looking at this note,

i can't help but think about you,

hearts represent my mood,

you're my everything,


every time i breathe,

i wanna be with you,

everytime i speak,

i wish it was with you,


i think i love you,

baby, i love,

love you,

can you say it too?


i've known you forever,

could your feelings be the same?

i want it to be true,

i think i'm starting something new,


my heart beats a thousand times a minute,

i can hardly breathe without you,

my feelings are so strong,

developed over the years,


i count down the minutes until i see you again,

every little thing you do is in my mind,

i wish you'd just kiss me,

and i'll be yours,


every time i sleep,

i wish my dreams were of you,

every time i walk,

i wish i was a step closer to you,


i think i love you,

i l-love you,

love you, love you,

can it be true?


something's deep inside,

conjured up by your charm,

i can't help these feelings,

your name is a melody on my tongue,


it was hard admitting it,

but now i can't hide it,

it's taking over me,

i've never had it this deep,


my whole body is tingling,

i cry with the thought of you gone,

you've touched me so deeply,

please be with me now and forever,


every time i feel,

i wish it was your touch,

every time i blink,

i wish you were there,


i think i love you,

la-la love you,

i love you,

do you have a clue?


every time i want you.