Just a little thing that came from being tagged in a picture on Facebook.

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also I'm sorry for all the lines but this needs to be in stanzas and the upload thing wouldn't let me, grr


I can do that!

Don't worry about it, I've got it.

Do you want me to help, I understand it.

Don't worry you're going to do great.

The words pour from my mouth.

Feeling fake.

Everyone always sees a confident young woman, who has faith in herself and those around her,

Friends with everyone, always encouraging those who are down or upset,

Someone who can stand up for herself.

I just see a naive young girl trying her best to fit in.

Covering up her own insecurities by putting others first,

Lying about her defects and weaknesses so as not to disappoint.

Who feels pathetic and useless when her feelings catch up to her,

Overflowing the wall.

No-one ever sees the insecure frightened girl

Who cowers behind her fence of enthusiasm and confidence.

Cries herself to sleep.

Each morning a mask appears,

And she becomes what people need her to be,

Strong and confident.

Sacrificing my true self for them.

Miss I-Can-Do-It.