a jolt of something shot through kim
as she felt his surprisingly hot breath
graze against her chilly cheek.
she was soaking in the sensation
when it abruptly left her,
courtesy of zack's turn towards his car.
she had to gather her bearings for a moment
before she moved to follow him,
heart and mind reeling at what he just said.

the pretenses were dropped
once they reached the car
as he handed her the sweatshirt
many sizes too huge.
leaning against the vehicle
to collect her racing thoughts
and former high, she spoke,
voicing her gratitude.


somehow he had moved in front of her,
successfully pinning her to the car door.
her brain was clouding fast again
at his contact against her body,
but there was no chance he was
getting away with anything now,
not when she could feel the way
his deep breaths were falling,
or when she could see the desire
dance in his eyes.

i have an idea how you can
show me how thankful you are.

so do i.

one hand snaked its way into his
messy brown hair, pulling him down,
and she kissed him, right there,
this time with no regrets.
he tasted like cigarettes and winterfresh,
a delicious mix of tobacco and gum,
and it was like a match had lit up
somewhere beneath her stomach
and traveled quickly up to her lips,
and it appeared the same thing
had happened to him because
the kiss was nothing short of burning.

she always did know they would have
amazing chemistry.

feeling woozy when he finally backed away,
leaving their fire at simmering embers,
he leaned his forehead against hers
and reached down into her school sweater,
finding her blouse's pocket where
he somehow knew her phone was hidden.

here's my number,
call me whenever you want to continue this.

kim's brain was on overdrive,
wanting to come up with a perfect response
but being unable due to the fact that
she was still boiling from his kiss and high.
all that came out was


two figures were approaching them,
dave and zack's friend,
which meant it must be time for the dream to stop.

i gotta go now. catch you later, kimmie.

he gave her another short searing kiss
filled with passion and promises,
all the while replacing her phone back in its pocket.

okay. and really, thanks for the hoodie.

you don't need to thank me.
you just did.

as he got into his admittedly shitty car,
started it up and then sped away, friend in tow,
kim's face had the most ecstatic look gracing it.
she opened her phone to look at his number
and her heart jumped a little at the name above it.

my future lover.

maybe, just maybe, he was real enough.


an: and that's it for now, darlings. i'm feeling some more inspiration coming my way, but i won't get too excited now. for now, it is what it is, and i'm happy with that.