Killing for a living
Chapter one - Introduction

When you live in a desert, I guess you get used to the constant heat. That is, if you're a normal person. Me, I never get used to heat. I'm used to living in cold weather. Oh yeah, my name is Anna Livingston.

Most people don't like me. It may be because of my looks since I'm so different. I have black hair that goes to my knees and green eyes that shine like emeralds. My skin, even though I live in the desert and have for about three years now, is as pale as snow.

Well, I guess people don't like me because of what I am, but you'll learn about that later. Because right now, I'm going to tell you about the little desert village I live in.

The village is pretty small, maybe only about 150 people. Everyone is tan, most people have brown eyes, some blue, but I'm the only person with green eyes. They mostly either have red or brown hair, only two or three people, including me, have black hair.

Everyone knows everyone in this little village. If you don't know someone personally, you know who they are and their reputation. I don't know anyone here personally, I try to stay away from them all. The school that I got to has grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The graduation class for seniors had about 20 people. So that tells you how big the school is.

The school campus is pretty small. It's on two or three acres of land and was in the shape of a big square. The front of the school has three doors, the farthest to the left has a sign saying 'Red Rose Elementary', the middle has the sign 'Red Rose Junior High', and the farthest to the right says 'Red Rose High.'.

Inside, there are brick walls separating the elementary, the junior high, and the high school halls. The elementary school goes from kindergarten to 5th grade, then the junior high goes from 6th grade to 8th grade, and then from 9th grade to 12th is the high school. I'm in 11th grade

Well, my small tour of our village is done, you'll fine out more later, have fun.

That's the first chapter, the introduction. Hope you like it!