning over the table but still stirring his hips noticeably. "I promise I'll give up if I get to watch you two fuck."

I kicked him.

It was literally a knee-jerk reaction.

And, before I could reel myself in, my hand flew across the table and grabbed Cole's collar. "You're going to give up either way," I seethed. "This isn't a negotiation."

He just gave a noise like he was cumming; heads turned all around us and I was forced to let him go.

"Let's leave, Gavin," I said, knowing perfectly well what a waste of time and space the whole meet up was.

"Wait!" Cole declared, effectively stopping me from exiting the booth. "I'm serious. Let me… let me see just a little bit. Think of it as fapping material—it'll tide me over until I get a boyfriend!"

Rolling my eyes to Gavin, I noticed the sombre look on his face. He wasn't exactly making for the exit, and his green eyes were lowered and fixed on the table.

The waitress returned with our drinks and set them down. "Are you ready to order?" she asked, staring around the eerily silent table.

"No," I dismissed. "I think this is it. Just the bill…"

"Brecken!" Cole hissed—clearly disappointed with my decision as the waitress nodded her understanding and I slapped a twenty on the table.

"It's not happening," I maintained. "Use your fucking imagination and get yourself some help. I know a good therapist—"

"Don't you want to make sure I never touch Gavin again? Don't you want to prove he's completely yours—that he only ever needs your dick?"

I did.

As soon as said it, I found my heart skipping excitedly. Thoughts of fucking Gavin in some non-descript setting—with Cole watching—got my cock's interest. It was concerning though, how shrewd the bartender was—I barely knew him, and he could read me like a book.

"Oh? You like that?" Cole leaned over the table eagerly, lowering his voice—blue eyes darkening. "C'mon – just do it. You have nothing to lose! I want to see what all the fuss is about…"

"Shut up, I'm thinking."

It was hard to sort through my mess of thoughts, and I had to turn to Gavin to gauge his interest.

"It'd be hot," he agreed with a shrug. "But we don't have to. Cole will live…"

"I won't!" Cole objected dramatically. "I'll die! I'll be pining after you. I'll message you every day—!"

"He's got more pride than that," Gavin said flatly, debunking everything Cole said with apathetic resolution. "Though the fapping material part is definitely true. He'll jerk-off for days about it."

"Just let me think!" I stressed to both of them.

Weighing the pros and cons revealed that Cole had a point. I really didn't have anything to lose demonstrating that Gavin and I belonged together; the only things stopping me were my own mental hurdles. I didn't want anyone to see how beautiful Gavin looked anchored to my dick. I didn't want anyone to see him drowning in pleasure, or the way I lost time after time to the demons inside of me.

But Cole had seen a lot already. He'd seen Gavin naked already. For Christ's sake, he'd taken Gavin's dick. If anyone was okay… if anyone had a right to see… it was Cole, wasn't it?

"Where's this happening?" I asked finally, ignoring the excited squeal that erupted from the petite bartender.

"There's a bathroom over there." Cole jerked his thumb down a hall near us.

"No lube."

"There's lotion."

I continued to dispute the subject anyway. "Gavin's sore."

"I'll live," Gavin interjected beside me.

The scales tipped towards a final decision, and I gave Gavin a look that told him to speak now if he didn't like the idea.

"Fucking me where I stand is your call, don't you think?" he asked with an alluring smile, reminding me of something I threatened long ago…

I didn't have to press it after that. Gavin was a big boy who knew how to speak up about what he did or didn't want. He'd proven that since the first day we met. So if he was bothered, he wouldn't have followed us to the bathroom after paying.

It was one of those private little rooms most establishments had to accommodate those with disabilities, transgender people, and families; spacious, all things considered, and complete with its own sink. We entered one at a time with no one noticing, and then I rounded on Cole, pointing to the furthest corner.

"Stand there and jerk off... quietly," I added, making sure to stress the word.

Cole nodded eagerly, eyes lit with excitement.

"Brecken," Gavin began as soon as I'd turned to approach him. "You don't have to do this. I know you don't like sharing..."

It felt like, by reminding me, Gavin just made me want to prove how far I'd come—not just to him, but to myself. "I'm not sharing," I replied clearly, making sure to check Cole was paying attention to this part. "I'm showing off what's mine."

"Gavin! I get to see you bottom?!" Cole unhelpfully derailed the conversation—bouncing on toes. "Fuck yessss, I want to see you get wrecked!"

"Stand—there—quietly," I reminded through a clenched jaw, letting the temper take hold and damning myself even more for it.

"Yes Daddy!"

I'd been about to throw him out, but even Cole realized he'd taken it too far.

"Wait!" he insisted, dodging my grab. "I'll stop! I won't say anything else!" He zipped his lips for effect and his eyes twinkled.

The seconds passed as I counted, but at the number six Gavin stroked my arm to help soothe me. One glance at him and it was like Cole melted into the floor and disappeared. Just Gavin and I... the touch, taste and smell of him for as long as I could be blessed with it.

He pulled me in by the neck, pressing into me with that scrawny body of his. I swear to God I got hard in a heartbeat; it just pounded my dick to life—ba-dum. Gavin used all of his strength, becoming the rough one when he twisted my body and sat me down on the lidded toilet. Before pulling away he made sure to spin a tongue around my ear and palm my tented cock for Cole to see.

"You're not the only one who wants to show off what's theirs," he whispered, sending electricity speeding through me.

Gavin's tongue twisted down my jaw as he teased and massaged at my crotch. Expert fingers unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans slowly—Cole's excited noises echoing off the tiled walls.

"Eee... his dick is huge!" he exclaimed, leaning over Gavin to get a good look as soon as my cock was out of the flaps. "Ahh... no fair... like, ten inches at least!" I throbbed with the worship, and Cole squealed. "And growing! I love it! I want it! Gavin please let me... just once..."

Gavin went dark.

Whatever reaction I expected from my boyfriend, it wasn't this.

Staring up at him, it seemed impossible he was the same person when his entire aura cracked; in normal Gavin's place was now a seriously dominating threat. He yanked Cole by the arm until the boy toppled to his knees.

"You're not touching it, but you can get a good look," Gavin offered, grabbing the back of Cole's exposed neck and forcing his face to my crotch. "Brecken likes it."

Cole didn't complain. It felt as if Gavin's behavior was unsurprising to him—unlike for me. Witnessing Gavin like this made it really hot, though. I loved the way he jerked me off slow with a firm grip, showing off every inch of my cock with such a serious face.

"You really take it all?" Cole asked, breathing hard as he stared.

"Yeah," Gavin confirmed, slipping his tongue between his lips to wet them and making my heart skip—beating wildly in anticipation. He was going to suck it…! I wanted his warm, wet mouth more than anything, and was already moving my cock towards it.

"I want to see," Cole whined—sounding pretty frustrated. His blue eyes met mine, and then he pouted. He was way too much, and I finally understood Gavin's warning earlier. Difficult wasn't even enough to describe it.

"Not yet," Gavin answered, thumbing my glans… getting my cock tingling all over…

"Huh? Why not now? Brecken you gotta start fucking hi—"

After getting an elbow to his side by Gavin, Cole quieted again. No… he still let out a needy whimper, but at least his mouth wasn't flapping.

"Listen and learn, Cole. You said all of San Diego's gay guys are taken?" Gavin asked. "Then you get yourself a straight boy— grab him by the cock—" he demonstrated this by literally grabbing the base of my dick in a fist, "—and you suck the straight right out of them. Sound familiar Brecken?"

Holy shit, "yes!"

"They love it," Gavin teased. His tongue slid—slippery and hot—up my throbbing cock to the tip. It spun over my slit and Gavin spit out a bunch of drool so a sticky mess started to run down and coat my length. "Their minds get blown. And they might try to convince themselves it's no different from a girl… it's just them protecting their sensitive egos. Deep down they know better, and they'll be back for more."

Green eyes gave me dangerous—knowing—look from below. It was all true.

Meanwhile Cole squirmed on the tile floor, thrusting and twisting against the arm he'd shoved between his legs. He was panting and hot at the sight of Gavin working his lips over my cock. Just the fact that he was with us, fitting in so perfectly, had me worried. Wasn't I a hypocrite for kind of enjoying the desperate way he rubbed up to my boyfriend?

I gulped hard, trying to talk.

"Stop... Cole."

My knee just barely managed to knock him away.

"Take pity on me!" he implored, hanging tighter onto Gavin, just out of my reach. "I need it. Tell him Gavin!"

With solemn honesty, Gavin nodded, still working the base of my cock but not shrugging the leech off him. "He's thirsty."

"How's that... my fucking problem?" I managed, feeling helpless as I watched someone else's hands explore something that was meant just for me. Cole's finger delicately circled one of the bruises on Gavin's neck. My mark. Mine. "Hands off..."

Gavin took me between his lips, sucking softly and teasing me with brief flicks of his tongue. The resulting groan had Cole sweating. He lost it bad, and rebelliously pushed limits again by leaning forward—tongue hanging out and aiming for Gavin…

"You're here to—watch—" It was hard being serious when I was so close to cumming... Gavin was hollowing his cheeks and swallowing me into his throat as I tried to remind Cole exactly what his role was. Then I lost my voice to a sharp breath when Gavin gave a quiet hum.

Cole ran his tongue along the side of Gavin's neck – and officially took it too far. I pulled Gavin off none-too-gently by his hair, and then delivered a foot to Cole's chest. Being so small, he actually went flying farther than expected, and he slammed to the tiled floor with a cry.

"He's mean!" Cole accused, recovering quickly and clinging tighter than ever to Gavin. "And I love it so much… it just makes it worse! Gavin… help me…"

Dark Gavin didn't look so dark anymore when he wrapped an arm around Cole's back and comforted him. "It's okay. He said you could jerk off so… just do that."

"You know I—don't want that—" Cole murmured, almost too quiet for me to hear. His ass wagged back and forth as he cuddled into a bruised neck. I felt like the world around us went fuzzy—my focus was entirely on the two in front of me; trying to make sense of what I was feeling. It wasn't only jealousy – though it was definitely there – but a mix of wonder, surprise, and curiosity. "Make him understand Gavin… let me join just this once!"

"Stop… he might beat you to a pulp if you keep going," Gavin warned. The tone in his voice gave it away that he was seriously amused, and then his green eyes connected with mine and a coy smile just bewitched me even more. "I'm surprised he hasn't yet."

Maybe it was trust.

Maybe it was therapy.

Maybe it was Cole.

Fucking maybe it was a whole lot of things about this specific situation in general, but I wasn't mad. I wasn't boiling with rage. I wasn't necessarily angry at Cole, nor did I have any immediate desires to throw a punch in his face, despite the fact he didn't listen to a damn thing we said.

It all came down to Gavin.

My Gavin.

There wasn't a doubt who he belonged to, even with his ex-boyfriend hanging all over him. The way he looked at me revealed he knew everything I was thinking... and it went both ways; his eyes said that everything was up to me.

I was in control to stop it. The most insane part was I didn't necessarily want to.

"At least your fingers!" Cole continued desperately when neither of us said anything. He started working off his pants with one hand – the other permanently hanging on to Gavin. He separated his fingers for effect. "Yours are longer than mine… show him… they'll go deeper…" While Cole wiggled out of tight pants, Gavin lifted his hand up for display. His fingers were – in fact – longer than Cole's. Not just that, but thicker too. Gavin was scrawny, but there was no mistaking his stature; it resulted in a noticeable size difference between them.

Fingers were somehow – fine?

And, actually, far from any disturbingly possessive thoughts, I found myself wanting to see it more and more. I wanted to see every side of Gavin—even the side that could finger-bang another guy.

But how was that asserting my claim?

How was that giving Cole reason to move on?

Wouldn't this desperate twink just continue harassing us until the end of time?

I didn't like the confusing feeling of indecisiveness taking over as Cole stripped. I certainly didn't like the way I was still rock hard and slicked up while attempting to make a choice. I couldn't think it through properly – all of my reasoning was being overpowered by the pulsating needs of my dick.

"Cole, don't push it," Gavin said finally, sighing and resting his chin on my thigh. With my cock tingling, I couldn't help pressing it forward—angling it back to his mouth.

"We've come this far!" Cole insisted, taking Gavin's attention away from me as he pulled him by the wrist and brought that hand to the back of his ass. "C'mon, let's get some lotion and start."

"You're not part of this," I snapped finally, standing up and pressing a foot into his shoulder to get him to lie on the floor. "Gavin, hold him down."

Without needing to be told twice, Gavin climbed over Cole's body—knees either side of him—and grabbed Cole's upper arms, pinning him to the floor.

He resisted immediately – squirming and exaggerating his cries. "No! Nooo, Gavin – Gavin let me join!"

I worked quickly to pump enough lotion into my hand and return to the wrestling bottoms that had thrown a wrench in my life. Coming up behind Gavin, I used my free hand to pull his jeans down, and then admired a very pretty—though unmistakeably red and sore—ring.

My wave of concern didn't last long because, Gavin could handle it. One of the many things I loved about him was how absolutely unbreakable he was in mind, body, and spirit. There were countless other things we could have done instead of fuck on top of his ex-boyfriend – but he wanted it this way.

With me.

I slicked two fingers with lotion and thanked the gay heavens that I'd already broken him the night before when I thrust them in easily. Gavin tensed at the breach, but it wasn't enough to stop me hooking them and teasing his prostrate with small circles.

He relaxed enough that Cole felt an escape might be possible. His arms thrashed under Gavin so violently, I half considered pausing just to belt them behind his back.

At his angle, Cole could see everything. Gavin was on his knees with a hard cock basically aimed at his face. His blue eyes sparked with lust at seeing Gavin, and he twisted his head to try and see how deep I was fingering.

"No—no it's unfair… it looks good…"

"Mmhmm—it's the best," Gavin confirmed—rubbing it in cruelly and dipping his lower back. It prompted me to add a third finger, and I twisted them all slowly – adding lotion to my saliva-slick cock just in case. The idea of power-fucking Gavin as he hovered over Cole was making me throb and it needed to happen soon.

"I want to cum!" Cole cried finally. "Please—please I promise. I'll be good now! I won't—touch—and I—I don't need fingers—!" Gavin released one of his arms before I could even snap at Cole to shut up. "Yes—! Thank you… Gavin… oh my God…"

Judging by the wet sounds now filling the small bathroom, Cole was jerking off alright. It was like he was pumping his cock in time to my fingering—but that was impossible.

Don't get me wrong… I wanted to make noise. I wanted to talk dirty; I wanted to make Gavin scream…

But I didn't want Cole hearing any of it.

He needed to keep quiet and see for his own eyes how perfectly our bodies went together. A picture was worth a thousand words—or something like that…

I was also afraid if I opened my mouth, I'd lose the firm control I had over my actions. I didn't want to drown in mind-breaking pleasure that usually had me ripping teeth into Gavin's skin.

So I clenched my jaw tight as I fingered Gavin relentlessly—making him twitch and jerk occasionally. One thing was for sure—we had to work fast or he'd start cramping in the position he was in. I didn't waste a moment; once he was ready I lined up the tip of my cock and pressed forward.

I moved slow, driving my thick shaft inch by inch and sliding hands all over Gavin's sides. Pulling his shirt up exposed all of the other bites and marks I'd littered over his body, and Cole gasped excitedly; fascinated eyes drawn to them.

I felt the beast inside me stirring.

My hips picked up pace; teased cock seeking friction and release…

For a moment, I shut my eyes and let the situation sink in. I was fucking Gavin… on top of Cole… showing him off; it all went straight to my head and made me dizzy. Made me lose focus. I didn't even realize how fast I was going until Gavin's voice broke through.

"Yes! Breck—nnn!"

"He's fucking you… so hard… I can feel it!" Cole joined.

Removing the sticky, lotioned hand from Gavin's side, I slammed it over Cole's jaw to shut him up. His tongue immediately pierced through my fingers—licking between them desperately. It was instinct to remove it, and when I did he gave me a lustful look of satisfaction at my disgust.

Gavin tightened up—squeezing down on my cock when I drove it in as deep as it would go. The tight heat almost sent me over the edge; it almost made me cum right there – but I had some things to make clear.

"Do you get it—now, Cole?" I asked, fucking my cock deep and forcing noises out of Gavin's lips with every thrust. "This boy is made—for me…"

Shit. So close. My cock was pulsing and twitching dangerously as I kept its entire length in him. Gavin took me right to the hilt of my cock and sounded damn near close himself.

"You're mine," I continued, speaking to Gavin directly now after managing a deep breath. I leaned forward to kiss any inch of him I could reach. "But I'm yours too—Gavin. Fuck… you have all of me." My hips came forward, but without any more cock to drive in to him, Gavin was simply forced to move up on his knees. He felt the effect of my words—his ass tightening in irregular spasms… "I love you."

I almost forgot about Cole in the middle of spilling affectionate words out of my mouth. It wasn't until Gavin came all over Cole's face—rope after rope spraying from him as his ass swallowed me whole—that I remembered his presence.

I kept thrusting, causing tremors to wrack Gavin's thin body and spike his climax. Knowing exactly what I needed, he clenched tight on my cock and sucked me into wet heat.

The pleasure built inside of me – I felt it pulling my balls, giving me an intense rush as my own orgasm peaked and spilled over. My cum shot out and filled Gavin in a way I'd never get tired of; deep and dirty.

I'd have a lifetime of it.

A lifetime of sex so great it made me lose my mind. I could only ever fuck Gavin in this primal way but he still loved me for it. He didn't want it any other way.

My dick throbbed—squirting even more cum as I imagined fucking him raw all the time. I gave a few more short, sturdy thrusts to ride the aftershocks of orgasm; holding on to the incredible unknotting pleasure as best as I could...

Then, like a rush of water, my surroundings came back to me.

Gavin and I were spent—our bodies covered in sweat. The stamina required to furiously thrust into his ass was no joke. I pulled out, trying to catch my breath, but the ache in my knees distracted me from everything else. I focused on the way they were already bruising… but decided it was worth it as I zipped back up.

"Wow," Cole said after several moments. Far from looking exhausted, the boy looked refreshed; whether it was the facial, or getting what he wanted. He slid out from under Gavin, and, with a hop, was back on his feet. "That was great. I'm giving you guys my blessing." With a paper towel, he wiped clean the mess on his face.

"We don't need it," I said dryly.

"But you have it! Be grateful. I know I am..."

Giving my knees a break, I sat on my ass and scooted beside Gavin – still on all fours – pretty unresponsive. His green eyes were glazed over as I turned his chin up, and his shaky arms almost gave out on him. Before he could collapse against the bathroom floor, I hooked him under both shoulders and brought him to my lap.

The smell of him; the sight of him—all of him in my arms…

I'd recently chased down the best thing to ever happen to me—but if I would have known from the day he confessed just how much better my life would be with Gavin in it… we could have avoided this entire power trip.

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Well thanks for reading (and hopefully, favouriting and reviewing LOL). This story was one of the first I'd ever written, and although some parts make me cringe, and it's full of glaring mistakes, they're all just things I learned from – and I'm glad that so many people enjoy it, even to this day.