She sighed and put down the book. "Why can't our lives be like these books? Full of real love." And he just had to over hear her. So he was out to prove her wrong: that life really could be a romance novel. OneShot.

The Definition of Love

Talisa: noun. 1. A nerd, bookworm; smart. 2. Friendly, nice, easygoing, shy. 3. A fan of romance stories.

Talisa was the freshman year's valedictorian. Smart, friendly, nice. She was shy, and barely spoke to anyone. But saying she was an 'invisible' would be a lie. In fact, it was hard not noticing her.

The best way to find Talisa in a crowd is looking for a book - usually a romance one. Look for long, straight brown hair that's usually tied up in ponytail. Look for curious emeralds scanning the crowd every other second, then returning to their book. Look for a girl who looks to innocent for her age. Look for a girl being admired by another from afar.

Talisa was not pretty like a cheerleader, but not ugly. Far from ugly, actually. Straight, long brown hair, glistening dark green eyes, slender body. But how would anyone notice behind the books? And no one did, except him.

Caden: noun. 1. A jock; member of the track team. 2. Popular, easygoing, cute, hot. 3. A fan of admiring people from afar.

Caden was the freshman year's breakout student. No, not for grades, but for popularity. He was once a nobody, but soon turned to be a somebody when he joined the track team and became the star runner. But saying he was 'super popular' would be a lie. In fact, he was only popular for his looks partially.

The best way to describe Caden would be saying that he's popular, but not super popular. Sure, girls like him, but they'd rather go after the football team or soccer team.

Caden was not popular like a member of the football team or soccer team, but his looks made up for that. Messy blonde hair, light blue eyes with a dash of green, toned with muscles. Girls liked him, wanted him. But nobody had him like she did.

Love: adjective/verb/noun. 1. Liking someone a lot. 2. Thinking about that person everyone second of the day. 3. Willing to do anything for that person. 4. Deep affection for someone.

It was raining outside that day, pouring actually. The streets were filled with the rain, the cars splashing by as they drove. Most people would love to be home at this time, in their room, snuggled up in a blanket. But instead, Talisa was in the library, finishing up her romance novel.

And their lips met in a final kiss that sealed their love. They would never be seperated after that.

Talisa sighed as she read the last line, and set the book down. Not many people were in the library that day, just the librarian, some workers, and some people studying for exams. She let out another sigh and put down the book. "Why can't our lives be like these books? Full of real love."

And he just had to over hear her. So he was out to prove her wrong: that life really can be a romance novel.

So, you're probably wondering why Caden would even be in a library at this time of night, or at any time. He saw Talisa entering the library five hours ago, and followed her in. But he didn't think she'd stay there for five hours. But somehow, he couldn't get himself to leave.

Talisa got up, and put the novel back on the shelves, grabbed her light blue jacket, and was about to leave. But Caden, of course, wouldn't allow that. Accidentally, he ran into the poor girl, both of them crashing to the floor.

"Oh, I am so sorry," she apologized, helping him up once she got up.

He smiled. She's sorry, when she didn't even do anything. he thought to himself. "No, I'm sorry. I ran into you. I'm Caden, by the way."

"Yeah, we go to the same school. You're the school's star track team runner," she answered. "I'm Talisa."

"I know," he smiled. "Same school, remember?"

She blushed slightly. "Yeah... so what are you doing at the library at 8?"

Oh, I followed you in here five hours ago, and haven't been able to leave. he thought it, but didn't say it. "Studying."

"We have an exam coming up?" she questioned.

"Uh... it's for Spanish," he lied.

"I have Spanish."


She nodded.


She nodded.


She nodded.

Does she not take any classes? he asked himself.

"It's for a class I'm taking... in another school," he lied.

"Oh, you take college classes, I'm guessing?"

"Uh... sure," he said, smiling at her uneasily. She smiled back.

"So, it was nice talking to you, but I've got to go," she said.

"Uh, sure..." he said, not realizing her words. He was too busy admiring her.

"Well, bye," she said, waving shyly. Then she zipped up her hoodie, and pulled the hood over her head. She was a yard away from the library when he realized her words.

"Wait!" he called.

She stopped walking and turned around. "Yes?"

"Do you want a drive home? I mean... it's, uh, raining. And... wet. So, it's not good for walking," he said. He mentally hit himself for the lame excuse.

She stared at him, slightly confused at his wordplay. "Um, sure."

"Really?" he asked, surprised. She nodded slowly. "Oh, uh yeah. So... I'll take you to the car."

She smiled. "That'd be helpful."

He smiled back at her, but in his mind he was scolding himself. He led her to his black, old used car. "It was my dad's.

She nodded, and smiled. "I like it."

"Really?" he asked, a little surprised. Most of the girls he has met always say that they expected a better car from him. He would try to ignore them, but sometimes it really bugged him.

"Yeah. Everyone has those fancy cars, but no one has those cars that reminds us of the old times. I like remembering the old times..."

He smiled. "Yeah, me too."

"So, we gonna get going? I have to get home by 8:30," she told him.

"Uh, yeah," he said, opening up the car door for her. "Ladies first."

She laughed a little. "Thanks."

He was entranced by her laughter. Not many are able to hear her laughter, because she rarely laughs at school. No one to laugh around, he guessed.

He snapped back when she closed the door herself. He looked in through the window and saw her playing with her fingers. He ran back to the drivers seat, and started the car. "Heater?"

She shook her head. "I'm good, but thank you." He nodded.

Talisa's house is not that far, but it wasn't close either. Soon, Caden couldn't take the quiet. He finally had the chance to talk to her, and he couldn't waste the moment.

"Want to play a game?" he asked.

"Sure," she answered, smiling at him.

"iSpy?" he offered.

She laughed. "Okay."

"You go first."

"Sure. iSpy... something red," she shrugged.

"Uh, the car in front of us?" he pointed.

She shook her head.

"The Walmart sign?"


"The stop sign?"

"Yep. Your turn."

"iSpy... something beautiful," he whispered, looking at her. She blushed slightly at him, and turned away.

"Beautiful? I thought it was colors?" she asked, looking out the window and not at him.

"Well, this is my version," he smirked.

She laughed, but it sounded nervous.

"Um, the clouds?"


"The rain?"

"The rain?" he repeated. "How is the rain beautiful?"

"I don't know... I like the sound it makes. The soft pitter-patter is relaxing."

"Oh... well, no."

"The moon?"




"The lights?"

He shook his head.

"The world?"

"I don't know how you came up with that... but no."

"I don't know," she sighed.

"Want a hint?"


"It's not outside of this car."

She nodded. She started looking around the car, and he laughed silently. "What?"

He shook his head. "Nothing." He was still smiling though.

"Okay..." she said uncertainly. She kept looking.

"A picture?"




"Uh, cell phone?"




"Left-over wrappers?"

"Okay, you're starting to get riduculous."

She laughed quietly. "I know."

"Another hint?" he suggested.

She nodded. He was pulling up to the curb of her house now.

"Open up the mirror," he said, pointing to the mirror in front of her.

She obeyed, and opened it. The light shined in her face, making her eyes sparkle even more. "I don't see anything."

He smiled at her foolishness. "Are you even looking?"

She pouted. "Of course I am."

"Well, look closer," he said, moving closer to her.

"I don't see anything. Just my reflection," she frowned.

He nodded. "Exactly."

"What do you mean by 'exactly'?" she asked, utterly confused.

He laughed softly at the girl. "For someone so smart, you're kind of... dumb."

She pouted even more. "How so?"

"It's you," he whispered.

"What?" she whispered.

"You. You're beautiful," he told her, then came even closer. He hesitated for a second, but finally planted his lips on hers. When they parted, they both seemed reluctant.

"Why me?" she asked.

"You're different... in a good way," he told her.

She smiled slightly, and looked back into the mirror. Her smile largened. "Look. It's the both of us in the reflection now."

He looked up, and she was right. "Even better."

She smiled at him. "So, I guess the romance books are real... well, at least for me."

He nodded, and kissed her again. And all that took this bold and daring move was a little statement he over heard, and a game of iSpy.

Love: noun. 1. Feeling the way Caden feels for Talisa. 2. Fiction in Talisa's mind, until Caden came around. 3. Starts with a game of iSpy and a simple statement.


A/N: Like it? Hate it? It was going to be a multi-chapter story... but I decided that I don't have the time for that. So here is a little oneshot for you guys! Hope you liked it! Reviews are much appreciated! I pretty much made up the definitions by the way.

And I actually do wish that these romance stories could be real... how much easier our love life would be and how less heartbroken us girls would be. Oh well...