i found the perfect heart to pin to my sleeve
and it was just in my size
they failed to mention it was yours though

i wore it over my own,
though i was told it wasn't mine to keep
i wore your heart over mine
every moment of day and sleep

and i tried to give you mine,
but you had her's already pinned on the left
it was far too small,
it didn't suit you at all,
but i left you alone

at the secondhand store where she left you
i found your heart, bought it for the used price
it was worth every cent and dollar
i wouldn't tell you about it though,
it's a sad truth to come into this way
so, i'll keep your heart until you come around
i don't know if you will, but i sure do hope,
that you'll stick my heart over your chest and leave it there to rest

i found your heart in my size
and i think you'll fit mine.