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now let us begin the story!!!!!

Audrey POV

I could hear my parents breathing. And their snoring. They had finally fallen asleep. Sometimes I wonder if doing this is really worth it. I slide out of bed. As I make my way to the window, I see my reflection in the mirror. Wavy black hair, brown eyes, tannish skin, and wearing my black sneak-suit. Right above the mirror is the nameplate I made when i was ten, with huge flaming letters spelling out "Audrey". I feel myself smile. How I could of known how true that was back then, I'll never guess.

I quietly open the window and jump out onto grass. I check my surroundings, then sprint into the forest. After about 15 minutes of hard running, I reach the field. It's a huge open space, a perfect circle, with nothing covering the sky from my view. I rest for a second, then grab the wood pieces I had hid in a hollow tree. I put the pieces together, forming six dummies that I place in a circle around me. I stand in the middle, while I let my energy gather.

When I feel ready, I close my eyes, and search inside myself. There, I could feel the rage inside of me. And after keeping it bottled up for a week, I released it. I could feel my it gather in my hands, as I opened what I knew would now be my fiery red eyes. I lifted my arms, took aim, and fired my red energy balls.

Two of the dummies immediately exploded and caught fire. I felt my self create red energy balls, arrows, and whips, but felt as if I was watching myself do this. I saw watch each dummy ketch fire or explode, until only one was left standing. I gathered all of my energy, pulled my hands close, let it gather there. Then I pushed my hands forward as I released all the energy. A gigantic red wave rushed forward, and completely engulfed the dummy. When it dissipated, the was only a charred stick stuck in the ground to show it had been there.

I panted, stuffing my rage deep inside of me. But I smirked. I finally had full control.

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