Chapter Eight: Wonderland

The next day for brunch, Tachi had Daisuke cook a simple pancake recipe. All the while he guided her through the steps. Due to his hangover, he wasn't as strict as he was normally. Instead the blond gave kind instructions by pointing and harsher directions by grumbling some incoherent sentence. After six mistrials the pupil created a beautiful stack of pancakes. Cheerfully she called her family downstairs to eat.

Her brother appeared skeptical at the pancakes while his wife poked hers with a fork. Tachi sighed and began to eat the food without a second thought. He paused as he masticated the food in his mouth. Miki and Marion leaned forward wondering if he was going to explode. A small grin came on his face and he gave thumbs up to his pupil. The girl's face turned red as she watched her family start to consume the meal as well. Nothing in the world had ever made her this happy.

"It was instant pancake mix…just- add- water. There were a few road bumps but she accomplished the task perfectly in the end."

"I am proud of you. It's a step in the right direction." Marion said, with his mouth full of fluffy pancake.

Daisuke bowed theatrically and blew kisses at everyone. "I don't know who to thank first…umm—"

"How about thanking the person who came up with just- add- water mix. Honestly speaking you struggled far too much to have simply been making instant food." Tachi mumbled, as he opened the newspaper.

"Humph, well at least I got it right …eventually! Also I remembered most of everything you talked about." Daisuke retorted, and then finished with a subtle pout.

"Then it's a good thing that tonight's practice will be a bit more challenging. Tomorrow is the due date for the competition registration. According to the ad in the newspaper, we need to bring a dish for them to try. I have just the dish in mind, but we need to go shopping first."

Tachi neatly folded the newspaper then tucked beside his plate. Following a long yawn, he snatched his pupil by the arm and headed out the door. Miki's smiled warmly confusing her husband. He swallowed the rest of his food hard.

"Why are grinning like that?"

"You don't see it. But I do." She responded, covering her heart.

Something odd was going on around the city. Colorful balloons floated against the serene blue sky and children ran happily around the sidewalks. Families laughed joyously as they planned on the day ahead. It was more than enough to drown Tachi in annoyance. His pupil on the other hand was eager to find out what was going on. Daisuke stopped a random pre-teen and inquired about all the commotion.

"They opened Wonderland…duh. Its free admission today, now let go of my shoulder kid." The stranger snapped, hurrying toward the park.

She stuck her tongue out at the boy then noticed Tachi was still walking away. The girl ran up to her tutor and grabbed his sleeve. He looked down at her and then grimaced. There was that little pout only this time she decided to add puppy eyes. Tachi's left eye twitched; his fist balled up firm in objection.

"But Tachi…it's free. Please can we go?"

"The deadline for the competition is tomorrow, now how are we going to prepare a dish for them to try if we're at the park all day?"

"The store is open twenty-four hours a day. I will work extra hard I promise! I can cook all night if you're up for it. Please!"

"Go by yourself. I am going to wait for you." He retorted, trying to push her off his arm. A small tear slipped down her face and he gasped. "Fine I'll go."

Daisuke smiled as she took the blondes' hand and yanked him all the way to the grand theme park.

As to be expected Wonderland was filled with people enjoying the festivities. Smells of street barbeque was thick in the air. Much to Tachi's displeasure there was the laughter of children. Before he could turn back around, he found himself being dragged to a roller coaster ride. After that Daisuke got him on the bumper cars then the spinning tea cups. All Tachi could muster was to retain himself from throwing up.

"Don't you want to rest a little bit before we get on anything else? How about we buy some drinks…my treat." The tutor insisted, as he tried to walk strait. He pulled out his wallet then handed her a handful of yen. "Get us both something…I am going to lay over here on the bench."

Daisuke frolicked happily to the nearest food stand. Griping Tachi laid face up on the bench then lit a cigarette. A tall cat mascot spotted him smoking and ordered him to put out his smoke. The employee hopped back as a dark purple aura covered the blond.

"Get the hell out of my face!" Tachi growled throwing a trashcan at the mascot.

"What's going on?" Daisuke asked, passing him a forty-two ounce soda.

"Just trying to help the cat find his catnip." He replied.

"Look I got us both collectable cups!"

A purple haired male passed by them tipping his hat to cover his face. Instantly the blond knew who he was and followed. Tachi stopped him and asked what he was doing here. The man made a slight smirk then he spun around to look him eye to eye.

"I am just making sure that a half-blood like you does not harm my future wife. Oh yes I've done my research on you, the rebellious bastard of the Himoto family. "

"You aren't the first man to pull something like this. Taking advantage of a desperate woman, that's low. She doesn't want to be with you and that's that. So Yutaka, just leave her alone. "

"I see now. You have feelings for her don't you?"

At that moment Tachi felt his heart stop; the blushing on his face caused him to turn away. Yutaka's expression changed from amused to furious.

"No, I hold no feelings for her. The reason I am helping her is simply for my own gain. If you ruin that I will react."

"I know very well what you are capable of. The little stunt you pulled as a child got you written out of your family's will and caused many wealthy people to fear their own spawn. I pity you, so I will give you fair warning. I hold the fate of her family in my hand. Any form of violence against me and you can kiss your and her freedom goodbye." Nanami spoke in a hushed tone, before going to the exit.


"Who was that guy…he looked like Nanami." Daisuke inquired.

"Don't worry about it. Now we need to head to the store and get groceries for the preliminaries tomorrow."

"But I want to ride the Ferris wheel before we go." She said, yanking him against his will.

The Ferris wheel was extremely large with haunting red and gold lights. Carnival music honked from the station's stereo. There was a snake shaped line about a mile long to ride. Little kids ran around him calling him smelly. The parents didn't act to mature either by joining in the fun. Behind them were a couple of girls that Daisuke knew from school. Instead of being concerned about each other's lives, they remained on the topic of Tenichi. If this kept up, Tachi was sure to go postal.

A couple of hours passed before they were admitted to the ride. They sat opposite of each other and in complete silence. In that stillness the tutor couldn't help but to ponder his relationship with his student. Was it simply for self-gain? He never planned to have children, so he needed someone to pass his knowledge down to. Daisuke was perfect because she was practically a blank slate. Yet he saw something entirely new that attracted his attention. An innocence that he thought had all been lost by now was all over her. She was unreal to him. Again the man blushed as he examined the girl. He blew those thoughts off as being desperate for an alternate.

"Come here!" Daisuke squealed, pulling her teacher next to her. "Look at the sunset!"

"That is something isn't it—"

The girl yawned and leaned her head against his arm. Tachi felt his heart wanting to throb its way out his chest. He pushed her away so hard that it even surprised him.


"I am sorry, but if you want to take a nap do it after we make that dish tonight."

Marion paced back and forth in the living watching the time drift away. The only thing on his mind was his little sister and the tutor. They had left when the sun was bright and now that the moon finally had risen he couldn't help but be concerned. Miki sat close to window opening bills while keeping an eye out. Suddenly the front door opened and the silver haired man turned around appearing infuriated. Daisuke apologized while stepping out of her shoes; Tachi skipped past her and carried the grocery bags into the kitchen. A small sigh left young Miki lips as she read one of her parent's bills. She covered her face as her sister-in-law joined her side.

"What's wrong sis?"

"The Nanami Research Facility just increased out debt by one hundred thousand yen. That's unheard of! There is no way we can pay all of that back."

"That just means Daisuke and I have to work hard tonight. I can sell the trip…the rules says it is okay. That will help."Tachi said as he washed up.

"Aren't you supposed to be taking Ishi on that trip to woo her back?" Daisuke asked, while unpacking the grocery bags.

"She is a lost cause. Besides there is this girl I'm interested in."

"What? Really what's her name—"

"Its not something I want to talk about. I don't even want to consider it right now. Enough chatter let's get to work."

"Hai…I still want to know though."

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