Everything you do,

Everything you say,

Shows me you care for me,

And you know I do to.

You say you want to run away with me,

You say you want to kiss me.

You seem to say many things,

I believe them all,

And I know you do too.

But you always stop yourself,

As soon as you tell yourself you are ready,

For all these things,

Because of a past love,

That has died.

You are his toy,

You are his slave, his bitch!

You are more to me,

Than you will ever know.

To me you are the angel that fell,

You were sent here for me.

You love him,

You serve him.

As you wait for his love in return.

How can you not see,

That this will not come,

From the bastard you love.

But everything I can give,

Whatever you need,

Whatever you want,

Is yours.