"Just another day"

Mocha: "Emi are you serious... 'Believe it'... it's not even a good comeback!"

Emi: "Well that's what Naruto says... all the time."

Mocha: ".... R-Rea-ally...."

Emi: "Yep!"

Mocha: 'gulp'

Emi: 'snicker'... I found her weakness!... and it's NARUTO!'

Mocha: "Hey Emi... what are you thinking about? That face looks horrible with you're features."

Emi: 'WHAT! THAT LITTLE BITCH!' ".... What face are you talking about baka, oh wait it's right in front of me!"

Mocha: 'UGH!' "YOUR THE BAKA!"

Emi: "Yes well, I guess you can think that for a while as I read the review...." 'humming a tune'

Mocha: "Why I auta!"

Emi: "But you're not, so shut up so I can finish this fuck'n Chapter Review! God you guys are so annoying!"

Gyaui: "Hey I wasn't the one talking!"

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Chapter 3

"Figure it out!"

"Ugh!" Mocha sat down on one of the bench's in the girls change room, and cupped her cheeks in the palms of her hands.

".... Mocha-san, are you alright?" I walked over to Mocha, and sat beside her on the bench... I could see that Mocha's eyes were starting to tear up. "...Mo...." I wrapped my arms around her from the side protectively, and with as much care as I was willing to show. Mocha leaned into my hug, and tears flowed down her face one by one... Mo....

"Hey... Mo, let's go wipe away those tears shall we." Emi smiled at her best friend, giving her warmth that she rarely showed... and Mocha appreciated it when she did.

Emi led Mocha over to the change room's sink, and pulled out one of the schools cloth's that was kept under the sink. Emi ran cool water over the towel, and dabbed at Mocha's eyes lightly, and Mocha's sobs turned into tired whimpers then into snivels. Mocha loved that Emi was able to show weakness when one of her friends needed her, and best of all... Mocha knew that Emi really did care, and no matter how many times they fought and bickered... Emi would always be there just like they would always be there for her.

"Thanks Emi... I'm alright now." Mocha showed a beautiful smile... and that was very unlike the angry, very short tempered, picky teen.

"Good... other wise we would both get detention for skipping PE." Emi smirked at her own comment, and brought her PE strip into the main changing area... and started to change.

"Ya... good." Mocha walked back over to her clothes, and finished getting her PE strip on just in time to see Emi standing in front of her tapping her foot patiently, fully dressed. "How the-"

"-I got a lot of practice over the summer." Emi stood tall and hopeful as she had already gone through fast changing at her sisters expense.

"Ah... okay." Mocha grimaced in her mind as she imagined why Emi would of had to change so fast... it probably had something to do with her bitchy sister.

"Hurry up girls!" Yelled our coach Miss. Lenning, through the gym doors!

"Hai!" Both Emi and Mocha answered back, and exited the change room to join there girl half of the class.


The next few hours had passed, and Emi had finished Gym, a English class, and also lunch... and she also shared half her bento with Keako... knowing that the girl would be pestering everyone for food. Now Emi was just finishing up in a Cooking class, and Emi wasn't in any hurry to get on home. Who knows what a waits her at home... oh ya... a bitchy sister! Emi was almost glad that she will be spending most of the day at the theaters instead of at her house.

God this is so annoying... I don't want to fuck'n go to the stupid movies. Can't we go to like the mall, or maybe even a food stand... but I hate those places to! So really there is no place in this whole frick'n town that is even a little bit amusing... I am so going to regret this! And they are all going to PAY!!!





Man I can't wait to get out of this stupid looking bright red school apron! Emi pulled off her apron, and hanged it up with all the others in the cabinet....

"Emi!" Shoki called out to me, and I could see her standing by her cooking table waving as Mocha just sat there finishing cleaning the sink... Shoki and Mocha partnered up together as Emi partnered up with Himanata. There was a crowd of girls around Himanata, and they all looked dazzled be the dish that she had made... the thing about Himanata, is that she is a really good cook. But she's also popular, nice caring, and beautiful with her light grassy green hair, and with perfect orange flames that dances in her eyes. Emi though to her self... how could one of MY best friends be that awesome? Emi was stuck in a trance as she thought about Himanata. She clearly didn't hear the warnings, as a newly baked pie splattered her right in the face... oh, what a good day today is.... The pie slipped from her face and fell to the ground with a clunk, and pits and peaces of apple raspberry pie still clung to her cheeks and forehead. She looked around the class room in a glare, and everyone fell silent... I turned my head to see Mocha laughing hysterically at my now pied face. Could you make it anymore obvious Mocha.... Emi reached down to the flour bag, and picked up the whole bag of flour and made her way up to Mocha. Mocha stopped laughing and backed away slowly....

".... N-Now E-Emi, d-don't-t do anyth-hing to-o-o rash-sh...." Mocha started to back away faster, and Emi lunged her body forward almost trenching Mocha with the whole bag of flour... but instead Shoki got covered in white from head to toe... not that Emi noticed or anything.

Mocha started to scream, and so did Emi as Emi chased Mocha all over the class room flinging flour at almost every direction....

Everyone 'sweat dropped'....




The class was dismissed as girls were making their way out to feed their boyfriends the food that they made, and everyone wiped off flour from there hair and clothes... and they now knew that Emi got EVERYTHING covered in flour.

"Emi Lee, and Mocha Canju! Please stay after school, and finish cleaning up this mess."

"Hai...." Grumbled Mocha and Emi... I looked over to Mocha as our sensei Mrs. Takasta left the class.

".... Well that was fun...." Mocha stated sarcastically, she looked over to me and raised an eye brow.

"I'd have to admit... you make a mean apple raspberry pie." I lifted my head and looked towards Mocha....

Laughing erupted from cooking room across the hall, I turned my head over to the door and noticed that the door was not fully closed... and there was white powder that sat at the entry. I turned around from the direction I was walking too, and walked up to the door and peeked in. The first thing I noticed when I looked into the room was that there was flour every were and inside stood two girls both absolutely covered in white flour. One of the girls I noticed first, was laughing and her small figure and curvy sides could drive any man crazy she had dark purple hair, and young bright purple eyes... and I also knew that she was Emi Lee the youngest and last child from the Lee clan, daughter of Jacuio Lee who was murdered six years ago. I also noted the other girl as Mocha Canju, the daughter of a road side fighter and kick boxer from the 90's... her blond hair was tied up in a messy bun in the back, and her aqua colored eyes stood out among her small nose and soft appearance. I backed away from the door and continued walking smirking at their innocence, I could still hear the laughs from the room... and one stood out the most.


".... Mo-chan... are we finally done....?" Emi was laying on her stomach on top of one of the long tables, sighing heavily.

"Ya were done... what time is it?" Mocha suppressed tiredly, and slumped in her chair leaning her face in her hands.

"Ohm..." Emi lifted her wrist up to peer at her watch... calculating the clock's time to the time when school ended. "6:48. We have been here for 3 hours and 48 minuets longer than normal...."

"Hum.... Wait what!" Mocha stood straight up as her chair fell backwards, and she flung her aqua eyes right open, Emi noticed Mocha's urgency and lifted her head up... a bit....

"What happened... baka." Emi lowered her head back down on the table and inhaled the sent of the cooking room... remembering all the foods that her classmates had made.

"What do you mean what happened! School closed like an hour and a half ago, were both beat tired and we can't walk home alone in the dark at this time of night!" Mocha's face looked astonished, and was wavering from the lack of sleep and hard work.

"Why not?" Emi whined... I am so frick'n tired... Shihyo, can you carry me home....

"Why not! Why not, EMI! Ya sure lets go out into the night find our own way home in the dark, and beat the living hell out of anyone who tries to attack us!" Mocha yelled as she made her way closer to Emi... but she could tell that Emi was thinking about something other than the words that just came out of Mocha's mouth.

"Sounds good to me." Emi giggled and smiled at her thoughts....

"EMI!" Mocha yelled in her ear.

"Stop yelling... I'm trying to sleep...." Emi cuddled her face into her arms and closed her eyes, clearing her mind of all thought.

"GET UP YOU BAKA!" Mocha roared.

Emi couldn't tell what Mocha was doing because she still had her eyes closed, but Emi caught herself before she smacked to the ground.

"UGH! What did you do that for." Emi sat up on the ground, remembering feeling Mocha's hands on her side, pushing her off the table.

"Figure it out!"

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Mocha: 'snicker' "Oh, really Gyaui-bastard... I thought you were just talking to Emi about how gay you were."

Gyaui: "I AM NOT GAY!"