Gentle Extortion

Soft music played in the background, while another music was played out on the bed. Suddenly, a tidal wave of sheet and blanket hit the floor.

"Damn it, woman," Robert said, as Erin pushed him back on the bed, stretching out next to him. They both already glowed in a light sheen of sweat, but she was giving him no chance to gain the upper hand. Her mouth, warm and talented, kissed the salty skin under his chin and across his throat. He gasped as her tongue made a line from his collarbone up to just beneath his chin.

"You know you want to," she said. Her eyes, almost gray in the lamplight, sparkled in amusement

"No I don't," he replied. His arms encircled her and they rolled with her on top. He kissed the tip of her nose and ran his hands down her silky skin until they rested on the soft curves of her hips. Erin smiled at him wickedly from her new vantage point, the medal she wore on a chain teasing his throat.

"Don't even think it," Robert warned. "You really want to drive me crazy?"

Tossing her long red hair to one side, she let her lips brush heatedly against his as his, tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue. His tongue danced out to move with hers as his hands slid across her back and bottom, pulling her tightly against his hardness.

She broke the kiss, pushed herself up, one hand on each of his shoulders, and straddled his hips Gazing into his eyes that were dark with want, she smiled. It was a predatory smile, full of mischief. She ran her tongue over her pink, kiss-swollen lips. "Tell me yes," she said, grinding herself against him.

His hands, large and strong, gently ran up her sides and cupped her breasts, thumbs flicking over the tips. He watched as she closed her eyes and lifted her head back in pleasure. "No way."

She rubbed her wet slickness against his length, teasingly. "Please." She gyrated again, watching the look on her husband's face as he closed his eyes, hands gripping her hips. Her mouth found his ear, and her tongue teased it. "He's only going to be at my mother's house two more days. Then he goes back to Texas."

He whimpered in his need. "You play dirty, woman." With a moan, he pulled her flat against him. "Yes, your nephew can come and spend the night tomorrow. But just one day."

She kissed him hard, and tried not to smile in triumph as she allowed him to roll her over. Wrapping her long legs around his waist, she gasped slightly as he slid into her. "Good. I was hoping you'd see it my way."

"Extortion," he replied.

"I'm sure you'll make me pay for it," she replied, tilting her head back as he thrust into her.

"You know it," he said, and smiled ferally.