The whiteness that engulfs us.

The darkness that drowns.

The song that chains us.

And a clown that frowns.

The history of histories;

All in one book.

The performance of a dancer;

Rapt by a hook.

Immersed in our sorrow.

But not in our shame.

Why should we empathise,

To those in pain?

The shadows of dawn.

The reflection of light.

The death that enthrals us,

While we're trapped in the night.

The power that leads us to corruption and chaos.

The cynically inclined, cannot show us our maim.

The dust that flows, through desert and sea.

The man that swallows; all but me.

The new item; wrapped in red and shame.

The old figure; he's the one to blame.

The things beneath, are often ahead.

And the things in front; must inevitably fall.

So when the shadows cease to be;

so goes the light; and the fall of humanity.