It's becoming hard. . .to see.

It's becoming hard. . .to breathe.

Apologies fall like rain,

Try to wash it all away.

My eyes cloud, shielded by a mist

With images of you,

Pictures that aren't true.

Cold as ice, black as night,

Your aversion is so profound.

Is it love that we share?

Or will I ever be found?

My grip on right and wrong

Is shattered to pieces.

Swimming in my head,

Thoughts that won't rest.

Breaking down my walls,

Smashing through it all.

Throw down the key,

Lock them up tight

Because I won't get any answers

From you tonight.

Shooting through my body,

The ice in your eyes takes over,

Discovering purchase

In my confusion.

The ice in my soul

Tears at the fray.

Please thaw me out.

Please save me someday.