Im done.

Im done trying to fight for you.

Everything I've done has been in vain.

I see no light a the end of the tunnel we walk through.


I don't think there ever was.

No end,

To the road Im on,

Chasing you.

I see no reason,

To keep following you.

It gets me nowhere,

But hurt.

Im running in place,

while you do circles around me.

I have no regrets, for the feelings I've had.

And still have.

No regrets,

For the times we shared.

The kisses we shared.

The "love"

When we looked in each others eyes.

Take him,

Leave me.

Id rather it be this,

Than hear my heart crack everyday.

I knew this was how it was going to end.

While anger and frustration clouds my mind.

Love is strong,

But it can only go so far.

When it isn't returned.

But instead,

you give it to someone,

Who doesn't deserve it.

You are blind,

I try to make you see,

But you push yourself,

Farther away

Into the fog,

That im trying to clear away.

You have broken me,

I stare at myself,

The pieces on the floor.

I've devoted myself to you.

And what have I got in return?

Pain, fear, and frustration.

I cant take anymore.

Im afraid I wont be able to put myself back together.

So before this happens,

I have leave,

And say,

Im finished.