I'm angry.

No, I'm not angry.

I. Am. Pissed.

Pissed, angry pissed, ready to kick puppies and drown kittens pissed. So pissed that I'm glaring and texting, my fingers popping along the buttons, nearly breaking them in my pissed-ness, and Lucy is looking at me, scared to see me so angry.

I slam my phone shut, using my chest and chin, and Lucy sits quietly next to me, waiting for me to braid her hair.

Well, fuck that, I'm pissed. Fucking pissed.

Fuck you, Bryce, fuck you in the ass.

It used to not be this way, me being constantly ditched by Bryce. Back when he first met the bitch, I mean, girlfriend, we used to have a set schedule. We'd plan who got Bryce for what days. We didn't ask the other what we were doing with him that day, just that he spent the day with him.

It used to work.

I noticed Bryce was a little stressed, he was dividing his time between school, friends, best friend, girl friends, and family. He never got a job, and good thing. I think if he had gotten one, he would have had an aneurysm. His family situations weren't always the best. A few years a go, his mother had a bout with breast cancer, and his dad has been on disability for as long as I could remember. I think he was in a motorcycle accident a long time ago. They get good money from the government for it, that and he was a Vietnam War veteran.

Usually I had about every other day with him, and we traded weekends, though sometimes it wouldn't work at all, what with family and school. She'd whine how I always got more time with him, because I had classes with him, and we always did projects together. I thought it was bullshit she'd even think that.

(Of course I did. I was jealous of this chick, she was stealing my best friend. I'd known him longer, I sure as hell liked him more. I mean… not like that. I.. I mean, I thought of him as family? Yeah, that sounds right…)

Then, it happened all at once. She got that stupid modeling job. Suddenly, she would be away for about a week or more at a time on photo shoots, and I was seeing her picture all over. But just little things. Like as a model for poster at the Buckle, and my mom once recognized her on a Kohl's poster. While she was away, Bryce would be all mine (and his family's), but once she was back, I was lucky if I got to see Bryce.

And it really pissed me off. Like, I understand not seeing him, and missing him and all that jazz, but stealing him from his family for a week? From me? We used to argue all the time, the girl and me. Bryce stopped letting us be around each other. Then one day I said something, I can't even remember what, but it was mean, and stupid. I honestly shouldn't have said it. After the wake of the arguments and crying, Bryce explained something to me in an oddly quiet and emotionless voice.

"You know, Mandy is suicidal. Modeling is hard, and she's about half a centimeter away from developing an eating disorder. Most the time, she thinks she's ugly and worthless. I try my hardest to keep her happy, but you make it really hard. You should go home."

And then he walked away from me.

I stormed into my stupid theater/props/stage hands what the fuck ever that class was, ready to beat some ass. My phone was clutched in my left fist, my right holding my bad in place, and as I ran to the theater, I was pretty sure I whipped a number of people with my braid.

Unintentionally, of course.

Now, Bryce on the other hand. I'm going to purposely whip him with my braid multiple time.

Remember, I'm fucking pissed. Pissed.

Waking up to a text from your friend saying how sorry he was for skipping out on you two nights ago, then not being at school the day before because his dumbass model girlfriend skipped out on the last day of her photo shoot, an he just had to comfort her for two day straight is not the best way to way up. I was pretty sure my mother had already called the cops, for when I flee the school after violently murdering Bryce, they'd be ready to catch me. Poor Lucy too.

The car ride was the worst part. Bad traffic, and me, angry, no, not angry, pissed, constantly checking and re-checking my phone, the text renewing my fury each time.

"Morning, Otis, my love!" Bryce cheerily greeted me. I had a wonderful image in my head of me punching him there, his head forced to roll to the left as my fist, with my phone in it, slammed into his cheek.

But I didn't. His face was to pretty for me to mutilate like that.

Instead, I glared at him. I could almost feel my phone cracking under the strain of my clenched hand. He looked back at me, and finally realized my anger. We both thought the same thing at the same time. He turned on his heel and took off running, and I was right behind him. I caught him before he managed to scramble up the stage. Pulling him roughly down, I slammed him on the floor in front of the stage and sat on him, letting my butt drop heavily on his stomach. Immediately, she began protesting, complaining he couldn't breathe, that my fat ass was breaking his ribs, and so on.

Oh? He couldn't breathe as I was sitting on him? Well, I couldn't breathe every time he touched me. I mean… I couldn't think when he touched me? I mean, whatever! Fuck it! Stop blushing! I mentally yelled at myself.

I opened my left hand to find my phone was not crushed and then compressed into a whole new object. Opening the phone, I pulled up the text that was cause of these turn of events, as the students (and teacher) gathered around to see what drama was unfolding.

"Explain," I commanded, shoving the phone in his face. He gazed at the screen, taking a long time before he spoke, and I was completely ok with it. It was nice sitting on him, and he felt good between my legs.

Stop thinking! I mentally screamed at myself, my blush deepening.

"There's nothing to explain, Otis," he responded, breathlessly. My eyes widened, and now my blood had two placed it could have rushed to. And it did

"Yes, there is!" I insist, shifting my weight. "You know what Lucy said to me yesterday? She asked me if you hated her, because you're never around. And then she said if she had one wish, she would wish that you were around more, so that we could al be happy again." Bruce stared up at me in what looked like horror and self-disgust. Good. "Now, doesn't that just break your heart?"

"Yes. But you know what breaks it more?" I narrowed my eyes, waiting for a punch line. "You sitting on my ribs, so not only is my heart broken, but it is stabbed into a million pieces from the shattered remains of ribs because your fat ass is suffocating me." I made an indecent noise of frustration before standing and stomping to the hall.

Fuck this. Fuck. This.

Sadly, I didn't make it very far. Bryce was hot on my tail. I heard his feet pounding on the floor and I clenched my hands into fist, ready to actually punch him.

"Otis, Otis, wait!" He gasped a little. Between having my fat ass on him, and running, I guess he was out of breath. I didn't stop walking but glared at him a little past my shoulder. "You've got to know, what I said in that text, I meant it. I really am sorry. But Mandy needed me." I continued glaring, but stopped and turned to look at him.

"So, if it's between having some quality time with me and Lucy, or helping your girlfriend, she wins?" I ask, my voice soft and devoid of emotion. Bryce's lips pursed. He knew I was angry. My family was the type to be happy loudly, but angry quietly. He took some deep breaths. I realized how angry he was then too. His family differed from mine. They were happy quietly, and silent in their sadness. The only time you heard anything of emotions in his house was an argument, and there was yelling, lots of yelling.

"I've already apologized," he explained with a calm and calculated voice, his eyes closed, as if it was my face that was upsetting him more than anything. I felt cold inside as I realized this, my chest seized with pain. "I don't see what else I can do, Otis. What the fuck else can I do to make you realize? I seem to be in really high demand, and I can't satisfy everyone, alright? So just what do I do?" And he yelled, and I backed up to the wall, my face constricting with pain.

"I'm sorry." My lips barely moved with the words, more breath than voice. My eyes were downcast as Bryce's anger roiled over me. He sighed.

"I know." At least, now his volume was normal. "Hug?"

"Hug." He walked to me and pulled me into his arms. I wrapped my arms his shoulders as his wound around my waist, and we squeezed each other tight to themselves. This was something we always did. If we fought, we promised to make up with a hug. In fact, we both still had the ties on our upper arms to prove it. And every time Mandy saw them, she glared mightily.

I snickered a little.

Not even ten minutes into the first class of the day, and we've fought and made-up already. Now to last the rest of the day

I sighed heavily as I walked into my English class, my class of the day with Bryce. Every time we've seen each other today, we'd get along fine, a fight would break out, then we'd be back to being friends. It was getting a little tiring.

My eyes sought out Bryce, and found him sitting at our normal group of four desks that the two of us shared. I always found it amusing Mrs. Foxxe secluded us to a group next to her desk, which only made our bad behavior worse.

Sitting, I smiled broadly at Bryce, trying my hardest not to think of the all the arguments today. He also smiled back, and my phone announced to be with a vibrate that I had a new text. It was from David.

"So, are we going to do go to that 'Sports Day' thing at David's?" I asked, wanting to keep the tone light.

"Only if you fuck me long and hard tonight," he said loudly, leaning forward to look me in the eye in a seductive way. I felt myself blushing and leaning away from him. "And only if we use the mango banana flavored lube."

"Will you take me seriously for one second?" I complained.

"I am taking you seriously," the boy in front of me said, sliding from his desk and crawling on the floor until he came to legs, where he leaned on them, stroking my thighs and moaning deliciously. Deliciously? Get a hold of yourself, Otis!

"Quit it!" I, almost regretfully, pushed him away from me. Still, he sat on the floor, looking up at me in a sultry sort of way, as if he was asking with his body for me to join on the floor for… something. Around us, Mrs. Foxxe was trying her hardest to ignore us by having student continue reciting their lame poetry, but after my outrageous actions the other day, other poets seemed less nervous. There was a rather animated girl at the front of the room. "Come one, are you going or not?"

"I told you, only if you fuck me long an hard, using the kiwi strawberry lube."

"I thought you said mango banana?" There was a moment of odd silence between us where Bryce began to smile, and I stared in horror. "We are not arguing this! Are you going to the thing at David's or not? He needs to know." I was growing more and more exasperated by the sentence.

"But, my love, I can consider hanging out in tick infested woods, getting drunk with hormonal teenagers without getting my fill of you first." He winked at me, rubbing calves with his feet.

"Just tell me if you're going to come or not."

"Oh, I'll come."

"Not that come! Jesus Shit, Bryce, if I hadn't known you for so long, I'd think you were trying to buy me off with sex, and will you just stop it?" I looked around to see the other students watching us. Usually, I would just give the gay-lover shit back, but something…. Was different. I shook my head. "I'm over thinking this…," I muttered to myself.

"Come on, baby, this isn't the time to be thinking," Bryce said. He moved to be under my desk, his body between my legs and his head resting on my thigh. My eyes widened in horror as jumped to my feet, said something about needing to go to the bathroom loudly and left the classroom as fast as I could without running.
And again, Bryce was fallowing me in my escape! Fuck nuggets I swore to myself as Bryce yelled something about needing to help in the bathroom.

"No, I don't need help aiming!" I screeched at him as we entered the bathroom. "Leave me a lone, or I'm going to strangle you!"

"With a condom? Please say a condom." A boy standing at a urinal stared at us in horror and zipped up before running out of the bathroom.

"Now look what you've done! You've traumatized that poor kid. I bet he won't be able to take a piss now…" I rambled, leaning against the wall in exhaustion. Bryce snickered happily. "Just fucking stop it, ok? I'm tired of your shit right now… Really tired of it."
I looked at Bryce, his head cocked to one side, his eyebrows furrowed.

"What do you mean quit?"

"The acting gay stuff! Do you know how many times I've bee asked if I'm gay?" With how I've been acting and think lately, I should say yes. "It's fun yeah, but it has it's limit, and right now, I'm past it, alright?"

"Alright, I'll quit. You could have just said that instead of running off to the bathroom and making me traumatize some kid."

"Yeah, yeah totally, this is my fault. I did ask you to stop, many times, if you have forgotten. All I wanted was an answer whether or not you would go to David's stupid-let's-get-drunk-in-the-woods party, not for you to dry hump my leg and almost give me a blow job in the middle of English class!"

"Fine, yeah, whatever, I'll go." His words seemed to dead to me. He left the bathroom, going back the room without another word.

I plopped down in my seat, and let my head fall to the table. My anti-social table partner was already in his seat, his own head pillowed on his book bag, as usual. I groaned, letting my emotions into the sound to make it a plaintive and animal like noise. After the stupid bathroom thing, Bryce hadn't said five words to me for the rest of the period.
I lifted my head a little and let it drop again when Chelsea made her way to the table and sat. She had a pleasant smile on her face as she sat. "Hi, guys! How're you and Dennis?" she directed at me.

"Don't call him Dennis. He hates it. Only his abusive father calls him that," I mumbled, my face still planted in the table. "He prefers being called Denny. And he takes his breakfast very seriously." Here I was, in a horrible mood, yet I still find a way to half-heartedly joke about things.

"You know, I think I have your personality figured out." I lifted my head as the new girl glared at me, so I glared back.

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. When something bad happens, you prefer to wallow is self-pity and hatred, and then someone makes a comment about it, you get pissed of, you snap at them, but secretly, you love the attention. The only thing I don't get is why you love attention so much. Obviously, you get a lot at school, from Bryce, and from other people for being popular, and at home, it's only you a Lucy, so of course you're getting enough attention from your parents." She huffed, stopping her monologue that seemed to be composed an analysis of my psyche. I glared at her more avidly.

"Want to stop explaining my behavioral problems to the entire classroom?"

"You know, news of fights spread quickly, especially if it's between to friends. Now, factor in that you two have been inseparable since grade school, word is going to get around fast. Just because you two left the room, doesn't mean people still didn't hear Bruce yelling this morning, or that fact that you two went to the bathroom together and he came back all huffy." I lifted my head so I could properly show her my discomfort.

"Alright, alright, enough." Sighing, I tried to explain myself. "I can count the number of people I want attention from on one hand, understand?"

"Yeah, ignoring the fact that I know how to count to pretty much infinity on sign language on one hand." I rolled my eyes, trying to harness my patience, and not to reach out and smack her.

"Chelsea," I started, in as calm a voice I could muster, "My mom and dad work a lot, so while they're at work, I take care of Lucy. I miss a lot of school so I can pick her up, so I can be there for things that need an older person, when my parents can't make it. My mom is the head nurse of a floor at the hospital, and my father is a damn good lawyer. You can imagine how busy they get." I thrust my hand in her face, four finger displayed. "That is the number of people of people that I want attention from. Three being my family." I lowered the said number of fingers, leaving my index pointing to the ceiling. "I get plenty of attention and affection from them. However, this last one," Waggling the finger, I smiled cruelly. "I used to be his left right, his left leg, we would finish sentences the other started, we always knew where the other was, even if we hadn't said anything. He stubbed his toe, I swore in pain. I nearly cut of my finger, he cried. That's where the twin thing came from. But now," I lowered my finger, the cruel smile widening. "I rarely see him. Fuck, he barely shows up at school. Not near enough attention, I say." I finished, slumping back into my seat. In fact, if I had more of his attention, I don't think I'd attention from anyone else….

"Well, tell him that." Chelsea responded, nonchalantly. Staring in surprise, my mouth gaped.

"If Mr. Mackentire and Miss Spalding are done with their little gal pal chat back there, I'd like to get started with today's lesson," Mr. Stone's voice cut in. Looking up to him at the from of the room, I saw he was standing at the light switch, the projector already on.

"Sorry," we mumbled.

"What do you, tell him that?" I fiercely whispered to her after a few moments.

"Tell him you hate his girlfriend because you love him more than her."

"I'm not his gay lover! I'm not going to say that." My voice filled vehemence.

"Then tell him you want to spend some quality time with him, and say your sorry for being such a bitch about it?" My eyes narrowed as I watched her whispering over her shoulder, still managing to look like she was interested in the Mr. Stone's lecture. I huffed, and pulled out my cell phone to text Bryce, following her advice.

"If he hates me more after this, Chelsea, I'm killing in you sleep. With fire."

Good thing it did work.

"Disney party!" Lucy screamed, and I smiled widely. We ran from my room to the living room, her arms above her head, the stack of Disney DVD clutched tightly in her hands. I stooped behind her, and scooped her up in my arms, not missing a step, before a swing her around in a circle and deposited her on the couch in the living room. We looked at each, still smiling wildly.

"Disney party!" We screamed in unison.

"Shut up!" My mother yelled in response, the phone tucked between her shoulder and head, her sleeves rolled up as she filled out some paperwork for her work at the kitchen table. Instead, Lucy and I laughed and yelled some more. Lucy stood on the couch, waving around the movies, and I danced around the couch, chanting "Disney party", until my mother gathered her things and left for the room that we used as an in house office.

We were watching Beauty and the Beast when Bryce called. Lucy glared as I opened my phone and left the room.

"Hey, what's up?"

"Ah, nothing much. Just that something came up and I can't come to the party thing tonight." He talked quickly, as if he wanted to get the words out before I exploded.

"What do you mean you can't come?"

"Well, I come in a way, but not that one!" he responded cheerfully. I slapped my forehead with my palm, and took a deep breath.

I took another deep breath, saying: "Whatever, bye." with the exhale and closed the phone before he responded.

Lucy look at me from the couch, curious. Instead of explaining, I threw arms in the air and smiled.

"Disney Party!" we both yelled again.

I don't really hate Mondays, I just would rather not get out of bed when I still had half of a hangover. Groaning, I sat up, trying not the throw my phone across the room in frustration when the alarm went off. Lucy came flying into my room and landed in my lap. I made an interesting noise somewhere between a "guh" and "blarg".

"Morning, Otie!" she yelled into my face. I pushed her off of me and flopped onto my side, pulling the covers over my head.

"Leave me alone," I whined.

"Nope!" she yelled, excited for whatever reason she was excited. "Time for school!" I groaned.

Things are weird for Mandy when it comes to school. She misses a lot of it with her modeling, and with her growing in popularity and fame, it's a little hard for her to go out and be a normal teen. I understand her stress, sometimes.

Anyways, she has a tutor, and he's a damn good one. What I don't understand is why she still comes to school. She pretty much has her GED, there's no reason for to come to school. You know, unless she's trying to piss me off, or to take what's left of the time I get to be Bryce.

I slammed the pan onto the stove, and yawned, before turning on the burner and cracking some eggs into it. Lucy hummed happily at the table, drinking her juice. Mom and Dad were already at work. It was a kind of routine in our home. They went into work early on Tuesdays, I made breakfast and took Lucy to school, in return, I didn't have to take care of Lucy for the rest of the day.

We were leaving the house when my phone rang. I answered as I was unlocking the car doors.


Silence filled my ear, broken only my small sobs.

"Hello?" My voice filled with anxiety and I shooed Lucy into the car and started it.

"O… Otis, it's me." Bryce? Crying?

"Lucy, put you seat belt on. Bryce, what happened?" I looked over my shoulder, quickly pulling out of the driveway. Shifting gears quickly, I pressed the gas pedal hard, the car lurched forward and gained speed. "You've got to talk to me. What happened?" Lucy looked at me worried. I shook my head, not answering her silent questions. Bryce still didn't say anything. "Come on," I pleaded.

He didn't answer the entire time, but I could hear him quietly crying, sobbing, whatever. And it scared the shit out of.

As I dropped off Lucy, I yelled out the open to her: "I love you, have a good day! I'll tell you what's going on with Bryce once I find out, ok? Bye, baby!" She nodded, and took off running to the school. I sighed, gathering my wits.

"Bryce, you still there?"

"Yeah." I could barely hear him.

"I'm on my way, alright? Just wait for me a little longer. I promise I'll be there soon, alright?" My hands shook as I felt a tie encircle my left wrist. Bryce mumbled something that sounded vaguely like "Ok" and I screeched out of the drop off lane at the school.

My heart pounded the entire car ride, and at the reckless speed I drove at, I was very lucky I didn't get in an accident. Or pulled over.

I parked in front of Bryce's house, barely forgetting to turn off the car. I tumbled out of the driver's seat, my feet hitting the ground running. My feet pounded on the sidewalk and my shoes were soon soaked from the dew-wet grass. I pounded my fist on the door, before finding it unlooked.

"Bryce?" I called out, already running through the house looking for him. When I opened the door to his room, he was curled up in the bed, crying brokenly, still holding his phone to his ear. Not thinking, not wanting to think, I ran the last few steps between me and him, and snatched him up into my arms, hugging him tight. Don't let go, don't let go, don't let go, I chanted to myself, trying hard not to cry myself.

"Otis, Otis, I'm sorry," Bryce sobbed into my shoulder. His arms wrapped around my neck, holding me tight to him. "Don't let go, please, just don't let go, ok?" I squeezed my eyes shut, holding him closer.

"Of course not," I whispered, as he continued to cry. After a while, how long, I don't know, Bryce fell asleep, his head resting on my shoulder. I looked down on his sleeping face, his cheeks still moist from his tears, and sighed in confusion. If he didn't want to tell me what happened, what was so bad he had cried for what felt like a century, he didn't have to, but that didn't stop my curiosity.

Careful not to wake Bryce, I shifted my weight and laid him down onto his side, and pulled his blankets up around him. He sighed a little, and curled up, bunching the blankets into his fist. I smiled slightly and after slipping off my shoes, padded silently to the kitchen. I already felt at home. How many times I had been here, with and without Bryce's parents here. Running the water cold from the tap, I filled a glass, and chugged it down, the cold freezing my braces and making my teeth ache.

With fondness, I remembered my first bowl of ice cream with braces. Bryce knew my mouth hurt from having the braces put on, he and had ice cream together. But we weren't very smart about, and ate a type that had ribbons of caramel through it, and I made the mistake of eating the ice cream using the spoon right side up. The caramel immediately suctioned itself to my expander, forcing large amounts of ice cream with it. The expander had frozen, and caused what I would to believe was the worse brain freeze in the history of brain freezes. I laughed a little at the memory, Bryce scrambling to find a glass to fill with hot water, me squirming with pain, the caramel clogging my mouth, the expander getting colder and colder. At least after word, we were able to laugh about it.

My thoughts stopped just then. When was the last time we had laughed like that? I know the one time the carnival was in town, and we rode the ride called "The Orbiter" probably 50 times in one night, then when we, almost drunkenly, decided enough was enough, and upped it all over each other shoes. That was pretty funny, and we joked about it for weeks later. And the other guys there had refused to ride in the same car as us.

Or that one time, my parents were too busy to go to Lucy's open house thing at school, so Bryce and I went. I remember as the being one of the happiest days of my life….
Then there was that time my cousin, Rick, lent me a movie called Akira and told me to watch. So, I did, with Bryce. But halfway, I realized that the kids, Tetsuo and Kaneda were the same as me and Bryce. Kaneda saved Tetsuo on his first day of school, beating up the bullies that were about to beat him up, getting a bloody nose at the same time. In fact, it was almost exactly the same as what happened to me on my first day. Bryce saving me some from bullies, getting a bloody nose too. I think that was when I realized I loved him.

"Otis?" Bryce walked into the kitchen, breaking me from my reverie.

"Hey," I responded softly. "How you holdin' up?"

"I'm ok, I guess. For a moment," he laughed a little, "I forgot what had happened." His laughter turned to tears. I placed my empty glasses in the sink and rushed to him, wrapping and arm around his shoulders and guiding him to the couch.

"What did happen?" I asked, my eye brows furrowed. "O.. only if you want to talk, y'know?"

"It's ok. You deserve to know. You knew her too, after all," he said, breathing deeply, his eyes down cast. Now I was really worried. "You know how stressed Mandy was, she couldn't be normal, she was almost a super model and all, and she was struggling with her work. It's really stressful, and most of the time, you're just treated like a doll. You show emotion when told to, otherwise, the photographer tells you how to stand, how to look, how to everything, you know? I've heard how other models develop alternate personalities just to survive, like a stronger alter-ego. But Mandy never did this. Remember that one time I told you she was suicidal?" I nodded, how could I forget?

"I remember." A pause in the conversation stretched between us, Bryce covered his face with his hands. Finally, I realized what he'd said. "No, fuck, no. She didn't?" I barely had any breath in my lungs to speak.

"She did. Last night, she killed herself."

"Oh, my God," I gasped and before I knew it, I was hugging Bryce to me, tighter than before, and he was sobbing again, holding onto the back of my shirt as if that was all that was saving him. I felt my heart breaking in my chest. After a while, he quieted, but he still clung to me. Pushing him away a little bit, I pulled Bryce's face up to my own and shakily, I kissed each of his eyelids, kissing away the tears, before I lowered my lips to his. For a moment he seemed shocked, but amazingly, he kissed back after the general shock seemed to dissipate. I broke off the kiss first, pulling away.

"Bryce, I promise I will always be here, I will never leave you, I will never abandon you." The words flowed from my mouth, feeling right, before I could think twice about the importance of the words I was saying.

And then something amazing happened.

A little red tie appeared on my right pinkie, and at the same time, I watched as a tie also appeared on Bryce's right pinkie. Laughingly, we linked the digits.

"I guess I promise too," he said shakily, still laughing a little.

"You know," Bryce started, a few hours later, "I always knew I liked you more than I should a normal friend. Maybe that's I always did the gay lover thing?" He looked at me, and I smiled a little, shrugging.

"You know," I started, smiling a little, "I always knew I liked you more that I should. And the only reason I acted liked I hated the gay lover stuff was because I felt like you were jerking around my emotions. I mean, I think I was always pretty obvious I liked you, but the only time you took my gay-love emotions into play was when you're fucking around." He smiled a little, shrugging. "You jerk!" I screeched at him, tackling him, and pinning him.

"Holding me down in my own bed?" he teased, "Are you going to rape me?"

"I totally should, you but you know you'd like it," I muttered before kissing him, crushing my mouth against him. He laughed through the kiss a little before adjusting himself to push his own mouth against mine.

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