high school doesn't prepare you for college,

it's a jump,

a big jump,

and i can't handle it,


i'm crying because i think i'm not going to pass my first exam,

and there's no one there to comfort me,

nothing but a desk,

a cold, hard phone,


no reassuring words,

no one loves me enough to tell me it'll be okay,

this is about life,

testing the waters,


no one is there for me,

so much work,

and i'm only beginning,

i can't imagine more of this,


less time, more classes,

God, i want to scream,

how could you give me more that i can't handle?

why'd you let me choose this career?


you knew it would be hard,

do you like playing games with me?

taking everything i have away from me?

i wish i never did this,

silence is the only thing that accompanies me,


and my endless, broken sobs,

people pass by without a sound,

i stop, listen,

no one cares about me enough to come closer,


i start again,

more than one reason to cry,

do i need another?

nothing is worth this,


i'm not going to finish on time,

i'm failing,

i'm falling,

i can see the zeroes already,


i wish i had a normal life,

i wish i had a normal life,

and this the easier college,

now i feel just stupid,


why did my sister have to get all a's?

i can't live up to their standards,

i can't do anything,

i can't do anything,



someone come and hug me,

i feel so cold,

so empty,


emotionless computer,

i wish i had a lecture,

then i could feel the warmth,

maybe then someone would care,


you're lives are so simple,

i want your troubles,

can you take some of mine?

i want to throw the textbook across the room,


but then i'll have to go get it,

save me, save me,

can you help me?

no one's answering,


does anyone want me?

this is a mess,

i wish i would just quit,

this is ruining my summer,


i want to be outside,

i've got no plans,

i've got no friends,

they've dropped me for no reason,


i knew it was coming,

but did it have to be when i needed them?

why can't someone catch me?

this is worse than before,


how am i supposed to remember all of this?

i can't POSSIBLY remember all of this,

how is everyone able to pass?

why does everyone have to be better?


i feel so inferior,

why do you have to be so good?

you already have a job,

get out of here,


the solution would be to just walk away,

i can't breathe,

i can't breathe,

someone come and rescue me,


i can't solve anything,

why am i so helpless?

why am i so lonely?

i wanna just go to sleep,


but i'm afraid i'll never wake up,

i don't want to wake up,

my heart sinks,

knowing this is my first unit,


i can't go on,

i see failure in the future,

why did you take so long to answer?

it feels like you still don't care,


you're my last chance,

the only person that makes me feel alright,

i really want to feel like i can do this,

but i feel it in my bones tonight,


that i can't.