The Color Blue

AN: Alrightie, please do not kill me for this really crappy story. That's all I have to say.

I remember well that I held her hand as we ascended the solemn hill that stood just on the outskirts of the park. She always told me that the hill smelled beautiful to her and that the long grass that bent in the wind always tickled her pinked skin. Of course, she never actually saw the grass move like the ocean before her and she never saw the orange-red glow of the setting sun just after dinner. She never saw anything.

Her name was Ashleigh. With her eyes I thought she could see almost everything the light could touch, and even some things the light could not. They were a blue, probably the most gorgeous, serene blue I had ever seen before. Like the Caribbean seas washed into her eyes and never receded. They had some sort of glazed view to them like they could see the entire world but stared at not one star. But Ashleigh's eyes never captured the world.

On the hill that day, I thought nothing could go wrong. The breeze was quite warm and kissed our cold cheeks as we sat there staring at nothing at all. The grass swayed against our arms as our legs bunched under us on that deserted hill. We were the only ones alive in the world then at that moment. Just Ashleigh and I, me and her.

Feeling across the dampened ground below us, I reached out and picked two joyous daffodils. I handed one to her while she sat imagining the sinking sunlight.

"Make a wish."

And the world stood still for that precious moment as our precious daffodil dissolved into the rushing wind, past the park and over all that stood before us. The last glimpse I saw of the graying fluff was silhouetted in the reddened glow of that flaming orb we call the sun.

"What did you wish for?"

"A brand new bicycle for my birthday. What about you Ashleigh? What did you wish for?"

"I wished to know the color blue."

It was then that it hit me that life was not fair. Ashleigh would never see the color blue, she would never see the azure sky, she would never watch the tranquil oceans. She would never watch a star in the navy sky and she would never know the satin royal dresses that flowed so freely. Ashleigh would never see them. She never did.

A year later, Ashleigh wandered too far from the hill and fell victim to the cold hands that Death still has. She was not even seven years old.

I still wonder sometimes why Ashleigh never got her wish. I wondered how someone could come into this glowing, bright world and see nothing but a black void. I wondered how one could survive never knowing what color was. Its too precious to be taken away unused. Color is too precious, blue is too precious. How can you describe the indescribable?

I am still searching for the answer.