A New Friend

I looked out onto the forest beyond the orphanage towards Lake Nomru. The lake's waters glisten in the dawn's sunlight.

I stood there watching the sunrise a little while longer thinking of my dream, although I should not give it any more thought. Something about this dream nagged at me. Everything about the dream was strange, but dreams can be as strange as a person wants them to be. In a dream fantasy becomes reality, until you wake up that is. I sighed, pushing the dream to the back of my mind as I got ready for school.


The warm summer breeze caressed my face as I left the orphanage heading for the bus stop. I stopped, breathing in the morning air; it smelled fresh, clean, and crisp. I walked the few miles to the bus stop, then sat and enjoyed the book I happened to be reading that day.

Eventually, the bus stop got full and the bus came and dropped all of us at school. I headed to the gym, got my schedule, and then proceeded to my first class.

By the beginning of fourth period I was ready to leave, but I was a good student and stayed. I started to doodle on my piece of paper, aching to have the period end so I could go to lunch when a tiny folded piece of paper was tossed from my right. I looked up at the hottest guy I had ever seen and pointed at the piece of paper then at the person next to me. He shook his head then pointed at me. I look at the tiny folded piece of paper wondering why a hot guy like him would want to talk to someone like me.

Hi, what's your name?

I stared at those four little words with utter confusion. In all my years growing up I never had a friend. No one had ever spoken to me, and I was too shy to make friends and I liked my alone time. I didn't want to be rude so I responded:

My name is Julian. What's yours?

I refolded the paper, and when the teacher wasn't looking I tossed it back. I studied the hot boy as he wrote. He had beautiful golden eyes with golden-brown hair with, when hit right by the lights, showed small highlights of black. His skin was dark but not black, probably from being in the sun a lot. He also had very nice looking arms and I would bet he had a six pack or better. My thoughts were interrupted when he tossed the paper back. I opened it, anxious to see what Mr. Hot wrote.

My name is Darius. It's nice to meet you. You looked bored so I thought you would want to make a friend.

A friend, I thought, that would be nice, except I don't get friends. If I did become friends with him, would he turn me away when he learns I'm an orphan? Or he might think I was lying to get into his pants with a sappy story. Or maybe he wants to get into my pants? Oh and what if he started to do drugs or alcohol and he tried to get me to do drugs or alcohol? My head ran with different scenarios. I decided to chance it, to let fate take its course on how this "friendship" will be like or if it will last.

Well, I don't usually talk to people. I'm kind of a loner but I think we could be friends, maybe.

I felt a little brave, chancing a friendship that has so many possible futures but then again life is filled with millions upon millions of different possible futures. Before Darius could send back the letter the bell rang.

I got my things together and was about to head for my next period, with schedule in hand, when Darius stopped me right outside our class.

"Hey, where's your next class or do you have first lunch?" his voice sounded so rich to my ears. I almost didn't understand his question.

"I have lunch next, you?" I asked half hoping he had lunch and half hoping he didn't.

"First lunch," he answered; I still didn't know if that was good or bad. "Do you want to sit together?" Bad? Good? Good, it's good. No it's bad. Good or bad?

"Sure," I found myself saying.

Darius headed for the cafeteria while I followed right behind him. We got our food and sat down in silence. After waiting a while I decided that I had to start the conversation, but how?

"So, you're a junior right?" I asked, not sure what to say.

He smiled a dazzling smile and replied "I am and I guess so are you?"

I blushed, not sure why I was embarrassed. "I am, but I am also younger than most juniors."

"How old are you then?" he questioned.

"I'm 15," I replied then quickly added. "I skipped fourth grade, I'll be turning 16 in three days."

"That's interesting." His gaze suddenly looked as if he was in deep thought.

"How interesting," He said as his gaze went out of focus, deep in thought.

"Hey," I snapped my fingers in his face "where'd you go?" I asked.

"I…" He started, but the bell rang before he could continue.

"Well, there's the bell. I'll talk to you tomorrow, kay?" Darius smiled to me as he walked away.


Later that night I laid on my bed, thinking about Darius. It was strange but nice to have a friend.

"Huh," I whispered in wonder. "I have a new friend."