Never Alive

It came up behind her

Quick and fast

She never saw it coming

Never knowing it would last.

The burning that came

The pain that stayed

She was left on her knees

The trees and her swayed.

Quiet soon came

Never forever

She remembered the saying

Never say never."

But never before

Had she felt this way

Knowing that now

She could never stay.

The world has changed

Since when she met first life

And leaving was now

Not a terrible strife.

Death had hurt

But living was worse

She felt she could never escape

That terrible curse.

It was by her own hand

So easy and quick

Aiming just right

Was always the trick.

She saw her mother

Perform the same task

And dying the same

Was all she could ask.

She had loved a man

Who loved her back

But she never knew

That one last fact.

Thinking he didn't love her

She grabbed the gun

It hurt like pain

And burned like the sun.

She had so many reasons

To leave the earth

And there was a no reason

For a re-birth.

She wasn't forgiven

She would never be

And that was because darkness

Was all she could see.

There were no goodbye's

Only after sorrow

She thought they wouldn't cry

But found that wrong the next 'morrow.

There were so many excuses

Bind by a girl so dark

She was strong and tough

Her skin much like bark.

But once you peeled it away

You could see what would lie

Buried so deep

She was never alive.