"Okay, okay…I need three cups of flour…one and half cups of sugar…I think one cup of baking soda…one egg…oops!"

The stout honey haired girl shed a single tear as her last egg collided with the floor. It was as if her heart was splattered at the same time. She would never have the cookies done in time enough for the interview. Over and over again she paced the flour covered floor. Her brain ached, there had to be a solution. Then it came to her. Grinning she opened up her refrigerator and grabbed a box of dry eggs. Not sure how much to use she poured one forth of the box into the mixture. Following that she added her vanilla and cinnamon.

"My spicy sweet cookies are sure to be a hit!"

After the young teen rolled out the dough she cut out heart shaped pieces and put it in the oven. In the meanwhile she rushed into the shower, bathed, and got dressed in her pastry chef uniform. Once completely ready appearance wise, she walked into the kitchen and opened the oven.

"Ah Yah it's hot! Not again Daisuke, you've messed up all your cookies!" She wailed, fanning the clouds of dark smoke away. Too concerned about missing the interview, Daisuke took out the cookies, bagged them and went running out into the street. Her brother stumbled to the door yawning.

"Daisuke don't forget your curfew!"

"Hai, Marion-san I won't!"

Today was a beautiful day. The birds were chirping and people were out conversing about the richness of life. Yet there were shrieks and gasps for breath that tore the harmony into shreds. Kimura Daisuke was the bearer of the cause. She was always getting hit with some type of shrewd luck. For her, life was becoming too uncertain and too unstable. As she dashed through yet another crowd of angry elders, she came into distance of her dream job. That is working at the Orange Dream Cake Lounge.

"Ok Daisuke…this is it…the day you get hired!"

After pulling her pants up to her chest and taking a deep breath she marched into the grand facility. Inside was packed with the moderately well off and their companions of and not of lesser standards. A few heads turned to examine her, the most of them with cunning jokes. It would be her one hundredth and twenty fourth time applying so the costumers really got to know her. To them she was the only true entertainment the place had to offer.

A tall red head man dressed in a freshly pressed tuxedo approached her. They bowed then exchanged small chit-chat about their day. Then he went on to his true purpose for addressing her.

"Daisuke…the Master Chef…owner of the company, will be interviewing you today. He isn't the one you met before, that was his father. This guy is a lot tougher."

"Really, Riku-san!?" she gulped looking around for him.

"But no need to worry you'll be home soon enough to cry your heart out."

Daisuke felt her hopes sink deep into her gut. Sweat built between her fingers making her lose the once confidant grip on her cookies. Riku pointed her to a secluded area of the bakery. There was no one else there but a young man about his twenties, texting on two phones. There didn't seem to be anything harsh about him, until she watched other chefs quivering behind him.

"Your soufflé is ready sir—"

"I said at exactly ten minutes to eight…we still have two minutes until then." The slender blond pushed up his glasses. "Riku get the referrals ready. The next act of insubordination and one of you two are fired."

"Yes sir!" The two men rushed out of his sight.

"Now what pathetic little gremlin has fate washed up into my store?"

"That gremlin is me…Kimura Daisuke sir! An-an-and these are my cookies…on time may I add." She forced out her best cheerful attitude and let the bag open on the table.

"There is only one cookie…Is that supposed to impress me—"

"One cookie!"

"Did I stutter? It's one smelly, flat, burnt, cookie. For god's sake I am not intended to try this am I? I've seen better treats at a homeless shelter."

Slowly the girl turned around to find a trail of her food leading into the outside world. While glancing she noticed two birds fly down and pick some up. A warm smile came on her face then it quickly disappeared when the animals exploded.

"Yes…Tachi-san." Riku answered.

After a long sigh the young man picked the cookie up and put it on his tongue. Daisuke clasped her hands together wishing that fate would be on her side. Everyone stood silent and watched for his reply as the cookie circulated in his mouth.

"What is it…am I in?" She inquired, with widened eyes.

"No. Don't come in here again. Or I'll have you arrested for attempted murder….Now scat!" Tachi screamed, scraping the food from his tongue.

A/N: This was a real joy to write. Very humorous. I wrote this for people like me who love to cook or love to attempt cooking and can't. I hope that this romance will turn out well. If you don't mind tell me what you thought of the introduction…also tell me if you'd be interested in reading more. Until later thank you for your time!!

Much love and Many Hugs