Under the moonlight's guiding finger
They began down on the swampy moor
The dogs yelled and the men howled
As they searched along the broken floor

A pirate's word is as good as gold
No doubt that they'd all be rich men
No doubts about the map's arrival
No concern about the increasing wind

And Jenny from her corner room,
While she stayed obediently there,
Watched her father lead the search
She finished packing and cut her hair

She hid the parchment under her bed
And traces of her mapped out escape
Headed for the Enterprize, who lay in wait
To come and meet her on the salty Cape

Down below the hill, no stone unturned
The men continued, knowing a pirate's word-
Especially a Captain's, was good as gold!
Soon the sun would rise and no one heard-

Jenny, fine silver in tow, slipped out
A sit-at-home housewife she'd never be
She left to join the Captain and crew.
Gone on the wind, she laughed to see

Her dad, her suitor- all the men
Questions, voices raised and tempers high
Covered in dirt, no gold to be found
Finally discovered the map was lie.