Hi! This is an Author's Note!!

So...as many of you have probably gathered, I have taken a bit of a hiatus from Fictionpress. This summer has been super stressful for me, what with me almost not going into post secondary and then going into post secondary and then getting transcripts/courses/fees straightened out and then rediscovering fanfiction and then learning my friend was getting a kidney transplant then a lot of stupid drinking that had ramifications on my personal life.......basically, a lot of boring personal stuff. The works.

ANYWAYS. So, I haven't forgotten about my stories, but it will be a little bit before I return to them. I am mapping out the plot, I am thinking seriously how I want to end things, and I hopefully will get something up for you very soon.

I apologize for the wait, I think you guys are absolutely awesome, and I promise that this is not the end! Hope you guys had an awesome summer and for those of you still in school, that you had a great start in your classes!