Why do you not listen,

To the things I say?

I spill my heart,

Open my soul.

To show you,

How I feel,

What I see.

But you push everything aside,

As if nothing happened?!

And you wonder why I,

Blow up in your face?!

You've made me explode.

And now,

You don't want to talk to me,

Nothing is the same anymore.

I sit here,

With wet spots on my paper,

From the tears I shed,

for you.

The ones you don't deserve.

How can I trust you?

How can I love you?

When you don't give me a thought.

Though all mine are about you.

You have no respect,

For me.

For my feelings.

And you wonder why,

Im in pieces all over the floor?

Will you help me back together?

Will you fight for us?

I doubt it.

He is more important.

So thank you.

For making me realize,

What exactly it is,

I've been chasing after.

What I've been crying over.

What I almost "won".