News Flash

From our tiny planet Earth,

We can barely see the Sun

Rotating blindly,

In our little Galaxy

Not aware of the speckled

Universe beyond


Should Mars cry out in agonizing despair,

Bursting into flames, would our tiny Earth take notice?

Would the Galaxy be there?

Like the Universe, a stranger to this measly little thing?

How is a smile similar to a tear?

It's subtle, the difference between

Heart wrenching laughter and sadness


A roar of angry fire, exploding in the air

Would we, me or you,

Stop to stare

Would we pass by with faces blank with apathy?

Would we cry out, an angry creature tormented?

Shall we regard it as a pest, a speck, a flea?


When Venus cries

Do we?

The Dust and Particles that surround Her

Wail with empathy

The Universe a happy stranger

Should a Particle of Venus

Shed a lonely tear

Would the Goddess return the favor

With love and sympathy?