Sure those braces might make your smile alittle more appealing,

But the confidence that replaced that beautiful smile that I saw before anyone else even noticed,

Is what kills me.

You're never the same person you were a week ago.

No matter how many times you dye your hair,

No drastic emo hair style or set of extensions,

Could make you feel any prettier than the girls you talk so much shit about.

The more you judge the girls you hate,

The harder it becomes to look yourself in the bathroom mirror.

Sure the less calories you intake might help you shed those few pounds you've been killing yourself over,

But the way you've chosen to flaunt your newly founded cellulite free bod,

Has made it nearly impossible to look you in the face when you constantly complain that you're still not satisfied.

Stick skinny just isn't enough for you is it?

If only you could see the true beauty beneath the so called "flaws" that only you can see.

Maybe then… Maybe then.