Meredith leaned forward on her bike, pedaling as fast as she could as the icy wind bit against her face. The two letters that she had found in her mail box were clutched tightly in one of her hands. Twice, her bicycle tires slipped on patches of ice on the sidewalk and she tumbled to the ground. Each time she picked herself back up again and kept going.

She left her bike by the path in the woods and began running through the snow. It was almost knee deep and by the time she had reached the clearing she was out of breath from trying to walk through it.

Meredith lay down in the smooth, deep snow. She could feel the cold soaking through her jeans. For a moment, she wondered why she had come here but it seemed wrong to open the letters anywhere else.

Sliding the mitten off her right hand, Meredith pulled her fingernails along the flap on the top of the first letter. A piece of stationary with small neat handwriting covering it fell out. Meredith picked it up.


It seems kind of strange to be writing this. You'll probably never read it. I hope you'll never have to read it.

I am currently involved with a group of students who are trying to stop a strange, powerful group of people from murdering innocent victims. These people are not human. They are like animals that thrive on killing humans. I have taken over the role as leader of the group since the regular leader is the group's next victim. You probably don't believe me but if I do die, I want you to know that I sacrificed my life to help the rest of the world. My death will have been no accident and I will not have died for nothing.

Sorry this sounds so dramatic. I know that you'll probably never even see this. Maybe I should just throw this away.

If I really do die, I want you to know that I love you. And tell Mom and Dad that I love them too. I don't know if you'll really believe this but I just wanted you to know.

Love your sister,


Meredith folded the letter and put it back into the envelope. She brushed the tears out of her eyes and ripped open the second letter. This one was written in smeared black ink on crumpled notebook paper.


By the time you get this letter I will already be gone. I know that it's no use apologizing because you should never forgive me for what it did. I want you to read this letter because I don't want you to blame yourself for what happened tonight.

First of all, I want you to know that I still love you. I should have never let us be together. I should have known that it would only hurt both of us. You couldn't have prevented it. No one could have predicted what would have happened. Even so, I don't regret all the times that we spent together. I wish those days could have gone on forever.

Don't blame yourself for not changing me. If you thought that you could have made me a good person, you were wrong. It's in my blood to be a murderer. You can't change the way that I was born.

There was nothing you could have done to prevent your sister's death. It would have happened whether or not you had fallen in love with me. The only thing that would have stopped it was if you had killed me instead of kissed me the first day that we talked in that clearing in the woods.

My death isn't your fault either. I can't live with myself this way. You cannot imagine how hard it is waking up every day knowing that you caused an innocent person's death and enjoyed it.

Meredith, please move on with your life. You need to forget about me if you want to heal from this pain. You're smart, you're kind, and you're beautiful. You need to keep going, meet other men, fall in love, succeed in life. Don't go back to the clearing in the woods. Good luck with the rest of your life.

Still loving you,


Meredith put the letter from her sister carefully into her pocket. She held Shadow's letter in her hand for a few moments longer. The tears ran freely out of her eyes as she stared at his handwriting against the white paper.

At last she took the paper and tore it to pieces. She tossed the scraps of paper to the ground and watched as they danced in the wind.

"Good-bye Shadow." She whispered as she turned and left the clearing forever.

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