I am not sure what I was chasing after. My feet were just racing: each other, the people searching with me, time, all of it. I couldn't stop. It would take an act of Congress to get my feet to rest. Up and down floors, Shellby, Ashley, Daniel, Chance, and I raced. We were looking for something - all of us. What that was, I wasn't sure but the need to find it without getting caught was soaking every bone in my body. I had to keep moving. Racing.

"Where are the freaking elevators? We're in a twenty story building, why are there no freaking elevators?" I screamed as the boys, twins, dashed around the corner and rejoined us.

"Dennie, shush, they'll appear." Shellby acted the calmest, except when she had a recital. "We've just got to get there, no matter how long it takes."

It wasn't lost on me that no one spoke of where we were headed, what we had to get to, why we were in such a hurry. Daniel ran around another corner looking for those silly invisible elevators. He came back and shook his head first at he brother and then at the rest of us. Chance had inexplicably been elected leader of the pack and turned the corner first at the end of the hall. The first thing I noticed at the opposite end was the man in the creased suit.

Dressed to the nines, like a lawyer in a courtroom, I began to ponder all the options for our location. My heart started beating faster as we gained on the man. There were five of us, rushing toward him, he hadn't moved a muscle. His fingers didn't twitch. His eyebrow never rose. His mouth didn't lift. His pupils didn't widen. He was frozen. A lifelike ice sculpture not made of ice.

I stopped in front of him. There was a problem. I recognized him. Or I knew him. Or something. There was a problem. People shouldn't freeze like that. It wasn't right. I reached up to touch him. To wake him up, I had to touch him. Around the body, I watched Daniel take a glance around. My hand was at the frozen man's chin. Daniel spun in my peripheral vision. My hand moved to the right to shake his shoulder. Daniel was in front of me.

"No," he grabbed my hand. "No, Dee, don't touch. Please don't touch. Run. Go. We have to go." Daniel stared, boring into my eyes.

He placed my hand at my side, gave me a little shove, gave me a bigger shove, and pushed me passed the frozen man. Now, I was scared. I don't know why the emotion hadn't struck me before. Before, I could only feel urgency or power. Now, I could only feel fear.

I raced on. Daniel stared for a while longer at the man in the suit, dressed for court, or a business meeting. He appeared at my side as I reached the back of the group. So many questions appeared like ghosts in my mind; I held back the words I wanted to throw in Daniel's face.

"I found elevators. Guys, I found elevators!" Shellby and Ashley picked up speed to find Chance's voice. Daniel stopped looking at me to catch up with the girls and his brother. I had no choice but to push on with the rest of them. The frozen man was pushed to the back of my mind.

As I ran, I looked around. The walls around me seemed to just appear. Like I hadn't really seen them before, or they hadn't been there until now. The walls were all glass, titanium rods and sheets of titanium, connecting the panes of glass that made up this twenty story building.

"Dennie, let's go." Shellby started.

"We have to go." Ashley finished.

Daniel and Chance just begged me with their eyes. I sprinted to the elevator. Shellby pulled on my hand, tugging me the last inch into the elevator. Made of all glass. No one spoke; it seemed like no one even breathed. We didn't dare fog up the glass.

"Daniel," that was all I could get out before the doors open and we took off again.

"Daniel," Chance blasted. "You, Dennie, and Shellby go that way. I'll take Ashley this way." I wondered if Shellby and Ashley felt like they were left out. We didn't know the secret. We didn't know what we were searching for. Daniel and Chance were in the know. We were in the oblivious.

Daniel made a sharp right. Chance hooked a left. The girls and I shared a look before going our separate ways. I could hear the wind rushing past me. Or me rushing past it. This hall was all glass just like the floors below it.

Before too long, Chance and Ashley crashed into us. Chance shook his head. Chance took the lead again as we all ran on. I wasn't the only one who noticed Daniel stop. But no one turned around for even a second to ask what Daniel stopped for. Chance made it to the elevator first. Shellby leapt the last two feet, landing on her perfect dancer feet. Ashley kept running until she hit the glass wall of the elevator. I walked in at turned to face the door. To wait for Daniel, I looked back at Chance; he had to know why Daniel stopped.

Chance had his finger already on the button. My mouth opened in a perfect "o". What was he doing? Chance was going to leave his brother here, his twin, in this weird glass building? I put my arms in front of the doors, poking my head out. I would go out and look for him if that's what it took. I put my foot half on the floor's landing and half in the elevator.

Daniel appeared in front of me. I stepped back. He looked me in the face. Daniel's grey eyes honestly stared in to my hazel ones. I took another step back. My arms were still up, like I was waiting to be asked to dance.

"Hold on," Daniel whispered. The elevator started to plummet. It was faster than any rollercoaster I'd ever been on. I grabbed a hold of Daniel, the only seeming solid thing close to me. He wrapped his arms around my waist, as I hid my face in his shoulder, my arms around his neck. Straight down, sixteen stories, we fell over ninety miles an hour. And for all sixteen stories, all I saw was Daniel's shoulder.

My stomach dropped, I inhaled deeply. Predicting that this wouldn't end well, I closed my eyes, taking another deep breath.

"Your mouth keeps moving but I've lost focus now. Clock keeps ticking, times running out. Where were heading there's no heading back. Tripping ugly, I'm losing ground. I can't stop talking to myself; I'm a desperate cry for help."

I rolled over in my bed. Slapping the sheets, I tried to find my iPod. That alarm was supposed to be turned off. I groaned as it took me longer to find it. "Run, don't walk the sky is falling through. Don't talk, tonight I'm so confused."

"What the heck!" I picked the music player-slash-alarm up and shut it off. It could only be seven a.m. because that is the time I had to be up to get to school. It was the first week of summer. Apparently, my iPod hadn't gotten the memo.

"Denise, what is that thing?" Che begged from my doorway. My sister had the weirdest schedule, and hated being awake before noon.

"Go back to bed; I forgot to turn my iPod down. I'm sorry." I sat up, the thing had gone off. I was awake. There was no turning back now.

I rubbed my eyes and took down my hair. I couldn't be sure if it was the fact that I had stayed up until one in the morning or the fact that I took ibuprofen for my headache before I went to sleep, that dream totally tripped me out. Skye had a theory if you die in your dream you die in real life. I was thankful my alarm woke up before the plummeting stopped and there was nothing else.

I picked up my phone to check messages. It was conceivable that I had more than four people's share of texts left over from last night. Sometimes, most times, I crashed mid conversation with at least four people. Daniel, the guy from my dream, and his twin brother Chance had a habit of texting "helllooo" or "you fell asleep didn't you". And if I didn't answer those that come back with "just checking to see if you actually fell asleep I guess you did". I deleted all those messages, read through Shellby's, Ashley's, and Skye's texts, and then pushed back the covers.

I had about three hours before any of my friends would be up. It was kind of sad, but at the same time, most of my friends were up at six, or earlier, to catch buses, or rides with friends, during the school year. I counted down the seconds before I got out of bed. I wanted to sleep in. That was my dream. I breathed in deeply, rubbing my eyes again. My stomach dropped like it had in my dream. I saw the glass elevator and Daniel's shoulder again.

I took my hands off my eyes and looked around my room. All was well; I still sat on a pillow packed bed, with neon colored sheets, on an old iron bed frame. My walls still held every picture any friend had ever drawn for me. The walls still had my blue and green painted squares, with my chalkboard wall. The only glass was on my window.

It was a funny thing for Daniel to be in my dream. It was even funnier that Chance was in my dream.

"Baby I'm tangled in the power lines and it might be over in a second," my voicemail ringer went off without a call ringer sounding. Chance had the skill to leave a message in case I wasn't awake, without calling and waking me up. His brother lacked that finesse.

"Dennie, going to the lake today, I'll be at your house around two, call me back, invite Ashley. Bye." I would call Shellby and Ashley. The two lived next to each other. I'd even let Skye know we'd be down there. Chance swore Ashley and him were meant to be. Ashley just couldn't see it. It was quite possible that she couldn't. See it, I mean.

"Ash, Chance invited me to the lake. I think he's picking me and you up. Get Shellby. Love you, bye." I hung up that call and dialed Chance.

"Morning, I'll be there at two."

"I'll be ready at one-forty-five." I spoke my piece and Chance hung up. We just had that kind of relationship. Daniel and I were different. Daniel and I had what Chance and Ashley had. A qausi-relationship. Shellby was dating some guy from a different area. Skye had a college boyfriend. Then there was Chance, Ashley, Daniel and I, with our twisted relationship dynamics. We always paired off. But we never dated.

"Too early for this," I groaned under my breath. I slammed out of bed, and stomped to the bathroom.

"Morning, Denise, why are you up so early?" Busted, the mom-ster was loose.

"My alarm went off. I got up. Now I have to pee."

"Well I have to be at work in thirty minutes. I'll see you when I get home. Love you." She waved and I half-heartedly raised my hand.

I tiptoed back to my bedroom and grabbed my phone. I punched in Skye's number. Shocking enough, she didn't answer. "Skye going to the lake at two. It'll be Chance, Daniel, Ash, Shellby, and I. It'll be a bonfire night. Bring a shirt. Love you."

I hung up and sat in front of my computer. If I closed my eyes for any length of time I was back on that elevator. That is the first dream in months that has felt as real as any waking moment I've ever had.

"You're losing it, Dee." I mumbled. "There are people in psyche wards because of things like this." I paused and navigated to a place on my computer. And then I realized, "Great, Dee, you've progressed to talking to yourself. Someone please call or this could go on all day."

I checked messages and comments. I stole a glance at my phone just as it began to ring. "Psychic or psyche ward," I mouthed as I checked caller ID.

"Hello, this is Daniel calling for a Denise Smith. You have some attractiveness that we need to get settled. I was wondering when the most convenient time for you to get this handled is." He sighed into the phone.

"Morning, Daniel. I didn't know you got up this early. What's going on, doll face?"

"Chance woke me up with his stupid lake party planning thing. I've been enlisted to make phone calls. I know he already called you, but I just wanted to tell you good morning."

I smiled at the phone.

"Is Chance making a big deal out of going to the lake? Is there a reason for it?"

"Oh you know Chance," Daniel said annoyed. "Everything has to be a production. It's a wonder he hasn't made some grand gesture for Ashley that involved bands and carriages."

As Chance's voice faded I realized Daniel was moving away from his twin. He wouldn't have said anything about Ashley in front of Chance. Just because everyone knew about their almost relationship, didn't mean we all talked about it. Although Chance was always making cracks about Daniel and I. Daniel just laughed it off. I think that's why nothing has ever happened.

"Dennie, you still there?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "I'm here. You want to get out of your house? Cause I'm bored, my mom is at work, Che is still asleep, and you can make phone calls or come pick me up to go somewhere."

"So now it's you or my brother? That's how it's gonna go?" He laughed as I told him yes. "I'll be there in ten." The line went dead and I stepped away from my computer.

I was on my news site. Not my personal news site, it was the site that gave me the news. It displayed the reason I asked Daniel if he wanted to get out. Freeline Architects are building a thirty story all glass building on Maine Street. The only things not going to be glass were the stainless steel chrome finished seams. Even the elevators were glass.

I had ten minutes to get out of my pajamas. And the whole day to get the image of Daniel's shoulder and my imminent death out of my mind. If only the latter were as easy as the former.