i just don't understand,

why it's gotta be this way,

did you even want me to begin with?

i have a feeling the answer's no,


i sit here with my eyes closed,

trying to think of something happier,

trying to get some answers,

breathing in and out,


trying to calm myself down,

running my hands down my arms,

it feels weird for something to touch me,

i'm so cold,


your words are ringing in my head,

i hate how you scream so much,

my heart doesn't accept compliments anymore,

because they're lying,


i'm everything they say,

i'm worthless,

good for nothing,




who can't do anything right,




so much more,

and i cry too much,

please help me now,

my heart is wrenching in pain,


send someone down,

to l-l-love me,

can you make it happen?

the words beat me down,


like how those people threw me to the floor,

i'd rather have the bruises,

then have the scars,

i know i'm not pretty,


but did you have to point it out?

couldn't you defend me,

love me,

like you're supposed to do?


i wish that i was better,


but my body doesn't want to fight anymore,

i should have let them had their way with me,


isn't that all i'm good for?


and abusing?

i'm worth nothing,


you said it yourself,

everyone says it,

what am i still doing here?

that's right,


i'm waiting for something,

that's never gonna happen,

could you hurry up?

give me some redemption,



just a little love,

or is it gonna be marks?

what's your pick?


i thought that i was out of tears,

but they come when i'm alone,

darkness feels two ways for me,

can someone hold me?


i wish you would just tell me that you loved me,

where's that boy i've been looking for?

that's right,

no one wants to be with me,


i've got too many problems,

too much "baggage",

who would want me anyways?

i've got nothing to offer,


i'm just a puppet,

that people love torturing,

and manipulating,

they like seeing me break,


you'd think i'd be used to it,

but it gets me every time,

maybe it's what i deserve,

maybe it's what's in store for me,


maybe it's the best i'm getting,

maybe it's my punishment,

maybe it's fate,

oh, twisted fate,


come and change yourself,

but, i can't be any better to you,

because i've got nothing,

i've got nothing,


maybe i can love you,

if you're willing to be,

with me,

this messed up girl,


i wish that i was better,

i wish that you would come though,

when are you coming?

when are you coming?


i can't live much longer,

i'm waiting,

my breath is waiting,

so, what's your pick?


bruises or kisses?