Welp, this is just a random little story I wrote for the Halloween vocabulary words we had in language arts. Thought I would post it here for no particular reason. Enjoy! This is complete as of now, but if I get more inspiration, I may work a little more on it.


"Hello!" Chloe listened intently as her voice reverberated off of the wooden frame of the house. It was old, her mother had reminded her, built in the nineteenth century. Chloe had expected it to be in abominable condition when she and her mother arrived, but to her great astonishment, it was sound. Brushing away at the cobwebs and dust bunnies that had gathered on the walls with age, Chloe made her way aimlessly throughout the halls, attempting to shrug off the eerie sensation she experienced when the floors gave a loud, less than reassuring creak. Everything was so old, so harmless, she mused, yet so ominous all at once. Could it be?

Chloe found herself at an ornately carved wooden door in the middle of the foyer. "That's a really weird place to put a door. Could it be the attic?" she thought aloud. Chloe entertained the idea before slowly grasping the handle. She turned it ever so slightly, waiting anxiously for the noisy creaking sound every older door made.


Chloe gaped in disbelief, for there in front of her was a flight of stairs! Her curiousity was aroused, but she feared they would be as creaky as the floorboards. Chloe swiftly jumped the stairs, two at a time, landing with a thump on the "attic" floor. There was a loud slam, and Chloe grimaced as the door shut behind her.

"I'm not going back there yet," she announced to no one in particular, curling her short brunette hair around her fingers nervously.

It didn't look like an attic; there weren't any historical artifacts or boxes stored there----only dust. Chloe prepared to head back downstairs, since there wasn't anything interesting to see here. However, she was startled by a strange echoing voice that seemed to appear from thin air.


Chloe whipped around, searching for the source of the voice, but no one else was there.

"Look up!" it instructed cheerfully. Chloe did so, and saw nothing but a bat hanging upside down from one of the ceiling beams.

"Gah!" she shrieked, jumping back as if to avoid the creature. "Did you... talk?"

"Of course, silly goose!" it chirped, stretching its scrawny wings and yawning noisily. "What a nice nap... I feel so new and refreshed!" The bat blinked twice, fluttering from its beam. Chloe watched in awe as the talking mammal flipped and twirled skillfully in the air. After a few moments of air acrobatics, however, the bat crashed clumsily into the wall, tumbling weakly to the floor.

Chloe gasped as the bat ran it's fingers over it's forehead. It had vanished, with a human now in its place.

"Can this day get any stranger?" Chloe wondered, shaking her head in amazement.

"Whoops! I suppose 'blind as a bat' still describes me! Hee hee! I forgot to use my echolocation! Silly me," the girl cried, smiling brightly to herself. She turned to Chloe. "I'm sorry I frightened you." She paused for a brief moment. "Your clothes are positively whimsical! And you're wearing slacks! Girls don't wear slacks...it's just not practical!" Chloe listened to the girl drone on and on about her blue jeans and how they just didn't match up to her fashion standards. 'Well, her clothes aren't what I would define as 'practical', either,' though Chloe. Her dark dress was lacy and ornate, a Gothic Lolita sort of style. Her long, jet black hair was tied in a bun, a rose clip attached to the middle. It was like some sort of masquerade costume, Chloe observed.

The girl interrupted Chloe's thought process. "Um, what year might it be?" she inquired in an urgent sort of tone.

Chloe saw the intense expression on the girl's face. "2008," she replied hesitantly.

"2008?! No, this is a tragedy! Such mayhem could occur only to me!" The girl wailed, dramatically dropping to her knees.

"I don't understand," Chloe murmured softly. The girl's eyes were ravenous and excited.

"Don't you see? I've been sleeping for over one hundred years!" She rose to her feet lethargically. "And I wanted to greet the new millenium, too..."

"One hundred years?" Chloe shouted. "You should be dead! No one sleeps for that long!" She paced the room, trying to calm herself down and convince herself that this whole situation was all in her imagination. "So... when exactly did you fall asleep?"

"Hmm... well it was a nice night in October of 1891, I think. I just had dinner, so I went to sleep on a full stomach," she reasoned, a finger to her chin in thought. "I suppose I never awoke until you came creaking up here!" She stretched her limbs until they were a straight line in the air. "To think I haven't tasted blood in so long..."

Chloe almost gagged. "Pardon me? Did you say BLOOD?"

"Yeah, blood. And speaking of that, would you happen to have a needle on you? Or would you preferred I bite your neck?" She blinked innocently.

Chloe backed away quickly. "Oh come on, I won't try any shenanigans!" The girl smiled mischievously.

"Nuh-uh," Chloe said, immediately covering her revealed neck with her palm, "You're not getting a drop from me, vamp!" She glared at the approaching girl.

"Oh, good human, be so kind as not to send me to my crypt yet! If I don't receive blood, I'll dry up and die!"

"No," Chloe replied firmly, sliding her hand against the wall. Preparing herself to sprint, she tensed up, accidentally slicing her finger on a jagged piece of wood jutting out from the wall. "Ow!" she moaned, grabbing her arm to examine the wound.

The girl wasted no time. The vampire's eyes were a deep shade of crimson as she yanked Chloe's finger to her protruding canine fangs. Chloe's eyes widened in horror as she stared at the content vampire girl sucking the blood from her cut.

"Eeew. That was disgusting!" Chloe winced, when the girl had finished her meal. The vampire daintily wiped her mouth before enveloping the surprised girl in a huge bear hug.

"You saved me! The first human to let me drink their blood willingly!"

"I wouldn't describe it THAT way," Chloe scoffed.

"And very tasty blood it was," the girl remarked with a giggle. "We're going to be best friends to the end, you and I! Mika and..."

"Chloe," Chloe finished.

"Ah! Chloe!" Mika glomped Chloe, grinning broadly.

"Great," Chloe muttered, underneath Mika's embrace. "I bet I'm the only one on this street who has a vampire living in their attic."

Mika let go of Chloe, hurrying energetically toward the window, "Oh, look!" she pointed. "It's evening already! Time for the sunset! If I am correct, this house has a balcony of the second floor, yes?" She whirled on her heel to face Chloe. "Well, how about it? Would you like to view the sunset together?"

Chloe didn't see any way out of it. "Sure..." she trailed reluctantly.

"YAYS!" Mika dragged Chloe by her wrist down the attic stairs at hyper speed. "It's gonna be great, don't you think? We will benefit from our vampire-human relationship, right?"

Chloe couldn't help but chuckle as the excited vampire led her to the mossy balcony outside, smiling as the sky was painted in hues of yellow and orange. "Yeah," she agreed finally, leaning on the wooden rim of the balcony. "It'll all work out."


Notes: Mika = new moon

Sayomi (Mika's untold last name) = little night beauty

Don't dispute me on those, I got them from a baby name website, so if they're wrong, it's their fault, not mine. ^^