Chapter 10: Risa The Spoilsport

I waited for Alyssa afterschool, glad that I didn't have to hitchhike from my brother. The rain still hasn't let up and I tried drowning it by setting my stereo to full blast. I didn't care that almost everyone who happened to pass by thought I was crazy or that I'm getting annoyed looks from some of them. I just don't want to see the nightmares the rain brings.

When I saw Alyssa running towards my car, I took a deep breath to calm myself and turned my radio off. I plastered a smiling face and tried to look busy by pretending to read my book.

Alyssa tapped the passenger window and I gladly unlocked the door. "Hey Riz, is there something you want to tell me?"

"Yea... it's got something to do with the Halloween dance but I'll tell you the details in Starbucks." I happily replied, turning the ignition on.

Alyssa turned the radio back on and jumped when it came on. I had forgotten to turn the volume down "Sheez Risa!" she said holding her hand over her chest, "You did that on purpose didn't you?"

I smirked, trying to hold on to my laughter and steeled my voice "Whatever do you mean, Aly?"

She glared at me, "Remind me why I'm friends with you again?"

"Because you love me and because you're the most awesome best friend in the world ." I proudly stated, laughing.

I saw her eyes soften and she couldn't help but smile. "Stop with the flattery and keep your eyes on the road. I wouldn't want us to end up in the hospital." She joked.

My hands stiffen on the steering wheel at the reminder. The screeching sounds of the cars were blaring inside my head. I quickly snapped out of it when Alyssa asked me what was wrong and I was thanking her profusely in my mind for chasing away the illusionary reverberations in my head.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. I just can't wait to get my coffee fix." I covered as I parked in front of Starbucks.

"Ok, so what about the Halloween dance?" Alyssa eagerly asked after we got ourselves our drinks.

I sipped my coffee and placed it back on our table. "umm... well the thing is... I kind of agreed to go with Jonathan."


"I'm going to the dance with Jonathan." I repeated.

"What?" I rolled my eyes and continued as if speaking to five years old "I am going to the dance with Jonathan Clarkson."

Her eyes widened and she squealed. "You, you, you! Why? When? How?"

I smiled amused at my best friend's inability to form a coherent sentence and started telling her what happened before English that day.

"Oh my God! You two may just be a couple after!"

Always the romanticists, this girl is.

"We're going as friends, Aly." I said cutting her romance bud before it grows, "besides, you do know Jonathan's reputation right?"

She raised her eyebrows and I continued. "He's a playboy. I'll probably end up hanging out with you anyway."

"Wait, stop right there my friend." She said, lowering her head for some kind of dramatic effect and stretching her hand out to me. "First of all, how are you so certain that JC will ditch you and flirt with some girls during the dance?"


"Secondly," She continued, silencing me completely. "Besides his playboy reputation, JC never... I repeat never pursued or flirted with another girl when he's with his girlfriend-of-the-week or day or whatever."

"Point taken" I receded. "However, there is still a possibility of him cha-being chased by girls" I amended when Alyssa was about to complain, "When I'm not by his side and him completely forgetting my presence."

A blanket of silence enveloped the both of us for a few seconds, both of us taking our time until Alyssa finally broke it.

"Well then... we should just make it so that he can't take his eyes off you during the entire Halloween dance." Alyssa smiled mischievously, drinking her hot chocolate.


After our talk in Starbucks, I drove Alyssa to her house and went straight back home. "I'm back!" I shouted and was greeted with a chorus of 'hey' coming from the den.

My curiosity kicked in and I headed straight to the den. I was greeted with four boys mocking around. One of them was leaning in on the billiard table aiming for the number 5 while, the other was sneakily holding the cue stick hoping to mess the shot when it's being carried out while the other two was throwing popcorns at each other.

"Chris, Adrian, if I see one popcorn on the floor later don't blame me if anything happens to you guys the next day" at that all sign of the popcorn war has ceased. I glanced at Toby, "Jonathan I recommend not continuing that shot till Toby's away from your back."

Jonathan glanced back and caught Toby holding the cue stick "Aww! Rizzy you spoil sport!" Toby cried theatrically.

I rolled my eyes at him and laughed, "Cheating won't do you any good Toby."

"Anyway, you guys are early. No basketball practice today?"

"Nah, coach told us to relax for the match tomorrow with Glendale High." Chris replied, eating some popcorn. "Want some?"

I made my way towards my brother and grabbed a generous amount of popcorn from the bowl. "So, you think you'll win?" I asked no one in particular.

"Of course!" Toby proudly answered.

"Glendale's nothing to be worried about... although we've heard that they've changed their coach this year. Coach Horks told us not to put our guards down." Adrian continued thoughtfully.

"So... having a popcorn war and playing pool is having your guards up?" I teased them.

I saw Jonathan smirk while driving the number 5 to the hole and Toby laughed at the incredulity I proposed. I guess to them Glendale was just not that threatening.

"C'mon Riz! Give us some slack. There's pizza in the kitchen if you want any." Chris said, probably trying to get rid of me.

I shrugged my shoulders and said my goodbyes to them. "Don't say I didn't warn you!"

It turned out that my warning was not necessary as they won the game. Glendale High did put up a fight but our basketball team was just too much for them. The game ended with 98-86 in favour of us.

"Hey Chris! Victory party at Florence! See you there!" Someone shouted to my brother while we were walking to his car.

Somewhere along our ride home Chris asked me if I want to come to the Victory party. "Well, now that's something new. You never invite me to any kind of party. What made you change your mind?"

Chris reached for the back of his head, something he just generally does whenever he's thinking. "Nothing really... I mean... it's just, you've been going to bars and stuff alone and you are a big girl. You can handle yourself and it's not like you've never been to parties and stuff and you know it is our victory party. I would at least want to celebrate with my favourite sister."

"I'd be worried if you have any other favourite sister, you know." I grinned. "Yes, of course I'll come."

Chris smiled, "Great!"

"Ok, but what's the catch in this Chris?" I eyed him speculatively. He's too happy for me not to be suspicious.

He smiled widely, eyes twinkling and I simply sighed in disbelief.

"You're planning to get smashed aren't you?"

"That's my twin. You know me well."


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