High School Drama


"Are you crazy!" I yelled in surprise at Lauren. "You like Spencer?" I was in shock. "Spencer Hastings? The guy that lives next door? The guy that loves to hate me?"

What happens when Ashleigh's best friend Lauren falls for her enemy Spencer? The guy that has embarrassed her and mocked her since she can remember, the one that she can barely stand to be around.

High School Drama is what happens. Romance in all the wrong places with all the wrong people. Drama that could last a life time. Then let's add on the fact Ashleigh agrees to try and set Lauren and Spencer up. And that Spencer has been acting rather oddly lately. Well oddly towards Ashleigh.

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"Haha! I made your Barbie's eat worms!" The brown haired boy teased me.

"No!" I screamed running over to him to try and save Cindy and Lucy; my favourite Barbie dolls. He threw them into a pile of mud and ran away laughing.

"No! Cindy! Lucy!" I cried as I ran over to the mud pile and picked them up. They were absolutely filthy with mud stuck in their hair and on their clothes. "Are you alright?" I asked them as I tried to wipe the mud off on my pink and white polka dotted skirt.

"Na, na, na, na, naaa!" I heard the boy yell over the fence. I grabbed a handful of mud and spun around.

"I'm going to get you Spencer Hastings!" And with that I ran through the open gate and into his back yard. He jumped off of the fence and started running towards his house. I knew that if he went inside I wouldn't be able to get him back, so I tried to run faster.

I managed to catch up to him just before his front porch; I lunged towards him and bowled him over. We rolled down the grass a few times before I managed to sit on top of him so he couldn't move.

"Now you eat worms!" I shouted as I shoved the handful of mud I had into his face and made sure he got some in his mouth. He looked shocked. I cracked up laughing and got off of him. "That's what you get for hurting Cindy and Lucy! See how you like to eat worms!" I spun on my heels and stormed off back to my house.

Just before I got to the gate Spencer ran past me as fast as he could.

"It's not over yet Ashleigh!" He yelled. I realised I had left Lucy and Cindy on the ground by the mud. I quickly ran off after him, but I was too late. I saw him pick up my beloveds and grin nastily at me.

"And this is what you get for shoving mud in my face." He grabbed Lucy's head and pulled as hard as he could as I watched in horror.

"Lucy!" I ran forward just as he managed to pull her head off of her body. He dropped Lucy's body and then picked up Cindy and ran back to his house. I chased after him yelling that I was going to pull his head off.

Just as he got to the other side of his yard I saw him drop Cindy's body on the ground, it had no head.

"How dare you Spencer! Wait until my mum talks to your mum! You're going to be in sooo much trouble!" I yelled. He turned around and grinned.

"Oh well, at least you won't have Cindy or Lucy anymore!" And with that he threw their heads over the fence into Mrs. Jenkins back yard. I froze. "I know you know how much Mrs. Jenkins' cats looove Barbie doll heads!" Spencer then ran off inside the house laughing while I went to peek through the fence.

I saw two grey and black cats hitting Cindy and Lucy's heads. One of them picked up Lucy's head by the hair and ran off with her; the other cat picked up Cindy's and did the same. Tears started rolling down my face; Spencer had killed my two favourite Barbie dolls.

"I'll never forgive you Spencer." I whispered. "I hate you!" I screamed as I ran back to my own yard balling my eyes out to tell my mum what had just happened.

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